Islam VS. Christian Europe

Islam VS. Christian Europe

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Chance writes: The tensions between Muslims and Christians throughout the world are growing especially in Europe and America. Violence at the hands of certain Muslims terrorists’ and casual unprovoked violence committed by certain Muslims against citizens in European countries has made those tensions. More felt especially in Europe, Muslims say they’re the victims, Christians say they’re the victims, let’s hope for a peaceful solution to these negative tension. Personally I feel there will be war and not peace between them.

By Chance, The chancellorfiles

Islam VS. Christian Europe
(Muslim Immigrants Have Increased In Europe And Many White Europeans Feel Uncomfortable)

Chance: Europe is experiencing an ethnic demographic change that is making a lot of white Europeans and European politicians re-think their immigration laws. Now many Muslims have come (immigrated) to Europe, and their numbers continue to increase in many European countries. The numbers of Muslim immigrants have grown throughout major European cities. Example France, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, and many other European countries.
These Muslims come from Northern Africa, Middle East, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Sri lanka, and from other countries.

The reason many White Europeans are now feeling uncomfortable with many Muslims living in European countries is because of violence. Example racial riots between Whites and Muslims immigrants from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan has made race relations difficult in England. Also there have been racial riots in the Netherlands between Muslims and Whites, racial tensions in the Netherlands have increased to a major degree because film-maker Theo Van Gogh was "murdered" by a Dutch Moroccan Muslim. Mohammed Bouyeri age 26, was arrested for murdering film maker Theo Van Gogh.

Theo Van Gogh

Mohammed Bouyeri was arrested for killing Dutch film maker Theo Van Gogh
Mohammed Bouyeri was arrested for killing Theo Van Gogh.

The reason the Mohammed Bouyeri killed Theo Van Gogh, was because Theo made a documentary film about how bad Muslim women are treated in Muslim countries. The young man felt that Mr. Theo Van Gogh was disrespecting Islam Mohammed Bouyeri was 26 years old when he murdered Theo Van Gogh. Mr. Theo Van Gogh was shot six times with a gun, and then as his dead body lay there. The young man then cut his throat and stabbed him with a butcher’s knife. And, then he used a second knife to pin a note to Theo Van Gogh’s body. The note was threatening violence against America, Europe, and a female Dutch-Somali Muslim politician named Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali helped Theo van Gogh make the documentary film about how women in Islam are treated; the killer left both (two) knives in Theo Van Gogh’s body. Mr. Theo Van Gogh was the great grandson of the famous artist (Painter) Vincent Van Gogh. Now many Dutch people don’t want more Muslims immigrating to the Netherlands. There have been Riots in France involving Muslims; also riots in Spain and in 2004 Muslim terrorists set off a bomb. That blew up a metro train in Madrid, Spain that killed many passengers.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Ayaan Hirsi Ali

All major European cities that have Muslims currently have problems and tension with Muslims. Germany has had racial and religious tensions between native Germans and Muslims. Muslims have started riots in Denmark Where does it end? All around the world, in countries where Muslims immigrate to there are racial and religious tension. If things keep going the way they are currently going there will be a civil war in Europe between native White Europeans and Muslims.
Also there is the possibility that North African Muslims will get on ships and boats, and sail to the continent of Europe. And invade it in order to help Muslims already living in Europe – fight against Native Europeans. How to solve the tensions between Europeans and Muslim immigrants is a difficult question.
White Europeans and Muslims will have a civil war in many European countries – it will be a brutal racial and religious war and many will die on both sides. Europe will be destroyed through a series of civil racial and religious wars the will violence destroy Europe from within. Muslims in Europe when the final racial and religious war breaks out will receive help from other Muslims living in other Muslim countries and Muslims from around the world.
Also, there are other racial problems in Europe because there are other colored racial groups living in Europe also. And, these people of color have had problems with whites and riots against whites – and sometimes these people color (colored racial groups) fight and race riot with each other.
The situation in Europe will not improve it will get worst and there will be destruction in of the modern European cities were there are Muslims and colored racial groups. Some of the major European cities will be destroyed through civil war and eventually international war. Sometimes bad things have to happen in order for the good things to manifest.

Category-Politics & Religion

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance.

  1. moslim

    Mos + jws is a standalone religons , but chr need devel to servive , chr is too peasfull religon thats why many devels join it to attack other religons like mos and jws,

    no devels = no chr

    by the way i relly bellave in pease but i also know that real chr is too romantic for a mideastern religon.

  2. Chance

    I am assuming you are trying to write in Ebonics, I don’t know your ethnicity because many people from other ethnic groups write in Ebonics these days, and are not black American. I would recommend that you try using writing in standard English. I speak and can write in Ebonics to some degree. But for the sake of the readership, I recommend basic American English.

    This essay on the origins of Black American english might give you some insight.

    Thanks for coming by

    The Origins Of Black English Ebonics

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