By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Death is a topic that many humans fear secretively and yes I must confess with the perfume of sincerity. That I too fear death talking about it is easy for me but to actually experience death is scary for me to even think about. There are times when thinking about death I have no fear of it but – I know that deep down on the inside there is fear. Humans fear death because it is unknown to them we humans are alive and life is all we know.

Life is essentially for the living not the dead and this is true. When you have never experienced a situation this causes fear to arise within oneself. Where does fear come from? Fear comes from not knowing what the end result will be of a particular situation or circumstance. When you don’t know what the results (effects) will be this makes one fear. Death is an experience that we all will go through no matter what our position in life is. We are taught about heaven and hell in religion but for most people secretively. They still have doubts about whether heaven and hell even exist.

The reason for this doubt and uncertainty is because of a lack of experiential knowledge. What is experiential knowledge? It is when you have experienced something – and since most people have never seen GOD they secretively don’t believe in him. Most people have never seen an angel, demon, or an evil spirit. If you have seen an evil spirit it would cause you to easily start thinking that GOD and angels must be real also. But when one has never experienced death this causes fear. I wonder about all the good and bad I have done and said, I really don’t want to live on earth for ever either.

Living on earth in its current circumstances would be similar to a death sentence. Imagine waking up seeing the same old boring stuff everyday. All of your friends and family members die off two hundred years ago- and you’re 265 years old. The 5th and 6th generational descendants of your family are alive but you moved away to another country – because you don’t want them asking how come you lived to be so old. What a boring life one would lead secretively wishing for death but too afraid to let death take you away.

Death is the great equalizer that makes us all equal and the majority of us fear it. I will die someday under what conditions I know not, but personally I do believe in heaven and hell. I have FAITH ABOVE REASON (faith above doubt) every cell in the human body records all our actions it is called cell memory.

Chance: Cells in the human body record all our actions and when I die the etheric (next level above the physical world the etheric world is invisible to the physical human eye but clairvoyants can see it) form of my cells will contain all the memories of all the good and bad actions, thoughts and feelings I had done while alive. My consciousness will carry all the memories that have been recorded into the spiritual world with me.

Like attracts like and I will gravitate when I die to the realm that is in harmony with the majority of my actions that I committed on earth. Consciousness is intelligence and intelligence is made up with energy also. I do fear death to some degree but I have no doubts about whether there is life after death. I say with full faith that there is life after death and there is a heaven and a hell. My secret fear really is probably not about dying but more about where my consciousness will go when I disembody. I hope I have enough good karma to incarnate into a heaven.

Chance: I will never lose faith above reason (belief in God without doubt and uncertainty).

God: Do as much good as possible because I will hold you accountable for your actions.

Chance: Master of the universe (God) is there anything I can leave behind on earth that I will to get credit for even though I’m no longer embodied (no longer have a physical body because one has died physically).

God: Yes if you leave behind knowledge in the form of a book or books, writings that people still read and learn from, and knowledge that people continue to benefit from. Regarding Knowledge It could be an invention that makes something easier to do, a particular intellectual school of thought, your opinions and interpretations on some type of topic. Also if you open a charity that donates to people. So writings that people gain information from that benefits humanity for the better and knowledge in general whether it is intellectual knowledge, a particular school of intellectual thought or an invention. Even though you no longer have a physical body you will continue to get credit for your writings.

Chance: I write and I will continue to write so that humanity can gain some knowledge about a particular subject. I will meet you someday death and when we meet may I have dignity and integrity and no fear of you (death).

By Chance

Written during the 21st century  by Chance

  1. 01 26 06

    Hey Chance: I like this article and it speaks to me. You are brave and I like your attitude about death. That is all I can say, cuz this is a tough subject. Thanks for sharing your insight:)

  2. Chance

    Hey Mahndisa,

    Glad you liked the topic and thank you for coming by yes, it is a deep death is a deep subject. And we all will encounter it someday I hope we will all be ready.


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