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The Scientist and Religionist

Chance writes: Science and religion have been separated from each other far too long. They must be reunited; scientist and religious people must look for similarities instead of differences only. Nicholas Copernicus united both science and religion and discovered that the earth revoles around the sun

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The Scientist and Religionist
(Where Does Atheism Come From? Also Nicholas Copernicus the Man Who Combined Science and Religion And proof that God exist)

By Chance, The Chancellorfiles

Chance: Science and religion should be combined to discover truth; Nicholas Copernicus combined science and religion and discovered a truth. Also atheism is another epidemic that secretively seems to be spreading just as fast as religion.

Atheism is spreading more in an undercover way. Atheism comes from weak souls who claim to be religious but have a lot of doubt and uncertainty about whether God exist or not. When a person has not had a mystical experience example seeing an angel, demon or evil spirit, the soul of a dead person, a miracle, travel outside of their physical body consciously, never spoke with some entity that is non-human, talked to an angel etc.

The lack of a mystical experience creates doubt and uncertainty, many people claim to be Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Pagan, etc. These people are all religionists who follow their particular religion. What’s a religionist? A religionist is a person who studies a particular religion or religions.
In the world of science one of the big questions that, people in society ask is why is it that so many scientists are atheist. Not all scientists are atheist just some are.

Let’s examine that question scientists whom are atheist were born to parents just like all of us humans. And we are taught our moral, religious, and political values by our parents or by who ever raised us and society at in general.

A child is born innocent; a child is not born religious or atheist. So how does one who was born to religious parents end up being an atheist? Whether that be an atheistic scientist or just some average human who doesn’t believe in God. The answer is simple atheism in science is the result of fake phony religious people. Many so called religious people deep down on the inside of themselves have serious doubts – about whether God really exist. This doubt manifest in many forms here are some examples.

1. Hypocrisy (saying one thing and doing the exact opposite of what you said).

2. Hatred and violence

3. Unjustifiable cruelty

4. Slander

5. Unjustifiable anger towards people

6. Unjustifiable war

7. Misinterpreting Holy Scriptures on purpose to suit one’s incorrect point of view

8. Exploitation

9. Jealousy

10. Sexual misconduct

11. Lack of love for humans

12. Using religion to unite other religious hypocrites to advance their political party.

13. Secret doubt about God’s existence which is a sin according to religious tradition.

14. Backbiting (talking behind someone’s back)

15 Using religion to oppress other people political.

16. Claiming that they are religious and everybody else who are not like them are evil and going to hell.

17. Racism

18. Discrimination against women

19. Trying to force their children to be like them when in reality it is not good for the children to be like them.

Doubt And Uncertainty

There are many other reasons also. Many of the scientists who are atheist were not born to atheist parents. They were born to parents or raised by people who claimed to believe in God. But deep down on the inside of the majority of these parents there was some doubt about whether God existed or not why? Because they have never seen God or an angel and – many of the religious leaders they themselves have doubts about whether God really exist. What is doubt? Doubt means uncertain or not sure about something.

Doubt also is a lack of faith – what is a lack of faith? Lack of faith is when you don’t know the future outcome of a situation. Many people don’t know the future outcome of what’s going to happen to their soul-essence when they die. If you look back two centuries ago – it was very difficult to find millions of atheist. All countries had some form of religion – the religion influenced family, politics, education, economics, social behavior, and the psychology of the people.

Nicholas Copernicus The Astronomer

Chance: Example Nicholas Copernicus the polish astronomer said: that the earth revolves around the sun now Copernicus was not an atheist. Copernicus got his theory from the zohar – the zohar is the major book of the kabbalah. Kabbalah is the esoteric mystical teachings of Judaism, esoteric means hidden or secret. In other words esotericism is the hidden secret interpretation of the holy scriptures of any religion. All religions have an esoteric tradition that only a few people have been taught.

Copernicus studied the zohar and kabbalah and the zohar says that the earth revolves around the sun. This is where Copernicus got his theory of the earth revolving around the sun, there were many before Copernicus who doubted that the earth revolved around the sun. But Copernicus combined science and religion and came up with the correct answer and, that answer is yes it is true that the earth revolves around the sun.
Copernicus studied astronomy (science) and the zohar and look at the excellent results of combining the two. Now during Copernicus’ time the majority of the people in Poland and on the planet were more religious.

Wherefore in today’s time we have many who are atheist, materialist, agnostic, and people who claim to be religious but deep down on the inside. They have doubts about God’s existence. These so called religious people who have a hidden lack of faith in God are responsible for the overwhelming majority of atheism on the planet. They are responsible for atheism in Science and Religion, Atheism in science manifest itself in the form of materialism meaning the belief that the only world that exists is the physical world.


Atheism in religion manifests itself in the form of doubt and uncertainty. This doubt is often kept hidden by so called religious people because they don’t want to get embarrassed by being exposed as secret atheist or agnostic. So when their children become adults they stop practicing the religion their parents or whoever raised them taught them. Why? Because these people remember the hypocrisy of their parents or the people who raised them. And, there could be other reason also – that caused the children who become adults to spot practicing the religion their parents gave them.

So we must go back to combining science with religion -also we must study the esoteric (hidden or secret) side of religion. We must become a scientist and religionist at the same-time then and only then can we produce in the future great men and women like Copernicus. And through their scientific discoveries humanity will progress and discover the mysteries of the universe (other planets, people living on other planets, and other laws governing outer-space).

St. Thomas Aquinas The Great Christian Schholar

St. Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274) was born in Roccasecca, Italy and he became (joined) a Dominican priest (monk), theologian, and philosopher and was called the Doctor Angelicus (the Angelic Doctor,) Aquinas is considered one the greatest Christian philosophers to have ever lived. Two of his most famous works, the Summa Theologiae and the Summa Contra Gentiles, are the finest examples of his writings work on Christian philosophy. He also studied the works and writ
ings of Aristotle and certain Muslims scholars.
Thomas Aquinas was a lecturer at the university of Paris in Paris, France he was a great scholar and theological teacher.

Thomas Aquinas gave five examples to prove the existence of God.

First Way: The Argument From Motion

St. Thomas Aquinas, studying the works of the Greek philsopher Aristotle, concluded from common observation that an object that is in motion (e.g. the planets, a rolling stone) is put in motion by some other object or force. From this, Aquinas believes that ultimately there must have been an UNMOVED MOVER (GOD) who first put things in motion. Follow the agrument this way:
1) Nothing can move itself.
2) If every object in motion had a mover, then the first object in motion needed a mover.
3) This first mover is the Unmoved Mover, called God.

Second Way: Causation Of Existence

This Way deals with the issue of existence. Aquinas concluded that common sense observation tells us that no object creates itself. In other words, some previous object had to create it. Aquinas believed that ultimately there must have been an UNCAUSED FIRST CAUSE (GOD) who began the chain of existence for all things. Follow the agrument this way:
1) There exists things that are caused (created) by other things.
2) Nothing can be the cause of itself (nothing can create itself.)
3) There can not be an endless string of objects causing other objects to exist.
4) Therefore, ther must be an uncaused first cause called God.

Third Way: Contingent and Neccessary Objects

This Way defines two types of objects in the universe: contingent beings and necessary beings. A contingent being is an object that can not exist without a necessary being causing its existence. Aquinas believed that the existence of contingent beings would ultimately neccesitate a being which must exist for all of the contingent beings to exist. This being, called a necessary being, is what we call God. Follow the argument this way:
1) Contingent beings are caused.
2) Not every being can be contingent.
3) There must exist a being which is necessary to cause contingent beings.
4) This necessary being is God.

Fourth Way: The Agrument From Degrees And Perfection

St. Thomas formulated this Way from a very interesting observation about the qualities of things. For example one may say that of two marble scultures one is more beautiful than the other. So for these two objects, one has a greater degree of beauty than the next. This is referred to as degrees or gradation of a quality. From this fact Aquinas concluded that for any given quality (e.g. goodness, beauty, knowledge) there must be an perfect standard by which all such qualities are measured. These perfections are contained in God.

Fifth Way: The Agrument From Intelligent Design

The final Way that St. Thomas Aquinas speaks of has to do with the observable universe and the order of nature. Aquinas states that common sense tells us that the universe works in such a way, that one can conclude that is was designed by an intelligent designer, God. In other words, all physical laws and the order of nature and life were designed and ordered by God, the intellgent designer.

Atoms And Physics

Chance: The Greek philosopher Democritus came very close to our modern understanding of atoms when he proposed that everything is made up of very small particles, which he called atoms, from the Greek atomus, for ‘indivisible’.

Modern physics has discovered how atoms are made up of smaller particles and how these particles interact to build atoms into molecules and larger objects. The human body is made up of atoms, and every physical object (all physical objects) is made up of atoms also. An atom is made up of three particles, 1. Protons 2. Electrons 3. Neutrons in order for any physical object to be created there must be present these three particles.
If the human body is made up of atoms and physics has proven that atoms are intelligent (intelligence) this means that the atoms of your physical body. Record all of your good and bad actions that you do in life, and this is a fact. So your lifestyle is your book of life. So when you die how does God and the judges of karma know what you have done in life, well because it is recorded in the atoms that once made up your physical body.
Now At first, scientists thought that atoms were like billiard balls, and solid objects with no internal structure. But further experiments showed that atoms were made of subatomic particles – and further experiments still have shown that even these particles have structure.

So physics has proven that the atom (protons, electrons, and neutrons) is made up of even smaller forms known as sub-atoms (sub atomic). And, when you die it is these sub atomic atoms that you take with you to God to be judged. The regular atoms when you die they become energy and these atoms go to the place of their origins. Because they are no longer needed to hold your physical body together – because you die. So these regular atoms go to where they originally came from before, they can together to create your physical body.

But these atoms have already recorded your actions on earth and these regular atoms have already sent the information of your good and bad actions, thoughts and feeling to the sub atomic atoms. Now the sub atomic atoms go with you to see God, so God and the Judges of Karma can judge you based upon your personal deeds. That you did during life and God is fair because your atoms recorded everything.
God is real and the word reality is another name for truth.

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance.