Should Marijuana Be Legalized

Chance writes: Many people in America smoke marijuana, now marijuana is sometimes called weed but currently it’s illegal to smoke marijuana in public or private. Only medical patients who have been given a Doctors prescription can legally smoke marijuana with out being arrested. But other weed smokers want marijuana legalized for all people, they feel medical patients shouldn’t be the only ones allowed to get their smoke on legally.

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Should Marijuana Be Legalized

(Should Marijuana Be Legalized For Medical Patients only or everyone else also Yes or No?)

Chance: The debate about Marijuana and whether it should be legalized for general usage in the United States of America continues. Some people say that marijuana should only be legalized for medical usage. Meaning if a person has a medical problem and using marijuana will help ease that individual’s pain. If so then the government should pass legislation (a law) legalizing marijuana. Other people say that marijuana should never be legalized, some people enjoy the smell of marijuana others Dislike it.

In the Netherlands marijuana usage is legal you will not be arrested for using it. Because the Dutch government passed a law saying public usage of marijuana is legal. Now if marijuana was legalized then Police officers, Judges, Lawyers, paramedics, Medical Doctors, Politicians, Religious leaders from all religions in America, and other professionals would all be allowed to get their smoke on by using weed (marijuana). It’s also a fact, that people who smoke marijuana gradually loose their memory. Now imagine a Medical Doctor who smokes a lot of weed, then starts to lose his or her memory.

Now this Medical Doctor has to perform an important heart surgery in 10 minutes. But he has already shown a tendency to forget certain medical procedures during past operations. Also, if it was not for the other Doctors and Nurses working with him. He would have killed a few patients already. Why? because of forget-ful-ness and where does this memory loss comes from? Smoking too much weed, yes those green leaves.

Contemplate this a police officer who smokes to much weed is now forgetting certain basic procedures that go a long with his or her job. Example a police officer stops a man for j-walking. The ticket is $75.00 the officer writes a ticket for $25.00 the police officer left-out $50.00 when the ticket goes through the system. The judge says to the officer well this is a j-walking ticket it should be $75.00, you wrote $25.00. The person who got the j-walking ticket says to the judge.

You see it’s like I said all long I was never j-walking your honor. The officer made a simple mistake – that’s why the ticket price isn’t correct. This proves he gave me an innocent man a ticket that I didn’t deserve. It was another man j-walking and the officer came across the street and gave me the ticket. It was clearly a case of mistaken identity judge. Now the judge agrees and a guilty J-walker bounces out of court. Why? Because the officer smokes too much weed and it has begun to affect his memory.

Chance: Another Example a 911 call a woman has had a stroke; the paramedics are on their way in the ambulance. The driver is constantly having problems remembering the directions to the location that the 911 operator gave him. He arrives at the location 45 minutes late even though he called the 911 operator for verification of the address. The delay was simply because of too much weed (marijuana) usage which clouded his cognitive abilities. Now had the paramedic ambulance driver not been smoking so much of those green leaves.

He would have remembered what part of town to go to soone seeing that he has been to this part of town many times before in the past. To pick up people who needed medical help so as we can see that legalizing marijuana can have bad consequences. But at the same time it also helps ease the physical pain of some medical patients.

Also the constant smell of weed makes some people miserable. Now some people say that marijuana should be given to medical patients and not legalized by the federal government. I guess it all depends, on which side of the debate you’re on. In America you can smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol legally.
Now legalizing weed to help sick patients is alright that’s not what most advocates are unhappy about. It’s whether the same privilege should be extended (given) to all Americans who are not medical patients. Many advocates who want marijuana legalized believe that medical patients should not be the only ones with the privilege of being allowed to get their smoke on.

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance.

  1. Chance

    I will leave it up to the government to decide whether to make it legal or what ever.

  2. 02 08 06

    I think it should be legal. It is a plant for God’s sake! Just as the Vicodin is derived from poppies, but is more addictive it is still legal for those who need it. I feel the same about MMJ. And if you are taking Vicodin, you cannot operate heavy machinery or do intracite jobs. If you are on MMJ and are a physician it would be irreponsible to operate high! Good post.

  3. 02 08 06

    Oh, I forgot to tell you thanks a bunch for your encouraging comments. Yeah, you are right; I need to talk more physicsese:) And I like CATO stuff too so will speak on libertarian type issues, but mostly the blog will be physics and science centered. Thanks for visiting. I look forward to your next essay on purpose. My problem is that I am so damned curious about everything under the sun, it is hard to focus at times. And yeah, I love the night too:) Have a great day! Or will you be sleeping this day;)

  4. Chance

    Good to hear from you mahndisa, and yes it is good to be curious about many topics of knowledge. You have a very intellectually curious mind and that is a blessing from God. At least you are a lover of knowledge Mahndi and that is something very special because some people are only interested in certain knowledge. But you enjoy various forms on knowledge so keep it up.


  5. Herby Hind

    smoke weed everyday

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