Black People And Bad Restaurant Service

Black People And Bad Restaurant Service

(Why Are Black-Americans Mistreated And Disrespected At Certain Restaurants?)

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Why are black people sometimes not given service at some restaurants? Why are black people sometimes given bad service at some restaurants? How come some blacks go to a restaurant and get good service? And other blacks go to the same restaurant and get bad or no service even when they have done nothing wrong and have a good attitude?
I’m talking about when black people aren’t even being rude or negative to the employees at the restaurant.

Not all restaurants are guilty of this, some restaurants are guilty of not servicing some blacks but at times serve other blacks. One of the major reasons black people are not serviced by employees from different ethnic groups who work at restaurants is because of shame.

What do I mean by shame? Many employees feel humiliated on the inside of themselves when they have to serve a black person because their egos say to them.

Ego: Look at you now; you have to service a black person a descendant of slaves look at you. How embarrassing aren’t you better than a black person? They are considered the lowest racial group in America.

This feeling of shame comes from feeling superior. People always want to feel superior to someone, many people feel inferior to other people but their egos tell them.

Ego: Well at least you’re better, above, and superior than this person or people.

Certain white restaurant employees feel superior to blacks, and many non-white (people of color) employees from all other ethnic groups feel superior to blacks. Many non-whites feel that they’re inferior to whites. But they say to themselves at least I’m better than blacks.

The fact is simple some restaurant employees feel shame and embarrassment while serving blacks – because a restaurant job is about serving other people. You know like Jesus Christ did by washing his disciples’ feet.

One of the major reasons certain members of non-whites ethnic groups (people of color) in America dislike black Americans is because of the negative opinions whites have of blacks. Whites are the ruling class currently – because they are the majority when it comes to numbers.

So the ruling class sets the psychological tone in society generally speaking. The fact is whites and non-whites who are employees – feel some kind of shame and secret humiliation. When they have to serve blacks at restaurants and fast food chains.

Chance: Now not all whites and non-whites whom are employees at restaurants feel this way about blacks just some do. Non-white employees at restaurants should be ashamed of themselves. Why? Because black Americans gave non-whites (people of color) civil rights and voting rights, political influence, employment opportunities, protection from cruelty at the hands of certain white Americans, protection from cruelty at the hands of their own fellow people of color, increased immigration of non-white ethnic groups (people of color) to America, etc.

Also, non-white ethnic groups have many members among them that, feel inferior themselves, and, this also influences how they treat blacks. They feel inferior, because of the way whites have treated them in the past and present. So they take their frustration out on blacks.

It’s a social class system of different ethnic groups being labeled top, middle, and bottom. How sad it is, why is it that the majority of us humans can’t fight against our character defects the way we spend time fighting against other people?

Even some black restaurant employees give blacks bad serve, but they will serve people from all other ethnic groups. These black employees do this because of self hatred, inferiority complex, shame of their race, and anger at whites but taking frustrations out on fellow blacks, feeling hopeless, lack of fulfillment in life, thinking their better and more superior to other blacks, and a variety of other embarrassing reasons.

White America needs to be careful about this bad restaurant service behavior – because it is totally unprovoked. Also it reaffirms the stereotype that many whites are racist against people of color (non-whites). Now people of color who work at restaurants and give blacks bad service – make some people think that many of them (people of color) feel inferior to white Americans.

When non-whites were being mistreated, beaten, and humiliated in public by whites. It was blacks who won the civil rights movement and made life better for them.

Also, before the civil rights movement whites had signs in some restaurant windows saying no Jews, no Blacks, no Irish, no Mexican, no coloreds, whites only. And there were signs in white owned restaurant letting certain other non-white ethnic groups know that they were not allowed either etc.

Many of the non-white employees who act this way towards blacks at restaurant have an inferiority complex they imitate the negative characteristics and behavioral patterns of some whites who have oppressed and mistreated blacks mentally, emotionally, verbally, and physically.

This inferiority complex explains why so many non-whites (people of color) imitate the same negative characteristics of whites. They imitate the same negative behavioral patterns that certain whites have towards people of color (non-whites).
These particular non-white people treat people in their own race and other non-whites from other ethnicities very bad.

Why? Because in the past certain whites were guilty of treating non-whites ethnic groups bad, combined with the self created character defects that non-whites ethnic groups have created for themselves.

If you want respect you must first show some whether it is in society or in the work place.
We humans need to do unto others as we would want them to do to us. And don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you.

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance.

  1. OMG! don’t even get me started with the shopping (in “high class” areas) can a chic just buy some dayum shoes?

  2. I feel you on that suedemuffins, can people just get a break and shop and eat in nice area without a hassel?

    Thank you, for visiting my blog suedemuffins come back again please, feel free.


  3. I was on the road this weekend and stopped off and hit a few restaurants in Indianapolis, Louisville and Chattanooga. All I can say is wow. Now the places I hit I knew from previous experiences that there is enough of a black population as to have white folk “used” to seeing us. There is no respect.

    That’s home training Chance.
    There is none.
    In most places.

  4. Thank you for coming by Hassan, and it is sad how in the 21st century, that we still got places and locations in America. Like this that will give bad restaurant service to black Americans. It is as though they view us as strangers or as immigrants who just came to America recently in the past 10 years. We are Americans first, and yes we are Americans of African descent and many of us Black Americans are mixed with white, Native Americans, Hispanic, and other ethnic groups. So we would think that there should be no problem servicing us with respect at restaurants. But the sad reality is that even though we black people have been in America and in the western world for about 500 years now. There are still some white people whom resent our presents in the western world (the Americas). Someday brotha Hassan, this mess will disappear and will be a thing of the past. It is amazing Hassan how a white person can go to a black restaurant and get treated like a king or queen. Of course there are some whites who have been disrespected at certain restaurants or fast food places where blacks make up the majority of the employees. But numerically, those incidents are few when compared to the number of blacks who are disrespected and mistreated at certain restaurants that are owned by whites. Blacks are even mistreated and disrespected at restaurants that are owned by other people of color. Now not all people of color who own restaurants are guilty of disrespecting blacks just some are. But yet these people of color (colored racial groups) receive civil rights and voting rights from blacks. But yet these people of color in their own countries are incapable of creating a good civil rights system and democracy. That’s why they keep coming here. We will pray for them Hassan and someday the GOD of the universe will set things right and correct.

    Thank you, Hassan for visiting my blog and please brotha come back again.


  5. There is no excuse for poor service.

  6. You are correct there is no excuse for poor service treat other according to how you want to be treated. Or the law of Karma will catch up with you.

    Thanks for taking the time out to come buy and visit nosthegametoo. Don’t be a stranger feel free to come back to this bloghouse anytime.


  7. Man, I really haven’t gotten bad service in a while. I went to the Coco’s in Santa Monica and they were slow as hell. But the waitress was new. The Lobster in Santa Monica was kind of bad but we arrived at the same time as a party of 30. They did hook us up on some free food.

    Overall, I’m usually cool with the service that I get. But I’ve still boycotting Denny’s.

  8. I agree that in general many restaurants do give good service to black people, and sometimes certain blacks get bad service at a restaurant that usually give blacks good service. But in general things are better than 40 years ago when many restaurants practiced discrimination based upon racial ethnicity.

    Thank for coming by Jay (James) the bloghouse.

    Take care,


  9. You Chance this is my first time checking out your site and I am going to give your site a chance as I am always looking for any site that wants to come up with real and practical solutions to improve this terrible african americans find themselves in. I got here by way of Cobb’s blog, I like the post you put up , but this one right here I am not feeling as much. If white people give us poor service we dont have to patronize the places and in my oppinion we shouldnt. But I think a worse problem is the attitude of black people. The worst service I have gotten my life was from black people working in McDee’s, Safeway ect in prodominatly black areas. It is absolutely appalling, my problem with black folks (us) is that we seem to selective protest and agitate when a real or percieved racial or social injusted is committed against us. I honestly beleieve that black people have some fundemental and serious problems, we treat each other and everybody else like crapp far to frequently. I live in Washington Dc and frequently ride use public transportation. One thing that has been made clear from this experience is that when white kids or non black kids ride the bus they are generally pretty well behaved. When black kids ride the bus their is a gigantic difference in how they behave and everyone else behave’s, (not alway’s), but from my view the black kids do not respect or care about anyone except themselves. They are loud, rude and overly boisterus. Also I see black people acting out in ways I generally dont see other people doing. To jump up and down about what white people say or do, is backwards when we have fundementaly degenerate problems. By the way I am black and not republican or a so called conservative, to be honest I find them to be generally full a sh#t. But even if that is the case that dosent mean that some of their points they make are not valid. As someone who loves and appreciates black people I hate saying some of these things, but its what I know in my heart to be true. Lets please stop talking about white people and get our own house in order. What good is it going to do, as long a we are divided by all of the non sense we are divided by we will never be able to counter racism real or imagined racism Lets focus on our community first. Mark

  10. Hey Mark,

    I am Glad you came by the intellectual mad-house (blog) and I do agree with you on what you said about blacks. I really do and you know what Mark I have been saying the same things about negative black behavior that you said. I have even lost blog-friendships because I criticized certain types of black behavior. Certain bloggers no longer support or like because of me criticizing black negative behavioral patterns. I wrote this essay because even though certain blacks treat each other bad sometimes reality is that so do whites and other colored racial groups. So Mark I criticize everybody, this essay just so happens to directed at those who are not born black that’s all. But yes blacks treat each other bad often and it makes you wonder if it is genetically based self hatred. Many Black people we harm each other more than other racial groups harm us. We give each other sometimes crappy service at businesses etc. We need to stop this destructive self hate type of behavior and we need to focus on building our own moral compass and focus on white people so much.

    Thank you, for coming by Mark and please come by again don’t be a stranger.


  11. Chance Im not saying that there isnt racism or all of the other ism’s. But I believe this we are suffering from neglegence of common courtsey, respect, appreciation, Love, ect. The negative things that affect everybodies human condition’s are magnified with us. Thousands of black people in the last 10 years who were innocent were murdered simply because they lived in a place where black men were/are allowed kill people without having to take any responsibility. Sometimes by accident (stray bullets), some by robbery or outright murder.
    I also believe that when we keep overly focusing on the white man , we misrepresent the fundemental argument. Which is it is human nature to use coercision to attain what is wanted at any given time. The coersion can exist between 10 -1 on the moral register. You wanna talk about evil what about the Sudan , that’s all about religion, that’s all about skin color. All those folks are colored. Some of the folks in the goverment are just as black as any of the refugee’s. What’s the genicide all about. Plus they got slavery, plus its muslims trying to dominate christians. I think this cruelty shit is just human nature. Yep they(the coercers) alway’s blame it on the boogie man. In america the boogie man is black. The most urgent and necessary thing is to work with young black men in an intensive and sincere way. We need to get this men ready to work and into the communtiy helping. We also need to do things to reprogram their hard drive were man hood is concerned. Blogging and just talking is not enough, although it is imporntant. Mark

  12. To Mark Bey,

    I can feel you Mark on that and I agree with what you said and also. We all must do our part what ever it is in life as a young man I definitely am living my life and if in the future some other important task is added to that. Then I will pursue that – also young black men need direction because many of them did not get it from home. Many of our young black men murder, throw insults, rude behavior, boast about various negative attitudes, etc because they feel that they lack manhood and don’t feel loved. They attack defenseless other blacks because they feel that no one cares about them attacking these blacks. Poverty is one problem but a low morality level is also part of the problem.


  13. Yo chancellor let me ask you this what needs to be done ive developed some questions about things negatively affecting the our community. It will be in the form of a think tank post. I want to come up with some solutions and programns on how to get
    our youth especially black males assimilated into american society. This is what I have noticed about human nature. Women will support men and add to whatever it is. So if we change the general idea of what man hood for blacks people. While collectively focusing on perpetual reform. Meaning we focus on graduation, kids,family, health, ect. Education is the tool that allows us to manage all of those compontents effiecently. Education is also the way we shape public oppinion. The media, neo cons, Theo Con, even some black republicans and myself are getting ready to start comming down on certain aspects of black culture and its going to be embarassing and even painful to most of us. Including yours truly. They are especially going to fry black men. When justified I will fry us as well. In the real word its called honesty. The intellectual agility of black people is signifigantly lower than every one elses. It is my oppinion that the Anne Coulters, Rush Limbaugh’s, and La Shawn Barbers of the world are going to really turn up the temperature on some of these issues. The sad part is this a lot of what they are saying is true, however thier one sided, contemptusually un fair and balanced analayis on issues affecting minorities or anyone they deem, moraly, spiritually or cultuaraly different. Although 60% percent of what these people are saying may be true. Thier purpose is not to purely help, a lot of these people get paid a lot of money. It happens on both sides think Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton,and to be honest in a balanced my style I have to say that although those two cooned it up they also present a lot of truth to the public. Maybe 60% percent. Ill call them contreversy pimps some strut left some strut right. Grass roots black people will not no how to articulate, write well enough or have the education to counter the powdered shit these people left and right sprinkled all throughout thier version of truth. Or to say it this way The Contreversy pimps state some facts, but they only add the context that lends truth to thier oppinions. If we start to find ways to make education and especially its bennifits sexy, we may be able to change some young black mens perceptions. Even if its only 10% of black men we are able to influence in a positive way, that would make a huge difference. This program should also promote community service amongst black people. It should also encourage a national debate and or discussion about these issues. One of the overwhelming things this discussion should seek to influence is black readership, support of black writers of all sorts, and community grass roots debate about the issues most affecting our community. Please check out my think tank post if you dissagree or have anything to add please let me know. Mark

  14. To Mark Bey,

    I went buy your blog and read the essay (post) and I left this comment below on your blog. Then I went back to your blog and noticed the post (essay) had been removed. So I posted the comment that I left your blog here below.

    Hey Mark,


    Good essay, I have been thinking for a long time now that if we introduce the internet and computers to a lot of young poor black kids. We would be able to spark their interest in another direction. I mention kids and teenagers because they will become young adults. Many of the young inner city black kids don’t have access to the internet – so they are missing out on a lot. It would be nice to open up a center that does many things but one of the things it does is allow access to the internet. There should be many computers there on the internet you came show them all kinds of knowledge. This will keep them from yearning for the streets so much because they will be fascinated with internet. There is good and bad on the internet, but in reality being on the internet is safer than running up and down the streets in a poor violent black neighborhood. When at any moment you can be beaten up, rob, murdered, etc. You could use the internet (web) to teach them certain things also Mark.

    Also a lot of young black men and black women are computer illiterate and don’t even have the internet at home. They need to be taught how to use computers and technology also. I really do feel that technology could help assist keeping some young black males and females and black kids out of crime, teenage pregnancies, gangs, etc. Because they would spend more time searching the web for knowledge, entertainment, jobs, communicating with other people online and from around the world, etc. Churches should also open up centers that allow internet access and technology for their members and children. Technology is one of the things that can help – there are other things too but technology is one the major ones.

    These Things’s Can Be Taught By Way Of The Internet

    2) Aids in in the black community.
    3) How to successfully promote, teach and motivate young black men to read, write and communicate effectively.
    4) How to keep our social orginizations such as the urban league, Naacp on the forfront of what our what our community needs
    5) Things black men can do that would make a practical difference in our communites.
    6) Have clearly defined goals and an accountibility componet to any ideas or programs that may be established

    We need to get our black people in the lower middles class and poor blacks into technology (internet, computers, and other techological things).

    Good essay Mark and you seem very motivated keep up the good work. I can sense that you are a searcher of knowledge and solutions.

    By Chance

  15. I agree there are racists and hicks throughout the US. I hope things are changing. I worked as a server and as a certified nurse assistant. I had to wipe everyone’s ass from every walk of life.


  16. Chance

    Yeah! it is sad these types of people are still around pushing their racist crap America.

  17. Lifetime

    Well it sad when service is bad, so I just inform the management of the restaurant. But come on some black servers are worst, u see them catering and smiling at the white folks but give poor serve to their own race. Sad because reversed self hatred racism is obvious as well.

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