Terrorists, America, And Civil Rights

Terrorists, America, And Civil Rights

(Terrorists Will Attack More American Cities And Americans Will Gradually Lose Their Civil Rights)

By Chance, The Chancellorfiles

CHANCE: I’m positive, that more American cities will be attacked by terrorists; I wish that my feelings were the exact opposite. But I know when humans are determined to do something positive or negative it is very difficult to stop them.

These terrorists are determined and they will stop at nothing to destroy America and the rest of the western world. Los Angeles, California is a major target and any other citiy inside of America.

Now, some people believe that the American government is secretively allowing these terrorists. To plot against America, how is this? Well these certain Americans believe that the American government. Already knows the names and location of the terrorists that are going to attack which particular American city.

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing I’m just reporting what is being said by certain Americans. Certain Americans believe that the American government is using the threat of terrorism to take away the civil rights, personal freedoms, and liberties of Americans.

Without civil rights and liberties, a dictator will eventually come to power and rule Americans in this 21st century. And, Americans will have to obey the dictator’s every command and law or suffer the consequences.

Some Americans believe that some of the terrorists are working for the American government. These terrorists blow up various building’s, bridges etc, and by doing this will give the American government the right to take control of America. And the American people will have no say so in what the new dictator and his political allies say or do. The fact is that someday America will receive another major terrorist attack just like September 11, 2001. GOD help America when that happens because there will be a lot of fear and Americans will definitely lose more of their civil liberties and rights.

When civil liberties and civil rights are lost then, there will be not differ between America and third world countries politically. The political leaders and dictators of poverty-stricken third world countries don’t give a lot of civil rights and freedoms to their people.

And when civil rights and liberties, and personal freedoms are taken away from Americans. Then America will immediately cease to be that unique country – which all people desire to live in. It is these civil liberties and freedoms that make America so unique and great.
A major terrorist attack is guaranteed to create one of the necessary reasons for the American government to take away more civil rights and liberties, and personal freedoms.

CHANCE: Already the United States Government has passed the patriot act because of the September 11 terrorist attacks. And the patriot act already limits some freedoms. Example if you are an American and you are suspected of being a terrorist you are not allowed to have civil rights of due process. Meaning the F.B.I. (Federal bureau of investigation), the police, and the prosecutor do not have to take you to court and have you charged with a crime within three days.

The patriot act allows the government to keep you locked up for as long as the government likes until they can build a case against you. Which could take years and what if they decide that you are not a terrorist after all.

But you spent three years locked up without due process of having a right to go before a judge within three days to be charged with the crime of being a terrorist. But you were accused of being a terrorist so you sat in jail for a long time.

The patriot act allows the government to do this and that’s alright but make sure that the person is a terrorist first before he or she is arrested. Make sure the evidence has been gathered against the person so that an innocent American won’t sit in jail for years just to be released with an apology because the person was innocent.

Also, when the families of the victims begin to cry and want justice for their dead loved ones. And certain Americans wanting revenge on the terrorists responsible this will give the government the reason to take away civil liberties and freedoms from Americans.

Because certain Americans will say so what we have to lose more civil rights and personal freedoms. It is worth it just to make sure another terrorist attack doesn’t happen again on American soil.

By Chance (Chancellor)
Written during the 21st century by Chance.

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