Lack Of Love

Lack Of Love

(The origins of lack of love – where Does It Come From?)

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Lack of love has increased among humans, where does this lack of love come from? Lack of love comes from knowing that by showing love you’re not going to get anything in return.

In the subconscious mind of every human this is understood, the subconscious mind influences the majority of our daily actions. And often we are not aware that the subconscious mind influences most of our behavioral patterns (actions).

We often think that our conscious mind is influencing us more – but this is not true. The subconscious mind has more influence in our lives than the conscious mind.

Only a small percentage of people are influenced by their conscious mind more.

Example if a person does something good for another person, they expect to get something in return. The person expects a reward to come his or her way because of having done a good deed to another person.

This reward can come from the person who received the good deed or something good comes into the life of the person who did the good deed.

The point is, the person who did the good deed wants some kind of reward in return. The ego of every human lives in the subconscious mind; it is the selfish ego operating from the subconscious mind that influences our daily behavior.

When we show love towards other humans we are paying back for all the good that has been done to us in life. Never look for something in return for showing love towards others.

People who have made sacrifices to create goodness among humanity, and some even lost their lives in the process. You’ll often notice that the majority of these people didn’t get anything in return.

They saw certain social problems in the areas of politics, economics, religion, education, and other problems that had to be dealt with. And they took it upon themselves to deal with these social problems tormented society. Parents, employer, country, your racial group, brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends, political leaders past and present, civil rights leaders, people who did something socially and you never met them, inventors, etc. All these people you owe a debt to, so by doing good deeds and showing love.

You’re paying back the good that was done to you directly and indirectly. “Oh Yes” it is true as stated previously – lack of love comes from knowing that by showing love towards others.

You’re not going to get anything in return for yourself. The more morally advanced people become the more you’ll notice that to varying degrees. They are able to show compassion towards others.

Spiritual development also leads to high moral standards, and through a person’s morality level. You can tell how much he or she practices the religious moral principles of their religion. You will know the tree (person) by the fruit (deeds) it bare (produces). 

By Chance (Chancellorfiles)

Written by during the 21st century by Chance

  1. i totally agree with you…

    “subconscious mind that influences our daily behavior”

    but just to piggyback your thoughts, i believe one’s upbringing and the environment they live in plays a major part on how they “show love” or lack of.

  2. I agree also smuffins, you are correct culture, environment, upbringing, etc. Do play a role in showing love or lack of love. The influnces from culture, environment, upbringing, etc manifest in the subconscious mind.


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