The Origin Of Baggy Clothes In Hip-Hop And Gang Culture

Chance writes: Baggy clothes and Hip Hop are united like husband and wife before you criticize the baggy clothes style. You should first try to find out the origins this is what the thoughtful one’s do

The Origin Of Baggy Clothes In Hip-Hop And Gang Culture

By Chance, The Chancellorfiles

Chance: The baggy clothes style was started by black American crip and blood gang members.
It all started in the 1970’s at the Los Angeles county jail in Los Angeles, California.
When people got arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department and once they arrived at the Los Angeles County jail. The Los Angeles county sheriffs would take the inmates belts and shoe laces away. The reason for this procedure was because some inmates would use their belts and shoe laces to kill themselves. There were inmates who didn’t want to do time in jail or prison so they would commit suicide. So the Los Angeles County Sheriffs started taking belts and shoe laces away from all inmates.

Now some of the Black inmates were gang-members these black gang members were Crips and Bloods. When these black Crip and Blood gang-members were released from the Los Angeles County Jail and from the California prison system.

They remembered the way their pants would fall down because the sheriffs took away their belts; and their shoes were loose because of no shoe laces. Also, they remembered how they where given white-t shirts that were too big for some of them to wear. So these black gang-members kept the style that they got from jail and prison.

Example a black gang-member in Los Angeles who wore a 34inch waist in pants would buy a size 40 inch waist in pants. Also he might be a size large in shirt but he would buy 3x large t-shirt (triple x large). Because he remembered being locked up in jail and prison having no choice but to wear white-t-shirts and other shirts that were too big for him.

Chance: Also Hispanics Americans (Latinos) in California have been wearing white-t-shirts since the 1940s. These Hispanic Americans were called Chicanos (Hispanic of Mexican descent). The Hispanic gangs of California back in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s were called Pachucos. The Pachucos had their own neat and clean pants, shoes, zoot suits and shirts, Pachucos would sometimes wear white-t-shirts and white tank top t-shirts also. The Pachucos dressed very clean and neat – and they were Hispanic gang-members.

But the reason you see black gang-members wearing white-t-shirts is because a white-t-shirt was one of the shirts they were given to wear in jail and prison. When people saw black rappers on television, music videos, and album covers wearing baggy clothes.

That’s when people from all ethnic-groups started wearing baggy clothes. Baggy clothes are no long the sign of a GANG-MEMBER because people who enjoy HIP-HOP – and those who don’t like HIP-HOP wear BAGGY CLOTHES for fashion, not because they’re in gangs.

Also the fashion industry has been influenced by baggy clothes just look at some of the designs of the latest fashion clothing. Even today jails and prisons still give inmates white-t-shirts to wear as an under-shirt.


California Started The Baggy Clothes Style In General


Baggy clothes did not originate in New York cities Hip-Hop community, baggy clothes was introduced to Hip-Hop culture and gang life by Blacks from California. Also, Latinos who were called Pachucos wore their double pleated baggy dress pants back in the 1920s all the way to the late 1960s. And, in Califonia’s subculture Blacks and Hispanics were already wearing double pleated cottlers, Parachute pants, and lock pants.

The first New Yorkers to start wearing baggy clothes were the freestyle dances and Webo dancers this is how New York break dancers started wearing baggy clothes. Freestyle and webo dancers were New York break dancers. And then by the late 1980’s baggy clothes became more popular at hip Hop events in New York and the entire East coast.

The California and the West coast already had the baggy clothes style before the East coast. Black California gang members who became Hip Hop gangster rappers (gangsta) then started making video’s and more and more people of all ages saw the baggy clothes look that black gang members got from California’s jail’s and prison system.

So New York created the Hip Hop culture and California created the baggy clothes style and the two merged and united and came together to form one Hip Hop community.

Through Hip Hop and baggy fashion clothes (the baggy clothes) the East coast and West coast united young people of all racial groups and ethnic back grounds.
Hip Hop culture has done what politics and religion sometimes have a hard time doing and that is uniting people of all ethnicities, political, and religious back grounds.

Hip Hop is a culture

What is a culture made of?

1. Politics
2. Religion
3. Economics
4. Music
5. Clothes
6. Literature – books, poetry, educational and books on any subject.
7. Heritage
8. common experiences
9. Relationships – family, friends, casual acquaintances, husband and wife, boyfriend and girl friend, co-workers, etc.
10. Psychology
11. Language – a language can be a dialect or in metaphors or slang.
12. Ideas – Opinions and thoughts on any subject, situation and circumstance that many members of a particular culture find important to the members of their culture.
13. Foods
14. Written and unwritten – rules and codes of conduct on what to say and do and what not to say and do.
15. Philosophy- opinions about certain situations and circumstances in life also – opinions about certain intellectual, political, educational, and religious topics.
Also there are many other things that can make up culture but these are the major ones.

Hip Hop is the culture and music is a part of the Hip Hop culture, rap music is not culture rap music is a part of the Hip hop culture. And rap expresses the cultural and personal experiences of the rapper.


Eric Eazy-E wright is the God-Father And Founder Of Gangster Rap He Is The One Who Started It


Look at Gangsta rap (Gangster rap) it is the most popular music among all ethnic-group also rap music especially Gangsta Rap music is the most widely sold music on the planet. Now not all Rap music is Gangsta rap, some rap music is about relationships between male and female, some about life, some rap songs are about being aware of your culture, some rap music is about being intelligent and some rap music is about the gangsta life.

In the late 1970’s and up to the mid 1980s your Hip-Hop rappers like Run-Dmc, Ll Cool J, Dougie Fresh, Whodini, and many others were not gangsta rappers. They were Hip-Hop performers, entertainers and rappers but not gangsta rappers (Gangster rappers). Yes other music categories like Rock ‘n’ Roll, Classical, Country, and all the other musical categories sell millions of albums also. But Generally Hip-Hop Music and Gangsta Rap Music sell more albums than any-other musical category.

So as previously stated rap music currently is the number one most sold music on the planet and numbers don’t lie.
There are many reasons why rap music is the most WIDELY SOLD music in music store Retail and the most internet DOWNLOADED music on earth.

One of the major reasons is that people from all ethnic and racial groups buy it more people from all ethnic-groups also buy Rock’n’ Roll, Country, Classical, and all other musical categories. But they buy Rap music more than any-other. The Hip-Hop culture is open to all ethnic and racial groups. Also, people from other ethnic groups don’t feel like it’s a Black American cultural thing only.

Why? Because black people welcome all people from every ethnic background to their culture there-fore it becomes humanities culture. Someday the whole world will be united just like the Hip-Hop community is united by all ethnic groups. All ethnic groups united, representing one international-humanity just like the Hip-Hop community.

By chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance.


  1. Tr&v@

    THis didnt tell anything about how baggy clothes were started, and why da f*ck did you have to say that the gang members were black…damn racist

  2. Chance

    The essay is very informative. Also the gang members were black.

  3. His Story

    During the 60s and 70s no matter where you lived in the black community in America you would where clothing proportionately fitted to your size this is evident when watching an episode of Good Times, even when hip hop emerged brothers were wearing tight Levis, Hiphops dress code was influenced by prison but it didn’t begin with on the west coast Big Daddy Kane and Hammer was wearing fitted track attire, there are prisons in New York as well and further more it is a lot colder than Los Angeles so extra large clothing was worn by inmates and free men alike see the Rakim video for juice

    Clothing in prisons were standardised the inmates didn’t get tailored clothes, the only way to fill out a shirt was to become yoked most prisoners got used to the size of their clothes and started purchasing xxl t shirts when they got paroled

  4. I know this web site offers quality dependent content and additional material,
    is there any other web page which gives these kinds of stuff
    in quality?

  5. Joyce

    Some interesting talking points and offers much information to learn. However, this is written in street-speech, with poor punctuation, so it’s difficult to follow. I wish writers would read their written work orally to themselves before publishing so that they could HEAR how it sounds to those who will read it. There’s so much value here. It’s a shame that the writer’s work gets lost in street-speech.

  6. Roger Stevens

    I’ve read what you’ve written and I can confirm it isn’t true – belts where allowed well into the 1970s – we issued so called clip-belts instead of the earlier leather once and yes, it was done nation wide at the time, and in prison inmates picked clothes that fit and sat waist high (like the fashion on the outside).

    As for you statement on Mexicans, they just followed the fashions that where in America at the time which was current among black, latino and white sailors, people who served in the military (especially the navy) wore their standard white t-shirts even in civilian life ever sense it was first issued back in 1910s, they walked in droves when my dad was young.

    From reading this it seem like you want to make a fabrication based on a untrue total ethnic isolation, it denies the multicultural sphere that has been the back bone of American culture.

  7. Actionman

    Prison is a place where you do not want your ass hanging out of your pants. Yet baggy pants style origniated in prison. Hmmmm. Now I know what wannabe gangster types are really trying to say.

  8. Actionman

    Most of this seems to be bias or just racially offensive. Lol You want to know where baggy clothes really came from? The peacock. Yes thats right, and you may have heard of the saying, “he’s peacocking.” A peacock spreads its tail feathers to look like it has many eyes to frighten predators, and also uses this technique to attract females. Many birds and other creatures puff up and enlarge themselves to appear bigger or more intimidating, like a bear on his hind legs, or a puffer fish. Its psycholgical if you ask me. Appearing larger to intimidate or to seem more attractive is a tool many creatures in the wild use to ward off predators or draw in mates, and I believe is why s o m e “hard” individuals dress that way. SOME. Huge puffy jackets, layers and layers of shirts, massive pants, big trucks or things that are flashy are often simply a psychological attempt to seem more impressive. Duh. Pfft, blaming blacks and mexicans… We need to stop that

  9. Wild Bill

    The only thing dumber than glorifying clothes worn in prison, is your grammar. But no, seriously, now I can finally show due respect to those who have suffered fashion-brutality and baggy- blouse shame thrust upon them while serving time for crimes against society. WTF? And of course, they will all be young black men, right? Niiiiice.
    I think this article had good intentions, even if the author’s perspective was myopic, ill-informed and probably unintentionally racially offensive. Why blacks? Or Mexicans? Why even state COLOR? A single race does not exist that would take pride in and exalt the uniform of incarceration -that’s an INDIVIDUAL choice. And, from one writer to another, clean up your grammar and pay attention to the structure of your written word, lest others miss the essence of your message. Good effort, keep it up. Peace.

  10. SG

    People who comment articles these days… pointing out at grammar and how article is offensive. I didn’t had any trouble reading it and didn’t see anything offensive.

  11. Normandie Plantagenet

    Black Americans did NOT start the West Coast ganster style, it originated with the Mexican American Cholos of Southern California. They were the original gangsters. African Americans barely started wearing the baggy dress in the 1980s. Sorry but no, African Americans gangsters stole cholo style dress from the Chicano gangsters. This is common knowledge. Look up on Google images and you will see who was wearing what, and in what era. Afro-Americans don’t get to steal this away from the Mexican Americans. California already had a well established Mexican American gang culture before Blacks even came to Cali in large numbers. In the 1930-40s during the great migration away from the Slave States, thousands of Afro-Americans Invaded California and moved into well established mexican barrios and picked up many mexican cultural traits, they also made their own gangs, the Well established Mexican-Americans and the Newcomer Afto-Americans started fighting each other, and they all had their different style of dress. The Blacks adopted the Oversized and baggy clothes from the Mexican Cholos starting in the 80s, before that they dressed nothing alike. Blacks got the Gangster Cholo style from Mexican Cholos.

  12. Organic Royalty

    Thank you for this. The internet needs this. ❤

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