Buddha And The Jewel In The Lotus (God And Heart)


Buddha And The Jewel In The Lotus (God And Heart)

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

CHANCE: All religions emanate from the same God, there are two sides to every religion.
1. exoteric interpretation – exoteric means outer, external, or public.
2. esoteric interpretation – esoteric means inner, secret, or hidden.

Most people are taught only the basic exoteric interpretation but not the secret esoteric interpretations of their holy scriptures.

The Buddha spoke about the jewel in the lotus often people don’t take time to study other religions.

Often many people don’t even study their own religion and scriptures.
If we would look for the similarities in religions and not just at the differences we would find that all religions emanate from the same creator (God). The jewel in the lotus which the Buddha spoke about is totally symbolic in nature.

Buddha practiced the Hindu religion and the jewel in the lotus is a part of Hindu and Buddhist religious symbolism. The jewel symbolizes God and the lotus symbolizes the heart – in every religion one will notice that the heart is considered the place were God lives inside of every human.

A jewel is a very precious stone, and God is compared to being precious like a jewel. A lotus is a flower that floats on the top of water in a pond or lake the heart is often compared to a precious flower.

The heart is where our intuition comes from those intuitive feelings to sense good, bad, when something is right or wrong and the ability to sense the truth or a lie or a combination of both.

Prayer and meditation are techniques that we can use to contact the inner God who lives in the heart; some people can’t feel anything in their hearts anymore.

The reason for this is because they have desensitized (not able to feel and sense) them-selves. Why? Because of all of the suffering they have gone through in life.

So these people don’t want to feel any more mental and emotional pain, because it makes them sad, depressed, and makes them feel weak.

“But this is not good” because it is through understanding inner mental and emotional pain that we can then grow and mature as humans. Suffering does make a person stronger if they learn from it.

The heart is a very important organ in the physical body it’s the place where feelings originate.

Also it’s the place where God lives – this is what is meant by that expression go into your secret closet and pray to your father who is in secret.

The secret closet is the heart; your father in secret is God. So when troubles and problems arise go into the secret closet and pray.

So the jewel is God and the lotus is the heart may we all turn to our hearts when problems arise.

By Chance

Written during the 21st century by chance.

  1. Chris

    Thanks. The upanishads teaches the self of all resides in the lotus of the heart and is surrounded by the senses.

  2. ismag

    Buddhism is a lie it is a curse in fact that’s from the devil, he perverted all teachings. All those teachings are fake since God lives in you only when you accept Jesus Christ and undergo baptism to receive the holy spirit in your heart, tha’s all all those others are anti-christs especially Buddha, pfu on their lying teachings, they don’t believe in God. Buddha lied since he posed himself as God or as incarnation of God. so it is a shit teachings that makes a mess that’s a curse pfu, God is eternal Buddha is not he is just a man that taught as the sages did but posed himself in the place of the creator that ancient sages taught about ! That’s all. Jesus Christ is the only messiah, those are all false, since Jesus Christ is God in flesh and that’s all recorded those are all just imitations since they don’t follow what comes from God but something based on esoterism they just perverted it to make a fals emessiah cult out of it even worse. sick they don’t believe but even taling about something like Buddha is a curse pfu since you must accept God, and sidharta taught about it God is what ancient rishis perceived in the heart back in the days this way, that’s all, they don’t ebleive in God since they worship a man or just are atheists who worship idols or try to achieve enlightenment in the wrong way that’s all. It is heresy based on vedas and hindusim.

  3. ismag

    That’s all bullshit !

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