Black Americans And The Gay Marriage Issue

 Chance writes: Certain Black-Americans do not like gay people saying that gay marriage and gay rights are a civil rights issue. But it was a gay Black-American civil rights leader named Bayard Rustin who taught Martin Luther King Jr. Gandhi’s doctrine of non-violence. Also it was Bayard Rustin who organized the March on Washington D.C. where King delivered his famous I Have a dream speech.

Black Americans And The Gay Marriage Issue

By Chance, The Chancellorfiles

CHANCE: Black-Americans were asked for their opinion on gay marriage; many Black-Americans disagree with gays having the right to marry. The majority of Black Americans think that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. When asked why they believe the way they believe. Many Black Americans quote, the old testament of the bible. That God only gave laws that man and woman shall marry and not man and man, or woman and woman.

Now let’s take a look at the Black American male and female relationship. First of all out of 100% – 70% of Black American children are born out of wedlock. But being born out of wedlock is not the major problem. The major problem is – The majority of the fathers of these Black American children do not remain visibly a part of their lives.

They get the woman pregnant, then disagreements between the mother and father causes the father to leave. Sometimes the mother leaves and the father has to take care of the child or children. Often the woman’s bad attitude, stresses the Black American man out. Now this causes him to leave the relationship. Her bad attitude and character defects are some of the major reasons – why he leaves the relationship combined with Financial problems that also help the relationship end.

Sometimes it’s his bad attitude and character flaws, combined with a lack of finances (not enough money) that cause the relationship to end and sometimes it’s both of their faults. Also women imitate the general attitude of the men in their ethnic group. So if women have bad attitudes, it is a sign that many of the men in that ethnic group also have bad attitudes.

Because the men set the general psychological behavioral patterns – that will be followed by both men and women in their ethnic group. A financial problem also can cause them to break up or a host of many other problems – can cause a separation in the relationship. Also, the mothers sometimes do not allow the fathers to be a part of the children’s lives. Because they are no longer together and vice versa.

Black Americans need to check themselves first when it comes to marriage and male and female relationships. Because most Black American women and men never marry. So who gave them the moral authority to determine who should be allowed to marry? Also morally speaking many Black Americans have a low morality level. Look at the violence in their community, look at the high teenage pregnancy, the high prison incarceration, and many other social ills in their communities.

CHANCE: Also Black Americans have a lot of children out of wedlock. Often the mother and father were not married when the child was born. Now the bible clearly let’s it be known that you should be married before you have children.
So what hypocrisy on the part of certain Black Americans. Who criticize gay people for being gay and having sex with other gay people.

Now the major reason for this hypocrisy is Black Americans know that the majority of the members of the gay community. Will not Put them (Black Americans) to shame in public with truth. If the gay community publicly tell Black Americans. That they have a high wedlock rate of Black-American children – and that most Black-Americans never marry. Then Black Americans would claim racism and discrimination. Then the gay community would be accused of not being politically correct and insensitive. Also this would bring a lot of political criticism on the gay community, criticism they want to avoid. One of the major reasons why HIV and the AIDS disease has spreaded through the Black-American community is because of Bi-sexuality. Not homosexuality but bi-sexuality among Black American males. And because of the sexual promiscuity of certain black women So Black Americans need to clean up their own social problems and issues before they can judge others.

Black American women make up the majority of the new HIV disease cases each year – more than any other women from all the other ethnic groups combined who have HIV. Currently still the majority of the new HIV cases for women are Black American females. Black-American men make up the majority of all the new HIV disease cases. More than all the men with HIV from all the other ethnic groups combined. The Federal government keeps statistical records of all people who have been diagnosed with HIV and AIDS.

And Black American men and women by far make up the majority of people in America with HIV and AIDS. Black Americans are only 12% of the American population and they have numerically too many people in their racial group with HIV and AIDS. This proves there is a high level of sexual misconduct among Black Americans. Also, it proves that many Black Americans who claim to be Christians do not practice the moral teachings of Christianity when it comes to sex.

If they did HIV and AIDS would not be rampant in their community, certain Black-Americans accuse gay people of sexual immorality.

Because they themselves secretively feel ashamed of themselves for engaging in bi-sexuality. These bi-sexual Black American men then go and infect Black American females. Now all these Black American men and women move on, to different sex partners and infect them. But mainly it’s the Black American under-cover bi-sexual men – who spread HIV in the Black community.

This sexual immorality comes from not practicing the sexual moral codes of Christianity and not practicing any moral codes of other religions like Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism etc. Because all religions have sexual moral ethics, that are to be followed. So why are certain Black Americans who claim to be religious Christians criticizing gay people? The reason is because some of them are guilty of bi-sexuality, and this torments their consciousness. Many of them are not good representatives of Christianity or any other religion morally and should be disregarded and viewed as insignificant hypocrites.

Even many of the Black American religious leaders are guilty of sexual misconduct. Now not all Black Americans are criticizing the gay community just some, but to those who are clean up your own immoral Black American life-style. The gay community and the Black American community have some-things in common. One of the things is unfortunately HIV which eventually becomes AIDS. And they both got it the same way through people of the same sex having sex and heterosexual sex in general. The difference is that, many Black American men go back and have sex with women, and often don’t tell their female partners that they are bi-sexual. At least the partners of gay men and lesbian women – know that their partners are gay or lesbian. What I’ve said here doesn’t apply to all Black Americans – many Black Americans don’t have a problem with gay men or lesbian women I am just commenting about the hypocritical ones.


CHANCE: Bayard Rustin was a Black American civil rights leader who was gay and Martin Luther King Jr. knew he was gay. Martin Luther King Jr. was criticized by other civil rights leaders, for allowing Bayard Rustin to be apart of his inner circle of advisors.
The black civil rights leaders knew Bayard Rustin was gay, and this is why they didn’t want him being a part of King’s inner circle of advisors. And it was Bayard Rustin who introduced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Gandhi’s philosophy of non violence. Because Bayard Rustin had visited India and this was before he ever met Martin Luther King Jr. when Bayard Rustin visited India, that’s when he studied Gandhi’s Philosophy of non violence.
Then Rustin joined King and the civil rights movement. Then Bayard Rustin taught King the doctrine of non-violence. King and Black-Americans could not have won the civil rights movement with-out Bayard Rustin’s help.

Also, it was Bayard Rustin who organized the march on Washington D.C. for Martin Luther King Jr. and, it was during the march on Washington were King stood before the crowd and gave his famous I have a dream speech. So certain Black Americans who criticize gays need to study history before they resort to criticism. I’m not trying to favor gays or Black Americans I’m just saying look at yourself first before you criticize others.


To all ETHNIC GROUPS and RELIGIOUS GROUPS living in America.
I’m not saying that every situation and circumstance in American life and society is a civil rights issue or not a civil rights issue. That is not really my point, what I’m saying is this – that if you live in America you by LAW have a right to pursue any political agenda you like. Any ethnic group, political party, special interest group, gay organization, women’s organization, immigrant’s rights organization, religious organization, and any other organization or group. Have a right to pursue any political agenda they want in AMERICA and the LAW supports the right to pursue any political agenda an individual, group, or organization believes in pursuing.

Also, if any individuals don’t like other groups of people pursuing their political agenda in America then leave AMERICA. And go live in a country that doesn’t have civil rights, civil liberties, and personal freedoms. YES go live in a country that has no personal freedoms and that are controlled by dictators. I’m referring to all people living in America from all racial and ethnic groups you don’t like the freedom of personal civil rights. Then go live in another country that lacks personal freedom and that’s how that problem can be solved.

Now some people use religion to justify discriminating against gays, but these so called religious people have a problem following the moral teachings of their religion. And, the majority of these so called religious people don’t follow the sexual moral codes of ethics of their religion.
Many of these alleged religious people have had sex before marriage, adultery, masturbation and fornication. Many of them whom are now adults had sex when they were teenagers but yet they are religious, some even experimented with bisexuality.
So whether one is a heterosexual, bisexual, masturbator, or gay the one thing you all have in common is sexual activity whether that sexual activity is moral or immoral.

Some people criticize and attack gays because they themselves are guilty of bisexual activity but yet claim to be heterosexual. They feel shame for experimenting with bisexuality and hate themselves for it. So to make themselves feel better they attack those whom are gay and by attacking gay people verbally with insults, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. These people feel they are purifying themselves of the sin of bisexuality.

Personally I just let people be people yes I have my religious beliefs but I can also think independently of my religious beliefs and let people pursue what ever life style they choose and want. Like I said: I’m not trying to favor gays or blacks, and also I’m not favoring other ethnic groups or gays. I’m just saying as long as you live in America let people pursue their political agenda. And, yes you have a right to try and counter their political agenda but let them pursue it.

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by CHANCE

  1. Harry

    This reads as if you feel that black women usually have an attitude problem. That a majority of the time they are responsible for the demise of bad a relationship. Is that really how you feel?

  2. No Harry I don’t feel that black women are the respomsible for all of the problems they are just major contributors that’s all.

    And black men are major contributors also, there is a lot of purification that must take place in the black community in order to get ride of these socil ills.

    Thanks for commenting harry please come by again.

    By Chance

  3. 12 26 05

    Hey Chance: I hope you had a nice Christmas and this note is to wish you a Happy New Year. Just because I disagree with you on some issues doesn’t mean we cannot see eye to eye on others. I haven’t finished reading all of this post. But from what I have read, I do agree with some of your conclusions. Particularly in terms of how some religious people can be so judgmental yet have little understanding of the underlying morality of their religion. Take Care and Happy New Year and have a good rest of this year:)

  4. Yo Chance you are right but Ill take it further. The sexual conduct of to many blacks has been totally irresponsible. But do not leave out our lack of respect for education. But in this case our lack of respect for critical thinking and our ignorant ass decision making. The problems of sexual mis behaviour by men in the black church is well know. The out of wedlock births, the teenage pregnacies, ect are all well known within black community. It is and was no secret. Did the black church say or do anything like, church promote condom use among black men and women and youth, who everyone knew were having out of wed lock sex. What about our attitude towards phycological help, the black church knew we and knows the we have serious and fundemental mental problems, they knew this long time ago. But because of stigmas such as dont go to phyciatrist , or by allowing this these suicidal notions like I will not use condoms, I will not treat black women as equals, I will not use manhood as an excuse to get over, or we all have to wear the same stylish over priced clothing to hold up this shallow image of cool to each other. The church knew about all of these things and even encouraged or participated in some of these activities. To tell the truth theier non action and or silence is condonement. Where were they when Jesse ( ” the Clown”) Jackson , a 63 year old preacher with a college degree decides to make a baby out of wed lock. And all of this is going on in the time of aids, out of wed lock births and other ills that are crippling the progress of african americans. Are you telling me this clown does not have enough fucking sense to know that if hes going to cheat ( and I dont condone it), especially in a time with such high hiv rates and out of wed lock births amongst blacks . Although I recognize the contributions he has made, I also recognize in what my oppinion is criminally negligent behaviour. What if the mother of his lovechild is hiv positive. Then he probably ends up giving it to Mrs Jackson. Its not just this behaviour its the lack of thinking behind this behaviour. You damm right the black church is hypocrital. They suffer from small minded moral selectiveness just like too many other blacks people. Also if they had criticized Clown Jackson they would have also become targets for some of thier own innapropiate behaviour. Thank you for the post chance, religion is one of my favorite topics. I am writing a post about the moral amniesha of the right may. . So please keep in mind its the shallowness of our world view thats causing most of our problems. Aids and out wed lock crisis, Yet the church wont demand condom use and mobilize to promote thier use, black people have been crazy as shit for a long time, but the church wont tell us to take our crazy asses to get help, black men blatantly dissrespect thier women, but the church wont make it a fundemental action to raise our women up, give them thier full due, or change the chauvanistic attitude when its in the good of the entire black community. Unbelievable we are backwards. This is a good post may I reference some material in this post for a post I will be writting. Mark

  5. Yes Mark I agree with you about how many black churches by being too silent. Intentionally and with some churches unintentionally condone the negative pathological behaviors that manifest among black Americans. Silence is agreement and many black people often keep silent not because they don’t want to get involved because they fear being hurt. But many keep silent in the black community because they secretively agree with what they saw – and enjoyed the negativity they saw. Now some blacks keep silent out of fear of being attack and retaliated against by other blacks. This silence is a terrible problem that contributes to the Bolden behavior of blacks who create trouble in the black communities through-out America. There is a time to be silent and there is a time to speak.

  6. Cee Cee

    “Also morally speaking many Black Americans have a low morality level. Look at the violence in their community, look at the high teenage pregnancy, the high prison incarceration, and many other social ills in their communities.”

    You wanna talk morals? This is the same country that was bulit on the slaughtering of the Native Americans (courtesy of the white man). This is the country was built on enslaving a entire race of people that might I add built this country, but still get treated like second class citizens. this country purposely dehumanized black folks, not giving them equal eduaction with white for fear that blacks will surpass them, Justified lynching, Justified beating, justified segregation, calling black men less human than others, seperating the black family, changing our names, purposely putting drugs, weapons and liquor stores in the minority communities so that the people can slowly destroy themselves (I bet you don’t see all that crap in upper class white communities), this is the same country that puts a black man in jail for a longer sentence than a white man who does the equal crime, this is the same country taht tgought it was okay for white men to beat a 14 year old boy to death for talking to a white woman, this is the same country that looks at Marilyn Monroe like she some kind of damn hero! She was a whore who screwed her way through hollywood and slept with the damn kennedy’s (but she’s white so its okay),this is the same country that glorifies hugh hefner like is a damn hero. He’s nothing but a pimp and that playboy mansion is nothing but a place for organized prostitution. SO PLEASE STOP ACTING LIKE BLACK AMERICANS ARE THE IMMORAL ONES IN THIS COUNTRY.

  7. Arthur Ward

    Christianity and the Bible are themselves immoral (support and divine regulations for slavery, stoning people to death for adultery, fornication and homosexuality, subjugation of women, genocide of entire populations if they are not with the Christian program – all of these ugly things and more are sanctioned by God). I am not saying these things to be anti-christian, I am just repeating what I have read (KJV). And if these sanctions and practices were ok then – why aren’t they ok now?

    Education and intellectual development does not serve Christianity very well. Black preachers would soon be out of business if large sections of the Black community became critical thinkers. Scientific and philosophical literacy can empty a church real quick! “No Johnny, the universe was not created in six days!” Someone will say “Well ther are several ways of looking at things.” And you know what – that is true.

    But whether you you are looking at the right or left side of “creation” – a 6000 year old universe created in six literal days and the present day understanding of a universe that appears to be 14 billion years old that formed (serially, out of an infinite number of previous formations) out of mass-energy that cannot be created or destroyed – no matter how many times you walk around it, the two sides just don’t square up! The sooner we as Blacks step away from Christianity and preachers and start regarding the Bible as the ancient cultural artifact that it is – the better off I think we will be.

    The fact that the most unbiased truth seekers (most scientists and historians) don’t take the Bible as historically or scientifically accurate is one of many reasons to critically examine whether the philosophy it expouses is truly making an obvious and demonstrable betterment for our people (why is the Bible and Christianity so closely associated with White Supremacy – is one question. Why are there so many churches per capita in our communities but not a commensurate material improvement in our living and understanding is another question).

    By the way – Bayard Rustin was not only a brilliant thinker that never got the kind of credit that he was due – but he was also an Atheist! Could you start a thread on Blacks and Atheism?

    Ego-booster – from my experience, whites are at the same time, slightly fearful and more respectful of Blacks that are not Christian.

  8. Chance

    This is why God constantly updates his religious teaching by creating a new religion or updating an old one.

  9. Ron

    Please remember that African Americans have only a recent history of self determination. There has been such a horrible legacy of families being separated during slavery, poverty and laws and policies that have worked against couples and families. Black people sometimes behave more conservatively in order to live down past ills.

    It’s interesting that recently some of the same social pathologies seem to be spreading to poor whites, see The Jerry Springer Show.

  10. Arthur Ward

    If his teaching is truth itself – why would it need updating – especially if the message is coming from the “eternal and uncaused” creator of the universe? Did the creator, for example, just discover himself that diseases are caused by microbial/environmental/genetic factors rather than demons?

  11. Chance

    His teaching remain the same the only difference is that his eternal teaching adjust to the culture and religious culture of the people. The word religion come from the Latin word religare and religare means to bind or union. In Hinduism the word yoga means union or to bind, like bind together. So you see how the eternal truth shows up again and adjust it self according to the culture of the people.

  12. Arthur Ward

    Chance – that is what I call a “both ways” response. Remember, we are talking about a being that “created” the universe, supposedly created us, was able to part waters and produce a worldwide flood, harden the heart of a sovereign and confuse the one language into many in an instant. But somehow he cannot produce a clear message that is accessible to all that is just as consistent as the laws that sustain his creation?

    And then we cannot access what he is attempting to convey to us without the help of some lying assed clergyman with the “correct interpretation.” What a waste of time.

  13. mike

    Homosexual marriage is an abomination. Whatever failings Blacks may have in this country and whatever problems the Black community may have, at leat they got that right. Credit where credit is due.

    Being a hypocrite is a level of morality. Not a complete one or a high one, but at least the hypocrite knows right from wrong, even if he doesn’t live up to it all the time. The hypocrite is much better than the person who says – “there is no morality do what you feel like”.

    Everyone has the right, by law, to pursue their beliefs, including religous people who believe in outlawing “gay marriage”. This country is not an anarchy without laws. There are always some people who don’t like those laws. But that is civilization.

    I am not for invading anyones bedroom or private sexual conduct. Only that we may not, as a socieity, condone and approve of such behavior. Let gays stay in the closet and out of my face. No one’s perfect, but don’t try to legitimze a sin.

    So again I say to the Black community – thank you for at least knowing right from wrong and not buying into the sophisticated immorality of the intellectual elite of this country.

    People that know which way is up, even if they are down, may one day rise.

  14. Chance

    That is true Mike, and also people do what is convenient for them at the moment. Hypocrisy is also to some degree based upon convenience for the person who displays it. But in general we all may display hypocrisy at times, and the hypocrite always has a chance to redeem his or herself. Also hypocrisy is a sign of knowing the opposites and in order to arrive at some form of morality we must first be able to know the opposites.

    So hypocrisy is a necessary evil characteristic that helps us choose what is morally acceptable and not acceptable.

  15. Arthur Ward

    @ Mike – you say that homosexual marriage is an “abomination” who or what made that judgment? When you say “morality,” what moral yardstick are you using? I ask that because at one time in this country’s history, a majority believed that interracial marriage was a sin that should not be legitimized. At another time while Black people were being held as slaves by Bible believing Christians – it was not legal for Black people to be married to each other! We were property, and marriages between Blacks were not legally recognized because we were able to cohabit only at the pleasure of the slavemaster.

    If you are using the Bible as a moral guide, I would say that its “morality” is dubious at best. The same Bible whose fourth commandment implores us to keep the sabbath holy, you don’t do any work, nor your children, nor your slaves? Wait a minute, back up – did you say your slaves? OK, lets keep going down the list. Nothing. You mean to tell me that there is nothing in the Commandments that prohibits something as heinous as the enslavement of another human being? Oh, so if you happen to OWN some human beings, just don’t work them on the sabbath day. OK.

    You say “I am not for invading anyone’s private or bedroom sexual conduct… Let gays stay in the closet and out of my face… but don’t try to legitimize a sin.” Right here shows you do not understand that despite your personal reservations about gay marriage (which you have a right to), your personal beliefs do not equate to constitutional muster. Believe me – gays will eventually win this one. Why? Notice you used the word “sin” – sin is a religious measure of morality. When the abolitionists were trying to implore the government to release Black people from slavery – the slaveowners and their clergy supporters actually had a stronger theological argument to keep us in slavery than the abolitionists that were trying to free us (see Leviticus 25: 44-46 KJV for example). To some – it was a “sin” to free slaves! And you know what? Biblically, they were correct! See Leviticus 25:46 KJV.

    Stay in the closet? Why? So we can have more people engaging in “down low” activities? Maybe we should encourage more sisters to marry guys that are keeping their gay tendencies under cover, and then after they can’t keep it in any more (after 20 years of marriage and five kids – maybe infected), and they then step out of the lie… OOPS! Another episode – tune in next week!

    Brother, the constitution separates all of us from religious measures while at the same time guarantees freedom of belief. They will win on these counts – 1. Separation of church and state. 2. Freedom of association (that includes how you associate with another individual or group) 3. Equal application of the laws. 4. Constitutional protection of minorities from the “tyranny” of the majority. And 5. Free exercise of the right to a “Civil” union or contract with equal privileges however that right is defined (marriage).

    But the expansion of others rights does not stop you from having the full exercise of your rights. If YOU don’t want same sex marriage, then YOU should not get married to a person of the same sex.

  16. RL Lee

    The real reason blacks and other countries hate the gay acts, is because of slavery. Yes slavery! About 60 percent of the European males that migrated to America was gay or bisexual with wives! Yes that means they raped the men just as much as the women of Africa! They made the children watch to humiliate the black men! They made the men watch their sons get raped also! This is the great American secret about slavery! This is why other coutries outlaw homosexuality! Oh yeah , Pharoahs gay men raped the Irealy men and so did Hitlers sissies rape the Jews men! So it is an insult to blacks to compare the civil right movement to gay rights when gay men have been the most nasty trifling animals God put on earth! Gays are as guilty as the white men that raped and murdered our women! Case closed! Now dispute that!

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