The Three Bears And Their Politics

The Three Bears And Their Politics

(liberalism, Conservatism, and Independents among bears)

Chance: Those famous three bears that the world has come to love “Oh” who are they you are thinking? The three bears that many of us grew up watching as kids – the bears are Smokey, Yogi, and Winnie the pooh. “Oh yes” how they entertained us as kids especially if you did not have cable.

The Psychological Profile

Smokey, 104595686_83bdc1f7d6

1. Nick name – the smoke.

2. Tall, dark furred, deep voice, semi muscular.

3. Big boned.

4. Athletic.

5. Serious expression always on his face.

6. Semi aggressive.

7. Can have a short temper.

8. Semi fat stomach not too big not too small because Smokey is semi muscular also.

9. He enjoys eating just about any and everything.

10. Sexy in an outdoorsy kind of way.

11. Smokey is a friend of the political left Smokey considers himself a liberal. 

Yogi, 104596901_88836b9c93_2

1. Nick name – the Yog.

2. Brown furred.

3. Average height (medium height that most bears are).

4. Medium toned voice not to deep not to soft but yogi’s voice has a joking comedian tone to it because he like to joke.

5. Small fat stomach not big but a little gut that can be seen but not big and fat.

6. When angry pessimistic and see the negative side of everything and tell rude jokes about how bad life and people are this makes other people not want to be around him.

7. Friendly but like to play and tell jokes all the time.

8. He has a cynical disposition about life and enjoys eating sandwiches.

9. Yogi considers himself a moderate independent when it comes to politics, on social issues that affect people in society yogi leans towards the political left and liberalism. When it comes to business issues Yogi leans more towards the political conservative right.

Winnie The Pooh, 104598788_60a862e6a9_m_1

1. Nick Name – Pooh,  or the pooh

2.Small in height.

3. Yellow fur.

4. Voice is not deep at all meaning it has no base that makes it deep like a masculine male bear pooh has a high pitch voice one step above a woman’s.

5. Very friendly.

6. When angered passive aggressive.

7. Loves eating honey and will do almost anything for it.

8. Diabetic due to eating too many sweets but still pursues honey against his Doctors wishes.

9. kinda fat but the fat is baby fat because pooh is so small.

10. Pooh is youthful looking he does not look his age he looks young he has a baby face.

11. Winnie the pooh is a member of the political conservative right he is always anti government unless the government is absolutely needed in a certain situation.

12. These situations that Pooh don’t mind the government intervening are usually when the political interest of the conservative party is threatened. By rival left wing political forces that the conservative right can’t stop on their own.

Chance: Smokey was invited by bear motors Corporation to receive financial support for his organization. Bear motors build cars for bears – bear motors donated 1.5 million dollars to Smokey’s liberal organization that helps disadvantage bears who have been forced to move and relocate because humans have cut down the trees and destroyed wild life.

That once were the homes of these bears – the gentrification that humans have been doing to bears of all colors is what motivated Smokey to start his liberal organization named Reforest organization. The primary goal of the reforest organization is to relocate bears to more humble surroundings in areas around the country that still have a lot of trees, forest, and wild life.

Smokey has also gotten the help of the government and come up with signed contract agreements that certain forest and wild life areas will be set aside for bears only. And humans are not allowed to cut down trees or build in those set aside forest (woods) areas.

The Speech and Confrontation Between Smokey And Pooh

Smokey: I stand here gladly tonight and with joy in my heart because of the generosity that bear motors has shown to my organization. We all need to help each other because we are all bears at heart and you never know my fellow bears. When one of you could be in this situation that some of our fellow bears have gone through.

Chance: The bears in the audience began to clap their hands and so does the representatives from bear motors that are on stage with Smokey. Smokey’s speech last 15 minutes. Smokey then opens the floor up for comments and questions from the audience. A brown furred elderly bear steps to the microphone podium that is in the middle of the audience floor. The elderly bear spoke in a frail voice that lets anyone who hears it know that he is old.   

Elderly bear: Smoke (Smokey) Thank you for everything you are doing for us because I was homeless before I found your organization. The reforest organization has located me to a nice green forest with lots of trees and other animals. The forest is large and it is beautiful I could not ask for more. There are five large lakes, green trees of all types, a lot of bee hives where honey can be found, when winter comes we can hibernate because there are trees that we can go underground by to hibernate, plenty of food, etc. Thank you Smokey and may the creator bless you.   

Smokey: You are very welcome my fellow bear and I’m glad that me and organization could be of some help. You also inspire and motivate me to continue in my work of helping our fellow bears.

Chance: Next Smokey notices another bear approaching the microphone podium and Smokey’s facial express changes from joyful to angry. Smokey’s top left brow is raised high because of anger the bear that has just approached the microphone is Winnie the pooh. Smokey and Pooh don’t get along very swell.

They don’t like each other either and have had violent confrontations and disagreements in the past. Pooh stands at the microphone with his trade mark red shirt and with a very high pitched feminine voice proceeds with a question.

Now Smokey bear motors just donated 1.5 million to your organization and we all know that your political organization is heavily connect to liberal left wing Democrats. How can a conservative organization receive benefits and donations from bear motors? Or does an organization have to be liberal to receive donations from bear motors; therefore conservatives are not allowed to receive financial donations from bear motors.

Chance: Smokey standing on stage stares with anger and rage in his eyes and with a very deep voice says to pooh.

Smokey: This has nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism; this is all about some yellow furred parasite trying to suck honey from a bee hive he didn’t pump. You want donations to your conservative organization then you go make contact with a particular corporation.

Huh! And quit coming around here trying to cash in on a free ride. It is parasites like you on the political conservative right that are working with humans and signing contracts to give over forest and wild life to humans. Whom own construction companies and then move bears out so they can build condos, homes, supermarkets, etc and bears are left with no place to go.

Then many homeless bears end up in the zoo because they have no other place to go live. Yeah in the zoo they have a roof over their heads and some food in their bellies but no freedom. Then humans pay money to get entrance to the zoo to view the animals and poke fun at them.

In the mean time lowlife parasite bears like you pooh who sell them out get all kinds of benefits and rewards. Because you helped humans trick bears into signing over their natural habitats (forest) that they have lived in for most of their lives.

They end up homeless and treacherous bears like you Pooh get fame, fortune, attention, etc then you come up in hear wanting donations from bear motors. Why don’t you just leave and go ask humans who own construction companies to give you some financial donations. Huh! You’re a conservative Pooh so ask humans who are conservatives to give you a hand out parasite. So get ghost leech!

Chance: The bears in the audience are laughing and cheering for Smokey. They have started chanting Smokey, Smokey, now Pooh feels shamed and humiliated. Because of what Smokey said in front of the other bears. Then certain bears began calling pooh a sell out four bears from the audience surrounds pooh at the podium. One of them asks him what’s up. Pooh seems scared and frighten he turns quickly and walks past the four bears that had surrounded him.

The four bears and a group of other bears from the audience start following pooh he goes to the parking lot to get into his car. Before he can make it to his car he is hit back of the head by a bear he was hit so hard he runs forward and almost falls. Three bears start hitting pooh and pooh starts running – the crowd starts chasing him.

Luckily he manages to out run them he ran down the street. It was unbelievable how all of this went down. Yogi bear was there in the audience also, and yogi spoke to other bears after the social function was over about how he felt. About the situation that just transpired between the smoke (Smokey) and Pooh.

Yogi: Well Pooh knew that it would be potentially dangerous coming to this social gathering talking about how a conservative can get some of these financial donations. He knew this was a liberal night so why he came with this mess is very interesting, curious minds want to know. He has been given benefits and donations by humans whom own construction companies. So I guess he wanted to see if he could milk bear motors for money like he does Humans.

Hey, I’m not a fan of Smokey he and I are not on the best of terms right now. But the smoke had a point when he called Pooh a parasite and leech. Now when pooh saw that crowd becoming hostile he should have hurried and raised up (left the location) out of the spot (location) then. Had he done that he would have been in his car driving off by the time the crowd made it to the parking lot.

Chance: Pooh showed back up an hour later and ran to the parking lot and got into his car and drove off for home. The social function was already over and many bears had already left for home. It was wild and crazy how everything went down.
Also it is amazing how politics as usual played a role in the violence that manifested. This shows that even bears react to politics just like humans do. I guess we all got something in common after all.      

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance                        

  1. jan Brauner

    Are you by any chance referencing JLP and JJ?

    I enjoyed the creativity of the analogy very much!

  2. Hey Jan, thanks for coming by good to hear from you. Yes Jan I decided to use that situation as a scene in this comedy for smokey, pooh, and yogi. But I thought of the political comedy on my own. And I just chose that situation to use in the comedy because it was funny.

    Thanks for comimg by Jan always a pleasure to hear from you.



  3. I truly enjoyed this Chance. Very creative and entertaining. You kept me interested and I don’t really like Very nice post.

  4. Thank you very much Gpeach for coming by I’m glad you enjoyed the essay. I try to be creative when I write about humor and yes, I have a sense of humor. Thank you very much for coming by and leaving a comment.


  5. that was ummm interesting to say the least.

  6. Hey Rell

    Glad you came by and I am glad you found it interesting, I try to be creative.


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