Prison Segregation

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Chance writes: Should California’s prisons remain racially segregated, or should they be desegregated-and inmates from different racial groups become cell-mates? Example a Black and White inmate become cell-mates, a Hispanic and Black become cell-mates or an Asian and White inmate become cell-mates instead of having a cell-mate from your own ethnic group.

Prison Segregation
(Who Rapes in Prison, Prison Segregation, And Prison Gangs)

By Chance, The Chancellorfiles

CHANCE: California, United States Of America, An inmate named Garrison S. Johnson in the California prison system filed a lawsuit against the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Garrison S. Johnson is a member of the crips street gang and has been in prison since 1987 for murder, robbery, and assault. The lawsuit states (says) segregating inmates by ethnicity is a violation of his 14th amendment, now the 14th amendment says every one is entitled to equal treatment(equal protection).

Garrison Johnson wants inmates from different ethnic groups, to have a cell-mate from another ethnicity. So if one inmate is Black and the other inmate is White or another inmate is Hispanic and the other is Asian or White. As long as the cell-mates are from different ethnic groups this is all good according to Garrison S Johnson’s view point.
On Wednesday February 23, 2005 the Supreme Court decided in a 5 to 3 vote. That the California Department of Corrections policy of separating (segregating) inmates based upon ethnicity and race at California prison reception centers was unconstitutional. Garrison S. Johnson was very happy that he won his lawsuit.

Now all prisoners in the California prison system are separated by racial groups. Hispanics have Hispanic cell-mates, Blacks have Black cell-mates, Whites have White cell-mates, and Asians have Asian cell-mates etc. The majority of the inmates in California’s prisons prefer to be with inmates from their own ethnic group. Also there are inmates who get raped in prison. Some of the reasons why inmates are separated by ethnicity are because of male on male rape at the hands of inmates from other racial groups and racial violence that results in prison race riots.

Many White inmates fear being placed in a prison cell with a Black or Hispanic inmate because they feel they’re not strong enough to defend them-selves against rape. But certain Whites in prison and in society go around talking about how they hate Black, Hispanics, Asians, and All of the other non-white racial groups. Now many Southern California Hispanic inmates claim they hate Blacks and Hispanic inmates’ out-number Black inmates in the California prison system.

Prison Racial Riots And Jealous Cowards (Mexican Mafia, Surenos, Aryan brotherhood and their allies )

CHANCE: Now if these Southern California Hispanic inmates are put in cells and their cell-mates are Black. Then a one on one fight could break-out, this would be easier to break-up. Because the correctional officers, would not have to worry about breaking up many inmates in a race riot. This would allow correctional officers to out number the inmates fighting – There-fore the chances of a correctional officer being hurt are much less. Because Southern California Hispanic inmates attack Black inmates in race riots mainly, because Southern California Hispanic inmates out number Blacks in the California prison system.
This out numbering makes Southern-California Hispanic inmates feel comfortable attacking Black inmates. This out numbering also makes Southern California feel comfortable attacking and fighting with Northern California Hispanics, Asians and other racial groups also. There are some Southern California Hispanic inmates who have black friends when they were free but in prison they are forced to stick with their ethnic group.

Often in a one on one confrontation (fight) inside of prison, Southern California Hispanic inmates will not fight unless they get help from other Hispanics. The same rule applies to the other racial groups also – with the exception of in general Blacks and Samoans. All racial groups in prison have inmates who are willing to fight in a one on one confrontation but Blacks have more members who are willing.

This explains why out in society or in prison they resort to verbal abuse, verbal threats, yelling, racial slurs, and talking aggressively but they seldom attack physically first. Why because they fear loosing the one on one fight, fear of correctional officers charging them with a new crime and fear of being arrested by the police in free society.

Blacks and Samoans these two ethnic groups often are willing to fight an inmate from another ethnic group in a one on one confrontation. This is a fact in prison and in society and everyone knows it. Other ethnic groups don’t have that many of their members willing to fight in one on one confrontations in prison. Because they fear that, the other person might win the one on one fight.
Southern California Hispanic inmates are controlled by the Mexican Mafia now Southern California Hispanic inmates go around imitating Blacks. They go around speaking Ebonics (Black English) and speaking black slang, wearing their clothes baggy like blacks, walking like blacks, shaking hands like blacks, and imitating sub-black culture and General Black culture.

But they claim they hate claim blacks but yet they imitate blacks you only imitate what you like and love. Imitation that is unforced comes from liking and admiring what you see in that person or people. Whether it is something good or bad that you like or admire about them. This shows that these Southern California Hispanic inmates and their allies are Jealous of Blacks, they secretively admire Blacks.

And, they know it because no one forces them to imitate black culture especially black sub-culture. Non-white people (colored racial groups) living in America when they are jealous of another non-white (colored racial group) often hide behind racism because they have very little to lose by being called a racist. Imitation is the highest form of flattery so if you like the culture of a particular racial group then there is nothing wrong with doing what Hispanics do with black culture and that is express it publicly.
Only, the white racial group has a lot to lose in behind racism because they are the ruling class and currently the largest racial group in America. By the year 2050 or 2070 A.D whites will not be the majority any more non-whites will out number them.

Northern California Hispanic Inmates And Nuestra Familia (Nortenos)

CHANCE: Now Northern California Hispanics are called Nortenos, Southern California Hispanics are called Surenos – Southern California Hispanic inmates hate Northern California Hispanic inmates. In the California prison system Northern California Hispanic inmates fight and defend them-selves against Southern California Hispanic inmates – Northern California Hispanic inmates (Nortenos) are allies with Black inmates. Now Southern California Hispanics are allies with the Aryan Brotherhood and White inmates. The Aryan Brotherhood is made up of white inmates who are racist now Sureno inmates are controlled by the Mexican Mafia and Norteno inmates (Latinos) are controlled by Nuestra Familia. These two large Hispanic prison gangs fight all the time so this is one of the reasons why Hispanic inmates – are separated from each other based upon what part of California they came from.

Norteno inmates have Norteno cell-mates and Sureno inmates have Sureno cell-mates. If you put a Sureno in the same cell with a Norteno, they will fight and this is a fact. Now it is also a fact, that even though the Mexican-Mafia and Southern California Hispanics (Latinos) are allies with the Aryan brotherhood. They sometimes fight Whites and The Aryan brotherhood in racial riots. Many Southern California Hispanics view Whites as being racist against Hispanics. Also the Mexican-Mafia and Southern California Hispanics sometimes sexually rape White inmates. Because the White inmates are closely allied with the Southern-California Hispanic inmates – so they are usually hanging-out together.

This allows the Southern California Hispanics and the Mexican Mafia to sexually rape White inmates. Also
it doesn’t matter if the White inmates are allied with the Mexican-Mafia and Southern California inmates. They still get raped, and this is a fact. Blacks and Northern California Hispanic inmates often don’t get a chance to rape White inmates because White males don’t associate with them. White men in the California prison system are taught to only associate with Whites and Southern California Hispanics. Now it’s true, that certain White Inmates from other racial groups.

But the majority of White inmates stick with their own fellow White inmates in prison so they get raped mainly by fellow White inmates and the Mexican Mafia and Southern California Hispanics (Latinos). Some White inmates associate with Blacks and Northern California Hispanics (Nortenos) in the California prison system. Certain White inmates in the California prison system are friends with Blacks and Nortenos. They play basket-ball, dominos, etc with Black and Nortenos.

Now if whites and Asians inmates are put in cells together then white inmates may start raping Asian inmates (eastern Asians). And, that is a possibility and inmates from other racial groups mighty rape their cell-mate who is from another racial group.
Now some people say racial tensions will increase if Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Asians etc are put in cells together. Well in the beginning you will have these problems most definitely in deed. But these problems are necessary growing pains. In order to progress you need to suffer, no pain no gain. As time goes on generation after generation of prison inmates – being put in cells with cell-mates from different ethnic back-grounds. Racial tensions will naturally die out in prison. Because as people already know racial tensions start in the free-world. Also people take their racial views to prison with them and this is what starts racial tensions in prison.

Now would there be inter-racial male on male rape in prison if inmates are placed in cells with people from different ethnic back-grounds? Well yes it happens in the California prison system now – even though inmates are separated by ethnicity. They should gradually start putting inmates from different racial groups in the same cells together – this will also over the years and future generations. Lessen the power of prison gangs because prison gangs use racial hatred to keep themselves in power – and to unify people from their own ethnicity.

Prison GANGS

Nuestra Familia and the Nortenos (Northern California Hispanics) have killed many members of the Mexican Mafia and Southern California Hspanics gang members (Suereno). The Mexican Mafia and Sureno gangs have killed many Nortenos and Nuestra Familia members also, these powerful Hispanic (Latino) prison gangs fight in prison and on the streets in various California cities.
Black inmates in the California prison system are controlled by B.G.F. now B.G.F. stands for Black Guerrilla Family. This prison Gang was started by GEORGE JACKSON in late 1960’s Guerrilla standing for guerrilla warfare against a powerful enemy, the Mexican mafia was started in the 1950’s, Nuestra Familia was started in the late 1960’s, and the Aryan brotherhood was also started in the late 1960’s. Life inside of California’s prison system is dominated by powerful prison gangs and desegregating the prison system will decrease the power and influence of these prison gangs gradually.

America’s Prisons both Federal And State Should Be Desegregated

Now some people believe, the reason Garrison Johnson filed a law-suit to desegregate California prisons. Is because he secretively wants to have sex (rape) with inmates from other ethnic groups now Garrison S. Johnson may have just filed his law-suit with-out sexual feelings in mind. Maybe he’s just tired of being locked in a prison cell with a black cell-mate. So he wants to try integration for a change the fact is that Garrison s. Johnson has done a good thing by filing his lawsuit – Because this is America the country of many ethnic groups.

So we should try to integrate as much as possible Garrison S. Johnson is doing prison time for murder; he will be in prison for a long time. What ever his motives are pure or impure we should gradually start desegregating all of America’s prisons both state and federal prisons. In some other states the prison systems are already desegregated. White and black inmates share the same cells, Hispanic and blacks are cell-mates Asian and Whites are cell-mates. So let’s desegregate the California prison system and all prison systems in America.

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance.

  1. Dwayn Johnson

    WTF! Southerners are the solders for la eme and its a fact that they walked the walk first and talked the talk. The ese style was copied by the black gangs. Some neighborhoods have been around since ww1. To top it of they were transferred from Tracy to pelican in the 50s where they were the minority. But quickly took contol,may being the vicious. A 6’5 black man tried to dominate one of the founding members who was still a teenager but a shank to the neck quickly put these new arrivals on the map. So one on one weapon or not they will stand their ground and fight to death in a two man cell no matter what race he is black, Samoan, a fucking Frenchman! To show a sign of weakness is punished by death. Only the vicious are allowed membership,

  2. Dwayn Johnson

    Beyond that it is a fact that black gangs have no honor and no respect within their own gangs. They are the quickest to rat each other out. They have no structure or commandments that must be strictly followed by their prison gang. A O.G From the Rolling 60s stated they emulated the Chicano style. U see it every where from Cali and now in the south with the low riders. Chicano gangsters are fearless due to their Iberian and Aztec blood. So your theories of backing down is baseless and the about being all bark but no bite sounds more like loud mouth talking black trying to intimidate other inmates but farce does not work on Hardcore ese, they keep it cool so not to draw attention. Then when it’s time he will handle it. To many rap videos and girls n the hood movies. The Eses took control of most of your territories and stood their ground against the Samoans who are small time. Face it its not about numbers cuz Eses were Compton, Watts back in the 1950s and nothing was done about it. they came back from ww1 and ww11 and Vietnam as as some of the most decorated fighters for a country that tries to put them. So they take what they want and do what they want. The la eme long ago new that by controlling the inside they control the outside: all southern gangs, the Mongols, even provides protection to drug cartels, and Italians. So basically that not wanting to fight One on one applies to the blacks because most of the time you do drive bys and there always have to be a big entourage when blacks are out and again the Samoans are peanuts who copied what the Chicanos started.

  3. cesar

    You must be smoking crack if you think your going to influence anyone because you say “and thats a fact” you sound like someone whos been beat down by a mexican or white man and are bitter and taking it out on every one of that race , look what ever those guys did to you either beat you down or rape you or both does not mean all from that race would beat or rape you , also your “facts” well you know what they are but i been in prison system you are spouting out about , incorrectly i might add but they dont put people of diffrent races together cause it would end up someone being killed if a black and mexican in a cell and fight one on one whoever loses will get a shank and kill the other thats what happens either black , white or hispanic homeboy so one would die so there you go , i aplogize for the white or southern mexican men who raped or beat you down. Dont think all white or southern mexican men are like them

  4. Donovan

    Lmao. You are so full of shit. You sound like a jealous fool. Typical black man with an inferiority complex towards white’s so he projects like white’s are getting bullied and raped in prison. I don’t know where you did time but with the obvious bias it’s hard to take anything you said serious anyways. And you black’s are sexual deviants. Fact. Blacks are the biggest homosexuals in prison. Or stand shoulder to shoulder jackin’ off. Only race who does that kind of shit. I’ll ride with an ese over a mayate anyday! Now fuck off with your delusional bullshit. You just mad nobody put any money on your books so you could go to canteen and got tired of watching the ese’s and woods going to canteen getting commissary. While your broke & jealous black ass couldn’t wait to get out and write some bullshit on the internet. Lmao. Do you feel better now by trying to make blacks look tough and everyone else out as pussies who want to be black?! I can tell you are a bitch. A jeaolus, hatin’ ass brother! Nobody ever raped me or anybody affiliated with me. Sounds like you were mad you blacks don’t get a chance to try to rape other ethnicities where you were at. I’m sure you black brothers did a lot of homo shit. Every race in prison knows most black men are homo’s and closet punks. Fact! And there really isn’t a whole lot of rape in prisons these days. There are so many willing punks in prison like you, Toad

  5. Gabriel C. Ramirez

    90% Of Sexual Crimes in California or done by Caucasians.
    8% or Blacks
    2% are all other races

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