Chance writes: All humans struggle in their daily lives to deal with the emotion of anger. But where does anger originate? And what are some techniques that can be utilized to deal with the emotion of anger.


(Where Does Anger Come From?)

By Chance, chancellorfiles

Chance: We all have anger on the inside of us, the emotion of anger often it just rises up inside of us out of no-where it seems. A momentary out-burst of anger often ends in one having regret about getting angry. Because you sometimes say and do things that causes you to suffer consequences. Yet where does anger come from? If we observe ourselves closely – we will see that anger comes from a frustrated desire or many frustrated desires and wishes.

Also a desire or wish can be good or bad, Example your 12 yr old son does something you asked him not to do. But he does it anyway so you became angry. What happened in this situation was the desire that you had in mind – had been frustrated by your 12 yr old son disobeying you. So it was a good Moral desire of keeping your son out of trouble that became frustrated. Another example criminals hate the police why? Because the police try to prevent them from committing more crimes. So the criminals hatred of the police comes from a bad and evil desire that has been frustrated by police presence in a certain location.

All anger has its origin in desires that have not been fulfilled, and desires that we tried to fulfill but were unable too. Also other people’s behavior intentionally or unintentionally keeps us from reaching and fulfilling our desire to accomplish something positive or negative. Sometimes natural disasters like floods, tornados, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and rain keep us from fulfilling a desire.

We become angry when people start mistreating us or when people are ignoring us. Also there’re many other behavioral patterns that people display that causes us to become angry. Because we desire people to treat us the way we wish to be treated. So now we know the origins of anger. We should try our best to lessen anger as much as possible inside ourselves. How by practicing meditation, prayer, taking a walk, or just letting a certain matter go sometimes or listening to classical music. Also taking deep breathes, forgiveness and many other things we can do to calm our-selves down when angry.

So yes, anger comes from a frustrated desire. Anger also bring with it resentment and resentment creates hatred and hatred creates potential violence. So we must be aware of the effects and origins of anger in our lives.

By Chance

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. you are deep chance! i don’t know where to begin when speaking about anger because i’m a hot head. :/

  2. We all have anger in us suedemuffins even the best of us have anger to some degree. The fact that you admit that you have anger sueded-one means that you are mature to enough to face it because you admitted it. I have anger and other character defects, but I am trying to work upon them. What ever you need the most that is what you share or give to others. If you need money then you a few dollars or coins to a homeless person or to someone in need. If you do this you will see that you will gradually find money moving towards your direction meaning money will start coming to you. If you want you to have less anger then try to be a peace maker or when people are angry say nice things to them. To calm them down. The result will be your anger will become less and less you will anger but it will not be very powerful anymore. You will just say no problem it happens and move on. You are strong for admitting you have a temper sueded-one (suede-muffins) and may your anger lessen as time goes on and compassion and mercy will replace the amount of anger that that has disappeared.

    Thanks for coming by suede-muffins I am glad to see that you felt compelled to stop by.

    Take care,


  3. edd

    what can i do to control my anger

  4. Chance

    Observe it and say soften and flow soften and flow. Focus your attention on it and say soften and flow keep saying it until you feel that it has lessen.

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