President Bush, Hamas, And The Set Up

Chance writes: Now, that Hamas has won the majority of the Parliament seats in the Palestinian government, there will be no peace between Palestinians and Israel. But some people believe that president Bush, secretively does not want peace in the Middle East. Even though Bush, says he wants peace for the Middle East.   

President Bush, Hamas, And The Set Up

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: GAZA, the terrorist organization Hamas recently won 70 or more out of 132 parliament seats (Palestinian legislative council). Hamas defeats the Fatah political party in Hebron, Gaza, and Nablus; Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia and his cabinet resigned Thursday after their party was defeated by Hamas in a parliamentary election. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ruling Fatah party confirmed claims from Hamas that it won a majority of the seats in Parliament.

This means there will be no peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs why? Because Hamas is a terroist organization that has carried out hundreds of terrorist attacks against Israel. Hamas a sent suicide bombers to blow themselves up killing many Israeli civilians. Hamas has set off bombers in inside the country of Israel and against Israeli community settlements inside of Gaza.

Now that Hamas is in power politically they will be able to create rules and Laws and do as they please. There is no doubt that they will continue to attack Israel – and kill more Israeli civilians. It is no coincidence that President George W. Bush of America wanted the Palestinian people and government to hold elections in Palestine. President George W. Bush, has been pushing for Democracy for Arabs in the Middle East every since he became President.

The real reason Bush wants Palestinian and other Arab Muslim countries to become democracies is because Bush knows. That those Arab Muslims countries will elect radical politicians who are associated with terrorist organizations. So then, these terrorist organization will attack Israel and create even more trouble – and carry out more terrorist violence in the Middle East and around the world.

This will give President George W. Bush, the excuse he needs to send more American troops to the Middle East in the name of keeping the peace and democracy. And when the Hamas run Palestinian government continue attacking Israel this will give President Bush the excuse he needs. To tell Israel to help him attack other Muslim countries in the Middle East. Israel will be used by president Bush to wage war on Muslim countries. But the people of Israel just want to live in peace but international politics from President Bush. Will cause Israel to end up being involved with Bush’s so called war on terrorism.   

Methods to Punish Terrorist Countries

Does America need to fight against terrorism? Well most definitely, America and the world need to fight against terrorism that is no doubt. But at the same time don’t use terrorism as an excuse to cover up other hidden motives for invading Muslim countries. There are other ways to defeat terrorist countries example assassinations, bombing the political headquarters of  the leaders of  those countries, assassinating leaders of certain terrorist countries and letting them know America did it, etc. These and other methods would make those leaders fear being killed and they will send to prison or execute the terrorists in their own countries. Because the politicians and dictators don’t want to get assassinated them-selves. There are many other ways to punish countries that allow terrorists to attack America and other countries.  America, then wouldn’t need to have troops over in the Middle East dying in bombings and sniper attacks.      

The President George W. Bush Plans To Militarily Take Over The Muslim Middle East

Chance: American troops are already in Iraq, and America will fight all Muslim countries in the Middle East. America will fight against Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, etc. This was a plan that had been thought-out long ago by President George W. Bush. The American government wants to control all of the oil and natural resources of the middles east why? One of reasons is China; China is becoming an economic and military super power.

China also needs oil and natural recourses to fuel its economy. There are other reasons also, but the fact is that the reason President Bush is militarily taking over the Middle East has little to do with fighting terrorism. Terrorism needs to be dealt with but this is not the major reason – why President Bush, is interested in the Middle East. Muslims who engage in terrorism unintentionally give Bush the excuse he needs to invade Muslim countries in the Middle East.

But Muslims are not passive people they will fight and die for their cause – America is not going to win the war with the Muslims. When America and all of America’s allies finish fighting with all of the Arab Muslim countries in the Middle East. Many Muslims, Americans, and America’s allies will be dead and Muslims will have successfully pushed America out of the Middle East.

War is always brutal and fatal even when it is for a righteous cause why? Because many people die in the process men, women, soldiers, loved ones, children etc. But as long as humans still have character flaws there will always be war.

  Allah Akbar (pronounced Allahu Akbar in Arabic) meaning (God is the greatest)

Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance                  

  1. amit khushalani

    Hey Chance it’s me the lawn mower guy! I just wanted to say that i heard bush has finally ordered a full-on investigation against the oil companies and has asked to open the oil reserves to bring the price of oil down for the summer. He finally may have done something right.

  2. Hey Amit

    Good to see you came by, and I agree that if BUSH does drop gas prices he would have done something right. Many people hope he starts doing other things right too. We will see what President Bush will do in the future – and let’s hope it is something positive. I will be seeing you around Amit and glad you came by the blog and left a comment. You said you would swing by the intellectual madhouse (blog) and you did. I will be seeing you around Amit take care and good to hear from you.


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