Cultural Values

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By Chance, Writer for Chancellorfiles

Cultural Values
(Your Cultural Values Determine Your Life)

Chance: Question why is it that some individuals and ethnic groups progress in certain areas better than others? There are a couple of reasons, one of the reasons is because of cultural values.

And what is culture? Culture is music, clothes, religion, politics, education, economics, language, food, Philosophy about life, and social customs about what to do and not to do in society among your people, psychological behavior, literature, and relationships etc.

All of these things make up culture and every ethnic group, every race of people, and every country has a culture. Also some countries have many ethnic groups therefore they have many cultures.

America is an example of a country with many cultures – this makes America a mixed cultured country. Also there are other countries with mixed cultures too.

Your cultural values determine the life you will lead – your cultural values are simply the things that mean a lot to you. The things you do everyday, the activities you engage in all the time.

Some ethnic groups value education more – some ethnic groups value religion more, some ethnic groups value music more. At the same time they (ethnic groups) all value the same thing but some value certain things more in larger numbers than others.

The activities you value and love can be beneficial or un-beneficial for you and sometimes a combination of both.
Example the Germans currently make the best beer on the planet. Look at a lot of the beers – that are made in America and other countries.

You will notice that the companies who make the most popular beers in the world. Are companies which were started by Germans – who immigrated to other countries and opened brewery companies and this is a fact.

Look at the Italians they make the best “wine” and “suits” for men. Look at the name of many of the most popular wines and suits for men around the world. And you will notice that the name of the wine or suit is Italian.

Observe the French they have a reputation for good food and many great chefs studied French culinary art (cooking techniques). Observe Black-Americans, they have a natural ability for music; all modern music in America started with Black-Americans.

Then other countries began listening to the music of Americans then musicians living in those countries began imitating American music. These musicians then combined the music of their country with American music.

Now this gave a new inspiration of music to those countries – but it all started with Black Americans. Then White-Americans imitated Black American music and then put it on the radio, television and the world was changed forever musically.

Many other examples can be given but cultural values play a major part in what happens in a person’s life. In general we all value the same-things – but some people put extra efforts into certain things more than others.

Also, we all benefit from the things that certain ethnic and racial groups and people are talented and skilled in. What determines your cultural values, past and current social experiences parents, country, location, and level of education, amount of civil rights allowed, the social structure of the country you live, morality, immorality etc.
Every ethnic group must take advantage of the opportunities available and learn to take the things that are beneficial from other ethnic cultures and add that knowledge to their own culture.
Then use that knowledge to progress further but only take that, which is beneficial and helpful from other cultures and that which is not beneficial leave it with that culture.

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance.

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