Republicans, Democrats, and immigration

Chance writes: Republicans are imitating and assimilating some of the political agendas and ideas, that once only belonged to their rival the Democrats. Helping illegal immigrants and Immigration is one example of Republicans imitating Democrats. In the past Republicans were totally against massive non-white (colored racial groups) immigration to the United States of America.

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Republicans, Democrats, And Immigration


Chance: I have noticed that there is a lot of political uncertainty in America; whether one is a Democrat, Republican, and independent. You would have to admit that there are some political similarities. I can’t help but to notice that it’s getting to the point where there is no difference between the political agendas of the Republicans and Democrats on certain issues.

Example many Democrat politicians have always every since the 1960s been in favor of non-white racial groups immigrating to America in larger numbers.

The Republican Party has always been against massive non-white immigration even before 1965. White Americans before 1965 whether they were Republican or Democrats, never liked or allowed non-white (non-white racial groups) immigrants to make up the majority of the new immigrants coming to America. Before 1965 the majority of the new immigrants to America were White, and most of these white immigrants came from Europe.

Operation Wetback

Namap In 1954 President Dwight D. Eisenhower created operation wet-back – operation wet-back was created to remove Mexican immigrants from California. Because they would not go back to Mexico these Mexicans were not American citizens either. Many whites complained that these Mexican immigrants were taking away factory jobs and industrial jobs.

President Eisenhower sent the military in and gathered up these Mexican migrant workers, and put them on buses and dropped them off at the Mexican border. Many of these Mexicans came to America on a guest workers program called the bracero program. When it was time to harvest they would come up from Mexico and work in various parts of California.

1965 Immigration Bill

Then in 1954 many refused to go back to Mexico that’s when President Eisenhower created operation wetback and had them removed by the military.
In 1965 congress introduced immigration legislation act, which would allow more non-whites to immigrate to America in larger numbers.

The immigration legislation act passed and from 1965 to the present day. Non-whites (people of color) have been the majority of the new legal immigrants arriving in the America. Non-whites also make up the majority of illegal immigrants coming to America especially from Mexico.

Immigrants And Countries

And most of these new legal and illegal immigrants are from Mexico. Also, there are many new immigrants from Central and South America, Mexico and the majority of Central and South American countries speak Spanish.

Now there are some Central and South American countries that don’t speak Spanish they speak other languages like Dutch (Surinam), Guyana (French), English Belize), and Brazil (Portuguese).
But it is the Spanish speaking people – whom are making up the majority of the new immigrants arriving every day to the United States of America.

Then there are many immigrants from Asia, the people from eastern Asia are Chinese, Japanese, Tibetans, Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Filipino, Malaysians, Indonesians, etc.

The Central Asians are Indians from India, Pakistanis, Sri lankins, Bangladeshis, etc and we have many people from Africa and the Arabs from the middle east. All these non-white have immigrated to America in large numbers, and continue to come to the United States daily in large numbers.

America has reached a point where it can no longer secure its own borders. When an immigrant reaches America – that immigrant legal or illegal automatically has civil rights just like an American who was born here according to the law.
Question how come President George W. Bush and certain Republican politicians are setting up a guest workers program for Mexican immigrants?

There are many reasons but one of the reasons is simply for cheaper labor. Big business corporations that are going to be involved directly or indirectly with Mexican workers and the companies they work for will benefit financially. By having immigrants work for cheaper labor.

They feel hiring Americans will be too expensive why? Because Americans will demand hirer wages – and will want a raise on their hourly salary every once in a while. Also, they don’t want to pay for health insurance, which American born workers will seek from the employer. Now with Mexican immigrants working for a company they won’t complain about wages, health care benefits, and Mexican employees will take a lot of humiliation, and work place abuse.

Immigrant Mexican workers will not be inclined to file a lawsuit against the employer, some Mexican workers will but the majority won’t. And the employer knows that the majority won’t file a lawsuit.

So one can say it is GREED that has caused President George W. Bush and certain Republican politicians to bend to the demands of powerful corporations and businessmen who want cheap labor to work in their companies. Republican politicians need money for re-elections and where do they get a lot of that money?

They get it from corporations and powerful business owners who own companies.
This explains why certain White Republican politicians who really don’t like a lot of non-whites (people of color) immigrating to America in large numbers. Now are willing to put there dislike of heavy non-white immigration from Mexico or any other non-white country (non-white) aside, so they can pursue exploitation of cheap labor.
This also shows the hypocrisy of the Republicans how?

Because for many years Democrats have been trying to find ways to help benefit legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico and other non-white countries. The Democrats have tried to get legislation passed in Washington D.C. to help legal and illegal non-white immigrants. But the Republicans would always make sure that the Democrats immigrant legislations failed.

Now certain Republican politicians and President George W. Bush see an advantage – and benefit by helping legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico secure jobs by way of a guest workers program. Republicans should have been working with Democrats long ago on an idea like this – but they didn’t because at the time, there was no benefit in it for the Republicans.

Conservative White American Vote

Chance: But I know that cheap labor has always been an incentive for the big corporations and business companies that Republicans represent. The problem was years ago the white American vote had more influence on the Republicans. But now that, Hispanics and other non-whites have increased their numbers in the Republican Party.

President George W. Bush and certain Republican don’t want to look like a racist so he promotes non-whites to positions of power in his Administration. And a part of not looking like a racist is helping non-white ethnic groups accomplish certain political agendas that favor non-whites. Also, legal and illegal immigration has changed the demographics of certain parts of America.

Republican politicians know that 40 to 50 years from now the non-white racial groups (people of color) votes will decide many political elections even who will be president. And, the Republicans don’t want the Democrats to get all of those votes. Immigration will continue and areas that were once all white in America will become non-white.

The Left Got The Last Laugh

The immigration situation is an agenda that President George W. Bush and certain Republican politicians are pursuing. The pursuit of the guest worker program is a liberal act, not a conservative act. This shows that President George W. Bush if successful with this Mexican guest worker program will have accomplished a liberal act, and a liberal agenda. But the Democrats are known as the Liberal party. But the Republicans are imitating and assimilating many political agendas and ideas – that once only belonged to the Democrats.

Example non-white immigration helping legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico gain access to America through a guest workers program. That will eventually become a ticket to legalized American citizen (amnesty) is just one example. Another example Republicans don’t want to look like racist so they promote, financially endorse, Hire non-whites in large numbers at conservative institutions, practice racial diversity, etc so non-whites won’t think that white Republican conservatives are racist.

The White Republican conservatives always accused the Democrats and the liberal left of wasting time practicing racial diversity, wasting time helping non-whites out with government programs, wasting time helping non-white illegal and legal immigrants, helping gays and women, etc.

Now we see the conservative Republicans pursuing some of these same agendas, which they basically imitated from Democrats. What hypocrisy on the part of the Republican Party. Well I can clearly see that the LEFT (Democrats) has gotten the last laugh, and they who laugh last laugh’s best.

By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. james manning

    The Republicans are running a game on the American people. Their going to twist this so corporations get keep the cheap labor while at the same time looking as though they cracking down. It’s all a game.

    By th way, some Los Angeles bloggers are getting together June 24th in Long Beach. Let me know if you are interested. I might be the only guy there and that ain’t cool. So holla at me if you think you can make it. I’ll get more details soon.

  2. I agree Jay (james) that the Republicans are running a game on America this game is going to have serious unpleasant results.

    Thanks for coming by Jay good to hear from you again.


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