A Girl Like Me (A Film About Light skin And Dark skin Among Black Girls)

 Chance Kelsey writes: A Girl Like Me explores the standards of beauty imposed on todays black girls. The director interviews a number of black girls from her high school. These girls are very honest about how skin tone among black girls influence how many black girls feel about their self worth and self esteem.


Kiri Davis

(A Girl Like Me, A Film About Light skin And Dark skin Among Black Girls)



By Chance Kelsey, Chancellorfiles.com

  Wahida, is  one of the girls in the film titled A GIRL LIK ME
Wahida, Is one of the girls in the film who was interviewed  

Chance: Kiri Davis, made a seven minute film titled A GIRL LIKE ME, Kiri was 17 years old when she made this seven minute film. The film was shown at the Tribeca film festival in 2006. It’s about how still many Black girls perceive White European features to be the standard of beauty that Blacks continue to judge themselves by. Especially if the black person has the European features of light skin, colored eyes, and straight hair. In this movie there is a part in which Black children are asked to choose between a Black doll and a white doll, and the majority of the children choose the white doll.

 Kiri was interviewed by JET MAGAZINE and KIRA said "I heard about Kenneth Clark’s 1940s Doll Experiment that was instrumental in the Brown v. Board of Education case] in middle school and I never really forgot about it. I wanted people to get a message about color complexes. I just wanted to make a film about what me and my friends were going through. Kiri put together a good film it makes you think and ponder over the skin color question — that continues to manifest among Blacks in America and throughout the world.

 I am convinced, that Black Americans will always be divided between the skin colors of light skin, Dark skin, and caramel skin (medium brown). Blacks have many people among them who are not really Black, these people are light skin, quadroon and octoroons and quintroon (Quin`troon´ — The off-spring of an octoroon and a white person) these people have a lot of white European genetics and blood wherefore Caramel and dark skin blacks have more Black African genetics with lesser European genetics and blood. These more European looking mixed blooded Blacks were not suppose to be labeled as Black – they were suppose to be classified and called by a name that would symbolize that they were mixed with both black and white.

Had they been Labeled in their own racial and ethnic category totally separate from whites and blacks — then Blacks would not have this skin tone color obsession that they have today. The one drop blood rule established during slavery said that if you have one percent of black blood then you are Black. This was a phony fake rule made up by white racist slave masters. Genetic research has confirmed and verified, that the many white Americans (millions of whites) have four percent (4%) black blood but they are still called white.

  Many Blacks of all skin complexions feel that between the lightskin and non-lightskin Blacks — that Blacks who are Dark skin and Caramel skin secretively prefer light skin and admire it more. Even Blacks who are dark and caramel brown skin agree that ligkt skin is more admired among Blacks in general. I feel personally that it is the Dark skin and Caramel Blacks who are more obsessed with skin color than light skin Blacks, because light skin Blacks often are happy being light skin. You don’t see a lot of light skin Blacks wishing they were Dark skin or Caramel skin, but you can find many Dark and Caramel skin Blacks admiring light skin you tell by the comments they make both positive and negative.

 This problem will only start to disappear when European looking Blacks are rightfully  labeled as Mulattoes or some name that describes their mixed blooded heritage. And, with each generation of Blacks dying off and another generation being born the less we will see an obsession with skin color among Blacks. Another thing too, and that is, the high number of interracial children being born with one Black parent and one white parent or one Black parent and a parent of a non-white racial group will help eliminate the skin tone problem among Blacks how? When a kid is mixed with Black and another racial group he or she can now choose too label themselves as multiracial or bi racial instead of just Black. How could I not expect dark skin Black people not to be angry about having dark skin after all of the insults, rudeness, making fun of their skin color, and criticism they have experienced in life. If I was dark skin I would feel the same way.                                                                

Kiri Davis was born and raised in New York City KIRI resides (lives) on the Upper West Side and attends Urban Academy H.S. She is a hard working 17-year-old who has her own jewelry line, produces a youth show for public access TV, and has directed several short films. Her goal is to work in the film industry where she can continue to make films that are important to her.


Kiri Davis, film maker (photo)

Chance Kelsey  writes: (This infomation about Kiri is based upon her life now as a 17 year old. So readers in the up and coming years (future) who will read this article — must not be confused and think that Kiri is still in high school  after she has graduated and moved on into adulthood.) 

  Kiri Davis, Film Maker at The Tribeca Family Festival where she introduced her film titled  A GIRL LIKE ME. to the audience. 

 Written during the 21st century by Chance (Chancellor) 



  1. queen

    I loved it and felt the same way.

  2. To Queen

    Thanks for coming by Queen, yes, it is a good video and this topic needs to be discussed more among black Americans and Blacks living through out the world. Come by again Queen.

    You take care,

    By Chance

  3. Jas and Mary

    This made me want to cry, because I know just how they feel. Me and Mary
    read and watched this together. We feel the smae way. At fast we both didn’t know if
    we would even been real friends. For I’m dark and she’s light. We both have
    been made fun og, her by dark skin people and me by light skin people
    so when we meant we didn’t even say two words to each other. But now we are
    so close, like sisters.

    Mary is what people call high yellow and she is not even mixed (well not
    a close mix, cause all of us are mised with something.) Her parents are
    black. Her mom is dark skin just like me and her father is light skin
    like her. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Which at times has people
    thinking she is white. So she was teased alot

    Then me I have dark skin and both my perents are lighter then me. My dad
    is the same color as Mary, and my mom is mixed with Mexican and has long
    hair. All my bothers are light skin to. I remeber when I went out with
    my little brother some guy asked me was he my cousin or something cause he was
    to light to be my brother. I even had guys and friends tell me I was
    pretty for I dark skin girl.

    Mary was the first person who I could talk to. She knew how I felt and I
    her. I wish people would stop with all this hate. I mean we talk about
    racism but here we are acting the same way to each other. We need to stop
    doing these things to each other, I mean we are all black right.

    And I know we arent the only races doing this. It seems all people of
    color are doing it.

  4. To Jas and Mary

    Thank you both for watching the film, and yes, it is a film that deals with the problem of skin tone among blacks. It makes one want too cry and, also it is true — that people of non-white racial groups have the skin tone debate except whites. I will say this also, that not all of the black Americans are black the phony fake one drop blood rule is fake and the average white person have 4% black blood and do not follow the one drop blood rule. So how come whites are not considered black? This proves that the fake one drop blood rule is false and blacks follow it because blacks don’t question anything, they just accept what ever people tell them.

    There are a lot of things that have to be done to change the social problems black Americans face. The skin complexion thing is one of them. I am sorry that Jas and Mary had to go thru the criticism, insults, and name calling growing up as kids and teenagers. This leaves very painful scars on the mind; I have been called names also, because of my light mulatto skin so I know how you feel.

    Please come by again Jas and Mary

    By Chance

  5. will the problem is that blacks want to hold on to light skinned /biracial people as palictal power and gain just like at obama.

  6. Shay Hi

    Yes holding on to light skinned and Biracial people does help blacks gain more political power. Because if the light skin and bi racial people were given their own category to mark themselves as multiracial then this would cause blacks to decrease in numbers. This would lessen the power of black America, so this is why blacks want to keep light skin and bi-racial people apart of black America. Tere are otehr reasons too, that make blacks want to hold on to light skin and mulatto people like Affirmative action and government money and political elections.

    Than you for coming by Shay, and please come again.

  7. Oh my God, you , Kri are amazing for shining light on an very often, overlooked issue!! I am a 20 yr old, black and indian girl, medium brown complexion, though I have long curly hair, people where I live in st. louis mo.(racist south)wont believe it is mine, they actualy would do a hair check test to see if it is mine are not!! Can you believe it? Because DOWN HERE , you dont see it alot, up north yeah but not here, like it is impossible for a beautiful medium brown skin girl to have pretty long natural hair, or it is taboo or something!!! I also have a step sister who is light skinned and not very well educated , and not all that pretty, yet they,( dudes), would treat her like she is a GOD or some sort, and say to me you are pretty, FOR A BROWN SKINNED GIRL
    !! It really hurts me , I am very culturally aware ecspecially for the south where it is rare to be aware of the reverse racism that our people go through, the mental racism that our people are enableing everyday through videos, tv, and supposed to be “black mags”, I wish this would change, and I am planning on moving up north, newyork to be in a more culturally aware place, because I can’t take this much more , it feels like I AM LIVING IN THE 50’S DOWN HERE, WHAT MAKES IT WORST, the “blacks”, down here are worst then the red necks, the south is totally screwed up in the mentality of this issue, and it takes more beautiful souls like you and I, to shine the real light on this, so we can save our babies!!!!!!! much love Queen, keep up the work, can you or anyone email me so we can discuss more, I would really appreciate it, it would do my soul some good,my email is 4mswilson@sbcglobal.net!!! GOD BLESS

  8. Hello.It is shonny again, l, who have long hair , and what you would call”european”, facial features, ie straight nose, thin lips, pretty eyes, yet I am still self concious about my skin color, because every one in my family is really light skinned and pretty too, and my cousins treat me like I am not good enough, even though people ask me do I model, and tell me I am beautiful. So I was wondering is there a way to whiten my whole skin complexion? I mean Micheal Jackson did it, so why cant I?Every body calls him a sale-out, yet I understand why he did it, look at everything that you Chance, has wrote about, about how every body hates black, or brown skin girls, even if they are pretty, and nice and educated, what are we supposed to do? Just get treated like crap forever? I am 17 yrs old, and I hate my skin color cause it reps a bad life even if you try really hard and made straight A’s in school, people still think you are not good enough!!!! So please do you , or anyone know exactly what Mike did, even if it is make up , or whatever, how can I change my brown skin to whiter? I know you or someone knows, mike=black as a child, and now= white as an adult, why is this wrong to do? and why are everyone lookin down on him? for he is a product of an ever more racist colorism world, please help me with this any one!!!!!

  9. Shonny,

    It is sad that many blacks have put an emphasis on skin color regarding black people. Black females have it the hardest they have more pressure on them to look beautiful, and this standard of beauty is measured by how European looking your features are. Blacks passed this down from slavery when mulatto light skin blacks were added to the black population. Now had the white slave masters not added us mulattoes back into the black population — and let us exist as a separate race from both white and black the color problem would not be so bad among blacks.

    Mulattoes are not black or white they are a combination of both, and should not have been added to the black or white race. This actually hurt mulattoes more than dark skin and Carmel skin (brown) blacks because these mulattoes were not allowed to create their own culture. Now if these mulattoes (light skin blacks) had not been added to the black race then caramel brown blacks would have been considered light skin blacks. So the racial problem of skin complexion would still be among blacks. Carmel skin would be prized among blacks and many dark skin blacks would be unhappy because they have dark skin. Shonny you are a beautiful young lady and very intelligent too. Remember a lot of these blacks are color struck meaning they identify with skin tones too much.

    Many blacks feel semi inferior because they don’t like themselves, and I say that there are reasons why they semi don’t like themselves. Racism, skin complexion competition, poverty, certain members of other ethnic groups looking down on blacks, etc all contributes to black self hate. Michael Jackson changed the way he looked partially because he had felt that light skin was beautiful and darker caramel skin and dark skin was not. He got this skin complexion complex from listening to black folks when he was a little boy and a teenager. All of this stuff about how light skin is better helped push Michael over the edge to go get his skin color changed to a lighter complexion. So how could we fault him for feeling this way? He is a victim also of the obsession blacks have about skin color. Caramel skin blacks in Africa are the real light skin blacks many people do not know this. Light skin mulatto blacks in Africa are considered another ethnic totally different from blacks. So caramel skin is the original light skin among blacks all over the world but in America the mulattoes have been added to the black race, and this caused caramel brown skin blacks to not be considered light skin.

    I see good looking people among blacks of all skin complexions personally. Don’t feel so down and out Shonny, you will find a good spouse someday who will love you for who you are.

  10. If you liked the YouTube video called ‘A Girl Like Me’ by Kiri Davis then here is a way that you can help this shining star win a $10,000 scholarship! PLEASE vote for Kiri in the Cosmo Girl Website at http://www.cosmogirl.com/entertainment/film-contest-vote Her film has really inspired me and I think this young lady has a great future ahead of her.
    You can view ‘A Girl Like Me’ on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17fEy0q6yqc
    And please Spread the Word!

  11. chance

    Thanks Bronze trinity for the info and link I will check it out.

  12. Hi:) Thanks for voting and coming by! I found your blog by googling Keri Davis, easy as pie! The next time you want to find someone who likes what you like, give this a try and you will find lots of bloggers to meet 🙂

  13. chance

    @ Bronze Trinity

    Thanks for the advice and for coming by again.

  14. Hi there 🙂 It seems that you can only vote once a day but you can vote more than once a day if you use a different computer though. If everyone votes just a few times she could win!

  15. douk

    i like the film and will like to get some photos of the members especialy kilis.

  16. chance

    @ Douk

    Thanks for coming by glad you liked the film.

  17. Elle

    I see nothing wrong with people thinking light skin looks better. All over the world people think this, not just in black America, in India, Egypt, Brazil, Tanzania, Mexico, you name it. What’s the big deal? Doesn’t seem half as important as black Americans make it out to be. I plan to marry a white guy so I can have a mulatto child. If I don’t get married and still want a child I will get a white sperm donor or adopt a mulatto girl. I just think they’re cute, so what?

  18. To Elle

    Elle, you are absolutely CORRECT. There is nothing wrong with thinking light skin looks better. It’s just a matter of preference!

    So if a person doesn’t like how dark skin looks, then so what; they obviously like the way light skin looks.

  19. Chance

    At Elle,

    I see nothing wrong with people thinking light skin looks better. All over the world people think this, not just in black America, in India, Egypt, Brazil, Tanzania, Mexico, you name it. What’s the big deal? Doesn’t seem half as important as black Americans make it out to be. I plan to marry a white guy so I can have a mulatto child. If I don’t get married and still want a child I will get a white sperm donor or adopt a mulatto girl. I just think they’re cute, so what?

    At least you are honest bout how you feel about this issue, and are not trying to hide anything about how you feel.

  20. Chance

    Kiri Davis one a $10,000 scholar for her video a girl like me, she won it at cosmogirl.com as kiri’s video competed with two other videos, and the people who watched the videos chose Kiri’s as the best. Congrats Kiri.

  21. CHEF

    @ Elle:

    I DO hope you use your “Black” status to help enlighten your people & others! Even though we’re giving you refuge, you have a NATURAL ability to help further the Mulatto cause in that way!

  22. Kahlil Le Chef


    “EVERY” Black person whom visits this site should LEARN & take it back to The Blacks
    ‘cuz THAT’S the only way to resolve this SHIT!!!

    FYI Chance: we’re organizing an International Mulato Separatist Conference in London, ENGLAND! HOPEFULLY, U can participate!


    Kahlil Crauford de LaFontaine
    CHICAGO, America Delegate
    The UNITED Mulatto Nation

  23. Elle

    “I DO hope you use your “Black” status to help enlighten your people & others! Even though we’re giving you refuge, you have a NATURAL ability to help further the Mulatto cause in that way! ”

    What do you mean by “we’re giving you refuge”?

    PS. You have my support.

  24. Kahlil

    @ ELLE:

    P.C.: I mean “embodying your ‘transition'”…
    I was under the impression that we were a haven from the hostilities you’ve experienced ?.?.?

    best Kahlil

    p.s. Thanx 4 the support! ~;-

  25. Chance

    @ Kahlil Le Chef,

    I watched the entire youtube video, the lady is British (English), I really enjoyed the reading she did. Thanks for the link Kahlil, that was nice of you. I aslo checked out the mulattonation link it is cool too. I am going to open mulatto/mixed race website in 2008 hopefully early 2008, I am trying to think of a domain name. It will have a forum, so that anyone can post topics, and we all can discuss issues that affect us mixed race people. I will hopefully add audio, video, photos, and other things to it as time progresses. I will put up a link in my side bar to the forum and website too when I open it.

  26. Kahlil

    Congratulations & Good Luck, Monsieur!

    -Le Chef

  27. Kahlil

    p.s. Chance, here’s the reading in it’s entirety:

  28. Chance

    @ Kahlil,

    Thanks Kahlil, Le chef for the congrats and full version of the video.

  29. Elle

    “P.C.: I mean “embodying your ‘transition’”…”

    Embodying my transition? I will be black until the day I die because I am black and look black. I don’t understand what you mean.

  30. Elle

    Oh yeah, and that study about black dolls and white dolls doesn’t make sense considering the fact that there is a pan-cultural preference for light skin, one that probably has evolutionary roots, which would explain the children’s choices.

  31. Kahlil


    given your name & physicality I would recommend a move to FRANCE; they treat African-Americans like royalty there!:


  32. Kahlil

    Wikkid video, Kiri!
    NICE Obama critique, Shay!

  33. LaKair

    the video was great! it touched on a lot.

  34. blancsurblanc

    YEah; what was dope was when the Dark & Lovely young lady with the glasses acknowledged that “Light-skinned girls have their issues too…”

    See, that’s what we don’t practice enough;
    sensitizing ourselves to the struggles of Others whilst “dealing” with our own.

  35. Elle

    No thanks Kahlil. I’m way too patriotic to ever consider living anywhere other than the US for longer than a year or two.

    “Embodying my transition”… can you explain that? You mean embodying my family’s transition?

  36. Elle

    No thanks Kahlil. I’m way to patriotic to consider living anywhere other than the US for more than a year or two.

    “Embodying your transition”…what do you mean? You mean embodying my family’s transition?

  37. Beeaa

    my sympathy for black americans, they gotta live under white ruled-country.

  38. Chance

    @ Beeaa,

    It has good points too.

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