Idols And Infidels

Chance writes: We should look for the similarities in the different religions around the world; we already know what is different about them.

Idols And Infidels

(The Bible says idols and The Quran says Infidels could both Holy Books be talking about the samething?)

By chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: The Bible talks about idols and the Quran talks about infidels in the old testament of the Bible. The Hebrew’s were warned and told not to worship Idols it was a sin to worship idols.

Idolatry is the worshiping of idols, in the book of Genesis it says: that Terah the father of Abraham was an idol maker. In other words – Terah made and sold idols to his people and this is how Terah made his living.

Now the Quran the holy religious book of Islam speaks of infidels, what are infidels? Idol worshipers and infidels are people who are atheist (unbelievers) and what is an atheist? It is a person who does not believe in God.

This is the basic interpretation of idols and infidels; now the esoteric (hidden or secret) interpretation of idols and infidels is not known to the average person. In kabbalah idol symbolizes a character defect and idols symbolizes Character defects, these are the character defects that we humans have inside of us kabbalah is Jewish mysticism.

In Sufism infidel symbolizes a Character defect and infidels symbolizes character defects Sufism is Islamic mysticism. So idols are your character defects and in Islamic Sufism infidels are your character defects – now what are our character defects.

The defects are sexual misconduct, anger, hatred, murder, ill will, gluttony, greed, envy, jealousy, slander, violence, telling lies, adultery, robbery, stealing, lack of love and many other character flaws I didn’t name.

Anti-Christ And Dajjal

Christianity speaks of the anti-Christ and in Islam the antichrist is called the Djjal. The word Dajjal means deceiver in Arabic and the anti-Christ will deceive many according to Christianity and Islamic religious traditions. Religious traditions says there will come a day when a real anti-Christ (Satan) will come among humans and deceive many. By tricking them to think that he is the Christ and God this is the basic interpretaion of anti-Christ.

The esoteric interpretation of anti-Christ is every human has an anti-Christ in them this anti-Christ is called the ego. So the Dajjal of Islam is the ego that lives inside of every human. The anti-Christ of Christianity and Judaism is the ego of every human. The ego (anti-Christ) is the father and leader of every character defect that we humans have. The ego is the leader of all Idols and infidels that we carry within us.

The ego of every human is negative we should feed our soul-essence more and stop feeding our character defects. Because the problems in our lives can be traced to our negative character defects.

Terah And Abraham

Terah did not worship the true GOD, he worshipped idols and made idols; this means that Terah always allowed his ego and character defects to rule his life. Terah also sold idols to his people; this means that Terah always encouraged people to do what ever their egos wanted them to do.

Terah encouraged people to be immoral he encouraged them to hate, envy, anger, sexual misconduct; tell lies, greed, violence, and immorality.

Abraham did not act like his father Terah, Abraham followed God and Terah followed his Character defects (Idols) we should be like Abraham and not Terah.

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. I like this font. It make the essays much easier to read. Very informtaive post Chance. I don’t know much about religion so it was very educating.

  2. I’m glad you like the font Gapeach, and thank you for coming by and also. I’m glad you found it informative, that’s what it’s all about learning something.

    You take care, Gapeach


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