(Is America Responsible For Haiti’s Poverty Or Is It The Haitian Government’s Fault?)

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Haitilg Chance: The countries of Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Brazil all have large black populations. Also, America invests a lot of business, and tourism in all these countries except Haiti.

Is it racism or could it be that Haiti is too politically unstable? And Haiti has no natural resources, which would influence (cause) America to be interested in it in the first place. Some people feel it’s a combination, Maybe it’s a combination of all the above.
The question, why doesn’t the United States of America help Haiti in the same way That, America helps other countries in the western hemisphere? Some people say because of racism.

Meaning because the Haitians are black people – this is why America will not help them financially. But then how can you explain why America helps Puerto Rico?
Currently Puerto Rico is an American protectorate. Now Puerto Ricans are mixed with black, white, and Native American blood you see black Puerto Ricans, white Puerto Ricans, brown Puerto Ricans and some Puerto Ricans mixed with all three bloodlines.

Look at Jamaica and the Dominican Republic they have large black populations and America invests in the tourism industries of these two countries. The Dominican Republic is located right next to Haiti.

Also, look at the other South American countries, other Caribbean Islands, and the Virgin Islands that the United States helps out. South America, Caribbean Islands, and the Virgin Islands have black people.

The major reason why America will not help Haiti out financially and economically is because – there is nothing to gain. Haiti doesn’t have a lot of natural resources like oil.
Look at Mexico and Iraq, they both have something to offer and that is oil.

Mexico is in the western world and Iraq is in the eastern world. But they both have something to offer. Go look at Brazil – now Brazil has the largest black population outside of Africa.

The united states of America invest financially and economically in Brazil why? Because of the rain forest that Brazil has. That rain forest has a lot of trees and other natural resources that America can use. Brazil is a country, that has natural resources and that makes Brazil a country worth investing financially and economically in.

Chance: Also there are other islands in the western world, that have a lot of black people and the United States invests in them. Now if you want people to invest economically in your country. You must first have something to offer.
America invests in South Africa because South Africa has oil, diamonds, and other natural resources that the United States can use. Haiti does not even have a good tourist economy.

Both Haiti and Jamaica are located in the Caribbean and America invests in Jamaica’s tourist economy. The Dominican Republic is a poor third world country and it has a lot of black people just like Jamaica and Haiti has a lot of black people also.
But the Dominican Republic has a decent tourist economy – and this is why American businessmen and corporations invest economically and financially in the Dominican Republic.

Haiti is a very politically unstable country – Haiti is the second oldest democracy in the western world. America is the oldest Democracy in the western world. Haiti became an independent country after America became independent.

Haiti was the first free black country in the western hemisphere – when all other countries were still controlled by major European empires. Only, America and Haiti were free while the rest of the west was still controlled by major European countries. So if it is racism; well you can still hate people and open businesses inside their country.

Just look around the world – countries and people who hate each other do business everyday. Haiti’s problems are the direct result of the black leaders and government in their own country.
Haiti has so much political corruption that is currently impossible to invest economically and financially in Haiti because of corrupt politicians whom can’t be trusted.

Many African countries that are run and controlled by black leaders and politicians are very poor countries. If you were to drag Haiti across the Atlantic Ocean and attach it to Africa it would be perfectly at home. May Haiti become a better country economically, politically, and educationally some-day in the future.

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance.

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