M.C. Hammer Is Not A Gangsta Rapper





M.C. Hammer Is Not A Gangsta Rapper

By Chance, Chancellorfiles


Chance:  M.C. Hammer in a song titled full blast, dissed rappers Busta Rhymes and Eminem, seriously he has called them out and criticizing them.M.C. Hammer released the song Full Blast in 2004, M.C Hammer has said that he went no where and he was just sitting on the sidelines watching all the so called rappers.



M.C. Hammer (Photo)


Personally I don’t think he can hang with this new gangsta rap culture because M.C. Hammer is not that type of Rapper, he is an entertainer and dancer.

But not a gangster (gangsta) rapper – M.C. Hammer is setting himself up to get humiliated and embarrassed. He understands that gangsta style is what many people prefer in a rapper. That type of music sells so Hammer is trying to move in that direction of Gangsta rapper, he is not a gangsta rapper.


This will be his third comeback and I think if he keeps pursuing the gangsta rapper role and starting beefs (starting problems with other people, in this case rappers).

He is going to get humiliated because those rappers he is attacking will start talking about he washed up and belongs in the past with rappers of the 80s and early 90s.



Hammer is trying to be something (gangsta rapper) that he is not and it has shown that he is not a gangsta rapper or gangsta. I am sadden too that Hammer decided that he needed to start a verbal fight with two other rapper/hip hop performers so he could get some attention.

This proves that negativity is strong and it sells. Does this mean that Hammer sold out because he was a clean hip hop performer with no violent rapper lyrics? And now, he is imitating the behavior of those gangsta rappers.



I remember in the early 1990s when M.C. Hammer was so popular that even certain Gangsta (Gangster) rappers. Started calling him names and criticized him because Hammer was so famous. Those certain Gangsta rappers were famous also, but Hammer was more famous. But now 15 years later, it is Hammer, who has moved into the Gangsta rapper style of music and starting problems by name calling and insulting other rappers.



Life is strange is not how we end up becoming like the people we once disliked because of their negative behavior. I hope Hammer gets out of this Gangsta image thing because someone can get hurt or killed in gangsta rap life just look at tupac and biggie smalls. Both dead in behind name calling and insults (beefing). M.C. Hammer, you can do better by being yourself and you can create some new way of combining hip hop music and dancing.



Just look at Kayne west he combined hip hop music with R&B music and clothing fashion. And look how popular Kayne west is, also look at the Hip Hop group Outkast look at how they combined hip hop music with R&B and clothing Fashion. Hammer go do the same thing because this Gangsta image is not you. You have your own unique style, so Hammer go and polish your unique style and present it to the world of Music and Fans because you are unique.


Chance, Reflecting on Hip Hop Culture and Music





By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. 03 08 06

    Where are you Chance? I haven’t seen you for a coupla days. I hope all is well:)Warm Regards:)

  2. I doing swell Mahndisa, just writing a lot and planning which essay should go up on my blog first.

    Good to hear from you again.

    Thanks for being concerned


  3. 03 08 06

    Hey again Chance:
    You shared an awful lot on the blog today and I just wanted to say thanks:) NOW I get a better sense of where you are coming from. Thanks, as ever for your thoughtful commentary:)

  4. Anytime Manhdisa, by the way you put up a good essay on home ownership. It was very insightful.


  5. Yeah I think that what killed hammer was the marginalization of dance in Hip Hop. While many people do “Hip Hop Dance” you don’t see it in many straight up rap videos these days.

    If you do, it’s from a pop act like Lil’ Kim or the dancers are in the background. Rarely do the rappers themselves dance.

    The one song that I liked after he came back was “Sultry Funk.” And of course that was the non-gangsta joint that he did.

  6. Glad to see you come by Rashid, and thanks for reading the essay yes most rappers don’t dance themselves. Hammer like I said is a performer mainly and if he is going to rap them he should not dance very much and just let his dancers do most of the dancing. Then people will focus on his lyrics (words) instead of his dancing.

    Thank you, for visiting Rashid

    Tacke care,


  7. Yeah Chance, Hammer’s lyrics leave a lot to be desired. When he switched his style to a more staccato delivery I think that really exposed them for what they were.

    When you have an delivery like that it puts your voice at odds with the music and draws more attention to the words. His old style melded with the music much better and let people focus on the rhythm.

  8. I totally agree with you Rashid, totally agree and good to see you vist Rashid.


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