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Chance writes: America is a multi-ethnic country Minister Louis Farrakhan wants to have a separate state just for black people only. Certain Whites want a state for whites only and some Hispanics also want to have a state within America Just for their own ethnic group. What about all the other colored ethnic groups they’ll eventually want a state within America just for their own people also. America should remain united as one country don’t break it up. If colored ethnic groups and certain whites don’t like America being united. Then just leave and go live some where else like immigrants do when they don’t like certain things about the country their born in.

Farrakhan And A Separate Black State

(Minister Louis Farrakhan And The Nation Of Islam Want A Separate State Just For Black-Americans If Allowed Can They Govern Themselves?)

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Minister Louis Farrakhan has been asking for years that the American government allow Black Americans to create their own state. Therefore Black Americans can live and govern themselves totally independent of the United States of America.


Louis Farrakhan leader of the nation of Islam

Minister Louis Farrakhan also wants the United States government to help financially assist in supporting this Black American state for about 20 to 30 years. Farrakhan wants this future Black American state to be a Muslim state. Minister Louis Farrakhan has said on many occasions, that Islam is the best religion for the black man. But many Black Americans are Christians, and if a Black American state is every created many of these Black Americans will remain Christians.

What will happen to them? History has proven that Anytime Islam becomes the official religion of any country. The people who are Christian and live in that country are persecuted, murdered, and oppressed by the new Muslim government that just came to power. Many Black Americans would not want to live in a Black American Muslim state. So then where will they go? If White Americans have the rest of America these Black Americans will not be allowed to live there.

Why? Because of the agreement between Minister Louis Farrakhan and certain White Politicians. That says if you’re a Black American you’re only allowed to live among other Black Americans only – and if you are White you’re allowed to live among other White Americans only.

So these Black Americans who don’t want to live in a Black American Muslim state will have to leave the territory formerly called America absolutely. Unless there is a state that is set aside for Americans of all ethnicities who would prefer to live together as a multi ethnic state. A major question that is often asked is are Black Americans morally, emotionally, and intellectually strong enough to govern themselves as a collective racial group. At this point and time anyone observing Black Americans can confidently say no! Black Americans at their current level of development are not capable enough to govern themselves.

The only thing people have to do is simply observe the way certain Black communities are governed by Black Americans currently. Observe the way many Black treat each other. Blacks often negatively mistreat fellow blacks – many Blacks hate their fellow Blacks. Some blacks don’t like being around other Blacks because certain blacks try to inflict pain and suffering on other blacks.

Black Americans are not ready to govern their own self created country. They need to develop themselves morally and intellectually first, and that will take a minimum of four generations from now. Minister Louis Farrakhan, will not be alive four generations from now it would be a disaster for Blacks to try and create a separate Black American state with in America.

The only thing that would happen would be chaos.

1. There would be a dictatorship

2. High crime rate

3. More poverty

4. High murder rate

5. Lack of jobs (un-employment)

6. Political corruption to a high degree

7. High teenage pregnancy

8. Lack of marriage (low marriage rate)

9. A lot of military and police injustice.

10. More violence against Black Females.

11. More depression

12. Hopelessness

13. Many blacks living in this Black American Muslim state would
Grow to hate the Islamic religion.

14. Many Blacks would want America to go back to being united under one government were there are politicians from all ethnic groups in power especially white politicians.

15. Some blacks would try to over throw the corrupt black government in power.

16. Lack of enough educated people in all fields.

17. They would yearn for the days when the White Race was the majority in Charge of governing the country of America, and they would want America to re-unite and Whites re-established as the ruling class in most positions of authority.

Chance: “The Black American Muslims of the nation of Islam” need to make serious efforts first to do good morally, economically, educationally, religiously, and politically in a united America. Before they can entertain the Idea of a separate Black Muslim state within the United States of America. And this would take generations to accomplish.

Many black Muslims from the nation of Islam became Muslims while in prison and the majority of their crime victims were black.

Now I’m not trying to embarrass Black Muslims, but it is true that the majority of the crime victims of black Muslims were Black.

Farrakhan Says Muslims In America Are Weak

Minister Louis Farrakhan says that Muslims in America are weak because they are not militant enough. But the question now is why are American Muslims less militant when compare to Muslims living in Muslim countries.

The reason many Muslims from all ethnic groups living in the United States of America are less militant. Is because there is no need to be – Muslims living in the United States of America live well here they have jobs, food, civil rights, businesses, educational opportunities, religious freedom, and more opportunities for women, etc. These are some of the reasons why Muslims in the United States of America are not militant. In Muslim countries through-out the world many Muslims don’t have civil rights, and other privileges like Americans. And this lack of civil rights, bad economy, no democracy, and lack of opportunities are the major reasons. Why so many Muslims in Muslim countries are so violent and militant and engage in terrorism.

Many Muslims living in Muslims countries feel hopeless; they feel things will never change for the better in their countries. American Muslims from all ethnic groups as a collective don’t feel this way they feel the opposite. It is a fact that, the majority of Muslim immigrants when they come to America stop feeling hopeless. They start having hope in life once again; also they utilize the civil rights and opportunities that America provides for them.

So imagine a separate America, with Blacks and Whites living in different American States. A house divided can not stand; War would break out between them. Also all of the countries that hated and disliked America when White people were the majority. Would come to aid blacks and their State by giving the black government weapons and foreign soldiers to fight against the White states.

The White American States would be defeated easily, even if whites used nuclear weapons. Other countries would Aid the black State by using nuclear weapons against the White-American States and millions would die. One of these countries that are allies with the black state may even give blacks nuclear technology and teach blacks how to build nuclear weapons.

But in the end White-America and black America would be destroyed decisively.
America doesn’t need to be divided America needs to remain untied and American society needs to start practicing inclusion-ism (unity among all ethnic groups) more.
Then America won’t have to worry about a particular ethnicity or race whether it be colored racial groups, Blacks or Whites wanting to divide up America.

By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance



By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Death is a topic that many humans fear secretively and yes I must confess with the perfume of sincerity. That I too fear death talking about it is easy for me but to actually experience death is scary for me to even think about. There are times when thinking about death I have no fear of it but – I know that deep down on the inside there is fear. Humans fear death because it is unknown to them we humans are alive and life is all we know.

Life is essentially for the living not the dead and this is true. When you have never experienced a situation this causes fear to arise within oneself. Where does fear come from? Fear comes from not knowing what the end result will be of a particular situation or circumstance. When you don’t know what the results (effects) will be this makes one fear. Death is an experience that we all will go through no matter what our position in life is. We are taught about heaven and hell in religion but for most people secretively. They still have doubts about whether heaven and hell even exist.

The reason for this doubt and uncertainty is because of a lack of experiential knowledge. What is experiential knowledge? It is when you have experienced something – and since most people have never seen GOD they secretively don’t believe in him. Most people have never seen an angel, demon, or an evil spirit. If you have seen an evil spirit it would cause you to easily start thinking that GOD and angels must be real also. But when one has never experienced death this causes fear. I wonder about all the good and bad I have done and said, I really don’t want to live on earth for ever either.

Living on earth in its current circumstances would be similar to a death sentence. Imagine waking up seeing the same old boring stuff everyday. All of your friends and family members die off two hundred years ago- and you’re 265 years old. The 5th and 6th generational descendants of your family are alive but you moved away to another country – because you don’t want them asking how come you lived to be so old. What a boring life one would lead secretively wishing for death but too afraid to let death take you away.

Death is the great equalizer that makes us all equal and the majority of us fear it. I will die someday under what conditions I know not, but personally I do believe in heaven and hell. I have FAITH ABOVE REASON (faith above doubt) every cell in the human body records all our actions it is called cell memory.

Chance: Cells in the human body record all our actions and when I die the etheric (next level above the physical world the etheric world is invisible to the physical human eye but clairvoyants can see it) form of my cells will contain all the memories of all the good and bad actions, thoughts and feelings I had done while alive. My consciousness will carry all the memories that have been recorded into the spiritual world with me.

Like attracts like and I will gravitate when I die to the realm that is in harmony with the majority of my actions that I committed on earth. Consciousness is intelligence and intelligence is made up with energy also. I do fear death to some degree but I have no doubts about whether there is life after death. I say with full faith that there is life after death and there is a heaven and a hell. My secret fear really is probably not about dying but more about where my consciousness will go when I disembody. I hope I have enough good karma to incarnate into a heaven.

Chance: I will never lose faith above reason (belief in God without doubt and uncertainty).

God: Do as much good as possible because I will hold you accountable for your actions.

Chance: Master of the universe (God) is there anything I can leave behind on earth that I will to get credit for even though I’m no longer embodied (no longer have a physical body because one has died physically).

God: Yes if you leave behind knowledge in the form of a book or books, writings that people still read and learn from, and knowledge that people continue to benefit from. Regarding Knowledge It could be an invention that makes something easier to do, a particular intellectual school of thought, your opinions and interpretations on some type of topic. Also if you open a charity that donates to people. So writings that people gain information from that benefits humanity for the better and knowledge in general whether it is intellectual knowledge, a particular school of intellectual thought or an invention. Even though you no longer have a physical body you will continue to get credit for your writings.

Chance: I write and I will continue to write so that humanity can gain some knowledge about a particular subject. I will meet you someday death and when we meet may I have dignity and integrity and no fear of you (death).

By Chance

Written during the 21st century  by Chance

Segregation And Society

Segregation And Society

(Segregation and racial groups throughout the world)

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Among humans there are different levels of morality some humans have a higher moral standard than others. Some people don’t have a problem murdering, raping, robbing, engaging in treachery, unprovoked violence, and engaging in many other negative anti-social behaviors that causes fear to spread in society.

Therefore I say that there are certain people among every racial and ethnic group who need to be segregated from the rest of society. Because they are too immoral in their conduct and create too much suffering for the average decent member of society. Prison and jail are types of segregation when a person is locked up in prison or jail their physical body is no longer free to move about in society.

Racial segregation that has happened in a particular country is based upon which racial group is in power. The racial group in power often decides whether or not they want to segregate themselves from the other racial groups. Whether this is right or wrong the racial group in power can segregate themselves if they like. The question is if the racial group in power segregates themselves voluntarily – will the segregation become legalized by LAW? If the segregation is just a personal preference of the ethnic group in power and not legalized by the government. Then few people from the other ethnic groups will care or worry about it. As long as it is not legalized by the government then those members of the ruling class ethnic group who want to segregate themselves can.

Certain members of all racial and ethnic groups need to be in segregation why? Because of all the suffering and evil they spread in society at large. Segregation can make some people become morally better – because after being segregated in a particular location (certain parts of the city or towns), prison, jail, etc. These particular individuals will not want to go back to the place they were segregated in.

However, there are some people no matter how long they are segregated from society they will never become morally better. They always will wreck havoc, destruction, and bring suffering to humanity. The only thing that could stop these morally corrupt individuals is death. But while they are alive segregation is the only method that can keep them from harming society.

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

Republicans Have Become Liberal

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: I have been saying it for a long time now that the conservatives of today are more liberal in nature. Also these conservatives of today have various opinions that disagree with other conservatives who have different opinions. I have been saying this at other blogs for months now and I recently said this at another blog yesterday, that conservatives are not united in their opinions. They have more liberal views, I often say Libero-conservative (liberal conservatives or libero-con).

I’m so glad that people are beginning to see what I and other people have noticed for years. That the republicans are more liberal than they use to be and the more different racial groups join the Republican Party – and call themselves conservative. This automatically will make the conservative Republican Party liberal. Because they now have to help out their new found colored members (members of the various colored racial groups who now claim to be conservative).

The Left said: The Republican Party will have to provide for their new colored members just like the Democrat party has too. The political left gets the last laugh and he, who laugh last laughs best. Welcome to liberalism Conservative republicans and your new found members.   

Chance: Conservative and liberal are becoming just titles worthless and in name only. Observe people they want to live in a liberal country, benefits of liberalism civil rights, civil liberties, treating women with respect under the law, voting rights, freedom of speech, economic development, religious freedom, political freedom, etc.

Chance: If  anybody don’t like these Liberal privileges (freedoms) civil rights, civil liberties, treating women with respect under the law, voting rights, freedom of speech, economic development, religious freedom, political freedom, personal freedom, etc. Then go live in a country that is totally conservative then you don’t have too worry about these privileges. Because most countries don’t have these privileges go look! Why do people like America, Canada, Europe, etc?

Because of the liberal privileges that they provide and this is why these countries like America, Canada, Europe, etc. receive more immigrants both white immigrants and colored immigrants, especially colored immigrants.
It is time to see reality, and that is the conservative Republican Party has become more liberal, practices multiracial diversity by having people from many racial groups as members, and will become a colored multi-racial Party just like the Democrats have become and this is good for the Republican Party. Let people be free they will always act more liberal, and pursue liberal ways and lifestyles, more than conservative ways. Just look around you interesting Huh!

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance


Ariel Sharon

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, had a massive stroke that has caused internal bleeding. I feel Ariel Sharon will die this year 2006 he may even die possibly in a few days or a few weeks from now. But I feel he will die in 2006 – he is very overweight and has bad health I remember when Yasser Arafat died – Ariel Sharon, smiled in front of the news cameras giving the impression that he was glad that Yasser Arafat died.


Yasser Arafat died November 11, 2004 at age 75

Now he is in the same situation on the edge of death I know that he can sense death coming closer to him. I wonder is he afraid too die? Is he wondering about heaven and hell? He has to be thinking about death because his health has been bad for years. Also he is an old man he is 77 years old Yasser Arafat, was the prime minister (leader) of the Palestinian people. Yasser Arafat, died at the age of 75 in the year 2004 and now Ariel Sharon will die in 2006. Yassr Arafat and Ariel Sharon had been bitter enemies for years because of the conflict between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims. Ariel Sharon representing the Israeli people and Yasser Arafat Representing the Palestinian Muslims.

Now Sharon will possibly join Yasser Arafat in death with Arafat already dead and Sharon soon to follow.

But I could be wrong Sharon might live past 2006 but based upon his health it looks like he will not. I will sit back and watch how this all plays out – and I wonder does Ariel Sharon remember that smirking smile he gave when Yasser Arafat died Hummmm!   

DEATH makes us all equal so we should do as much good as possible.

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance. 


Blacks, Sexuality, And Genetics

By Chance,



Chance: There is no denying the fact that certain racial groups are more sexual in nature (stronger sex drive) than others. This can clearly be seen by all humans who live or have lived among various racial groups. People who live in America, Canada, Europe, and Africa especially have noticed that certain racial groups are more sexual than others. What makes a racial group more sexual than another? Why are certain racial groups more physically stronger than others? 

 And, why are the men from certain racial groups more masculine than others?  These questions deserve to be answered and the answer is very simple hormones the pineal gland secretes melatonin – Melatonin is the only hormone that is secreted into the bloodstream by the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a tiny endocrine gland situated at the centre of the brain.

Melatonin has the ability to affect sleep patterns; people use melatonin to treat jet lag and insomnia. Also seasonal depression has been treated with melatonin. Melatonin has been combined with certain other drugs (i.e. interferon, interleukin-2) to treat some cancers (breast, prostate) while the side effects are lessened.

Melatonin is responsible for anti-aging (keeping your body looking younger) and it is also anti-oxidant in nature. It is mainly produced and secreted at night between the hours of 12 – 4 A.M. This is why sleeping is so vitally important – sleeping is a healing and rejuvenating act that the body needs. People who work at night are said to be working the graveyard shift, because working at night a time when the body naturally heals and regenerates itself deadens and degenerates the body, causing premature aging and sends one to an early grave. It is hard for people who work at night to sleep in the day. They have to get use to sleeping in the day because the body naturally prefers sleeping at night. Melatonin is released in darkness and this is why sleeping at night is so important because sleeping in the daytime there is a lot of light outside. And, the daylight comes into your home where you sleep. Black people produce the highest amount of melatonin the more melanin in the skin the darker the person. Black people have the darkest skin because they produce more melanin.

The pineal gland secretes melatonin, which activates the pituitary to release M.S.H. (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone). It is in the melanocytes that melanin (Greek “melas”=black) is produced. Melanin is somewhat analogous to chlorophyll in plants. What a lot of people don’t realize is that melatonin is also related to sexual fertility. Those with pigmented skin have the highest counts of melanocytes in the genitalia and nipples. The pigmentation in these areas can be influenced by sex hormones like estrogens and androgens. During pregnancy, the nipples, face, and abdominal wall become darkened. These areas of increased pigmentation during pregnancy are due to the increase in the production of estrogens in the female.

Black Men And Testosterone

Black men produce more testosterone than any other racial group and this is why blacks are so sensuous, and sexually active, able to endure a lot of suffering, inner strength to go through a lot of pain and suffering, deeper voices, and physically strong.

Black men are very strong physically because their bodies produce more testosterone this is the real reason why many men from other racial groups fear black men. Some people say black men are feared because they commit crimes, violence, etc but this is not totally true. Black men are feared because their bodies produce more Testosterone and the more testosterone a person produces the more others will fear him. Now observe men from other racial groups they also produce testosterone and among these various racial groups some produce more Testosterone than others. But when these other racial group commit crimes and violence people still often consider them cowards and weaklings.

Why because they don’t produce as much testosterone as black men – the men of a racial group are feared according to the level of testosterone their bodies produce. This can clearly be seen all over America, Canada, Europe, Africa, and other countries around the world that have men from various racial groups. Men and women can sense the level of strength that men from any racial group possess. The more testosterone men produce the more masculine they will be black men are very masculine more masculine than the average man from other racial groups. And, this is a fact that can be seen constantly. Among men from other racial groups you have some that are just as masculine as black men. But in general the black race has more masculine men among them when compared genetically to men from other racial groups.

Racial groups, Masculinity, And Testosterone

Hispanic men (Brown skin Hispanic men) are more masculine than white men; white men are more masculine than eastern Asian men (orient Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, pacific islanders, and all other Asians in the orient etc). But black men are more masculine than all of these men and genetics verifies this. All the men from other racial groups fall in the middle but black men are not in the middle of being semi masculine – they are as a collective racial group totally masculine in nature. Here is how it is measured Eastern Asian (Orientals) are considered the least Masculine and Blacks are considered the most Masculine.

All of the other racial groups of men fall in between blacks and Asians with Asian men being on one extreme (less masculine) and black men being on the other extreme (more masculine). What I have written here is a fact that genetics verifies and also people all over the world can clearly see this in their societies. But often some people don’t want to admit this in public – because it is not fashionable to do so. I’m just saying in public what is already known by all but the majority of the people are afraid to admit it. But secretively they accept it.


Blacks, Other Racial Groups, And Fights

Chance: Why is it that men and women from other racial groups often fight with black men and black women when black men – and black women have done nothing to start a fight? Often people from other racial groups say it is because of black negative behavior. But in general this is not true because I’m talking about fights that blacks did not start. There could be many reasons but one of the reason people from other racial groups start fights with blacks is because. They are aware that they are in the presence of a physically stronger more masculine racial group. This explains why men from other racial groups depend on the law to help them defeat blacks – even though they started the fight and blacks did not start the fight.

Starting fights with blacks and being rude to blacks when blacks have done nothing wrong comes from JEALOUSY. They are jealous because they feel their manhood is weaker and less masculine than the manhood of blacks. Some people say racism is partially responsible for why some men from other racial groups mistreat blacks yes, that is true in some cases. But at the same time the men from other racial groups who claim to be racist and hate blacks are really hiding the fact that. They are angry because blacks are stronger and more masculine than they are. This is a blow to their egos and they are ashamed to admit it. Weaker men team up with weaker men to fight against a more masculine group of men sometimes.

 Black Women And Estrogen

Black women produce more estrogen than women from any other racial and ethnic group and this explains why black females are more sensuous, sexually active, able to endure a lot of suffering, inner strength to go through a lot of pain and suffering, deeper voices, and physically strong. White women have softer bones than black women this is why white women end up with Osteoporosis more than black women.

Osteoporosis: Thinning of the bones with reduction in bone mass due to depletion of calcium and bone protein. Osteoporosis predisposes a person to fractures, which are often slow to heal and heal poorly. It is more common in older adults, particularly post-menopausal women; in patients on steroids; and in those who take steroidal drugs. Unchecked Osteoporosis can lead to changes in posture, physical abnormality (particularly the form of hunched back known colloquially as “dowager’s hump”), and decreased mobility.

Because black women produce more estrogen fewer of them end up with Osteoporosis (thinning of the bones making the bones easy to break). Yes there are black women with osteoporosis but when compared to white women the black women with thin bones (Osteoporosis) are few in number. Women from other racial groups find black women intimidating at times and it is because black females produce more hormones than women from any other racial group.

Black People Be Grateful For The Hormone Production

Black people produce more hormones so they must be very careful because producing more hormones can be a blessing if blacks know how to use it and a curse if they don’t. If black men and women let their powerful sexual hormones get the best of them then the result is a lot of out of wedlock births, high crime rate, excessive violence, excessive anger, crushing poverty, easily Irritated, ect.

But if black people control their hormones through the intellect (will power) they will become a very powerful racial group. They will become the masters of what every area of life and social sphere they pursue. They will dominate sports, their political influence will grow, become great businessmen and women, influence the international politics in other countries, dominate music, their popular culture will influence other ethnic groups, have stable two parent, will be able to protect themselves and other people from other racial groups, become great politicians and leaders, become more intelligent and educated, and become great at anything they set out to accomplish in any area. Blacks have a slight advantage that other ethnic and racial groups don’t have because blacks produce more hormones. Genetics verify everything I’ve written in regards to hormones everyone should study genetics.

Blacks should not waste their sexual energy through having sex all the time or masturbation either – the more a person ejaculates the sexual semen and estrogen the weaker the person becomes. The more sexual fluids you keep in your body the more intelligent, physically stronger, shiny skin, deeper voice, better health, and other things you will have. If a person is sexually active he or she should not practice having sex or masturbation a lot. You should engage in the sex act a few times a month you will have to decide how often yourself.

Blacks should practice meditation, prayer, sports, reading, and breathing exercises these are just some of the methods that will help blacks control their powerful sexual hormones. If blacks study genetics this will help them govern their lives more efficiently and give them the power of genetic knowledge. They will understand themselves a lot more and will be able to help themselves progress towards superior levels of society.

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance