Gay Marriage And America

Gay Marriage And America

(Gay People Will Gain The Right To Marry In America Guaranteed)

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: The big controversy over whether gay people in America should have the right to marry and live as husband and wife like heterosexual people. Continues to be a major issue in American politics, many Americans are against gay men and women having the right to marry each other.

Canada passed a same sex marriage law in 2005 giving gay people the right to marry each other. Spain in April 2005 passed a same sex law that allows gay people to marry and adopt children. England, The Netherlands and Belgium all have passed laws allowing gay people to marry.

If one takes notice, one can clearly observe that the countries where same sex gay marriages are allowed are in countries. In which currently white people are the political, social, and cultural ruling class.

Why is this? Because the white race is a liberal racial group. The white race allows white people and non-white ethnic groups (colored ethnic groups) to be individually free when living together in a particular country that is predominately ruled by whites. And it is this individual freedom which the white race permits in white politically dominated countries.

That motivates non-white ethnic groups constantly, to immigrant to countries that have large white populations. Also, as long as the white race continues to conserve their liberalism all colored ethnic groups will continue to immigrate to white politically dominated countries.

Because non-white countries where people of color come from do not give them. All these individual freedoms, civil rights, voting rights, etc to the same degree as white dominated societies.  All of these freedoms come from liberal white countries.

Also non-white countries that have democracy, civil rights, voting rights, individual freedoms (liberties). Got all of these ideas from whites, liberalism was started by whites. So this explains why you see gay people having the legal (law) right to marry in countries that are politically, socially, and culturally ruled by whites.

Non-whites have not reached the level of cultural development as whites. This explains why gays currently are not allowed to marry in non-white countries. In the future 200 years from now there will be no difference between whites and non-whites when it comes to certain cultural developments. Because the planet will be operating under one big international type government, and countries will share their cultural and technological developments with each other.

Whites are free to express themselves more openly – their culture allows this individual freedom of expression. Now many people who claim to be religious, don’t want gay people to have the right to marry in American or any where else for that matter.

Well Gay people living in a society where they have civil rights, voting rights, individual freedom (liberties), and Democracy. Have a right to pursue their agenda, why? Because they have civil rights, voting rights, individual freedom, and Democracy.

As long as gay people have these things on their side – they will always be allowed to pursue their political agenda. Just like other people, racial groups, organizations, and special interest groups pursue theirs.

If anybody from any ethnic group don’t like gay people pursuing their political agenda. Then society can tell you that you can not pursue your political agenda. People of color who don’t like gays pursuing their political agenda. Can leave and go live in a non-white country, then you don’t have to worry about the GAY political agenda. Because in non-white countries life is often more miserable than life in a white country. And if there are white people who don’t like Gay people pursuing their political agenda – then go live in a non-white country with the colored racial groups.

Also the overwhelming majority of the people who claim to be religious are not. They are only so called religious in name only. This is why many young people don’t care for religious teachings and visiting religious churches (Christians), mosques (Muslim), Mandirs (Hindu temple), temples of other religions, etc. Because young people and people in general see the hypocrisy in the so called religious people.

Let GOD deal with a GAY person’s soul the rest of us should not need to worry about it. Also, the so called religious people got all kind of sexual sins that they commit. Example adultery, fornication, lusting after the opposite sex, bisexuality, fantasying about another person sexually that you are not in a relationship with etc.

I’m positive beyond a shadow of a doubt that GAY people will some day get the right to marry in America. There will be laws passed in the United States Of America there will be laws passed Allowing same sex marriage. I’m convinced of this all white countries are liberal and I mean all of them. The only time you see a white country that is not liberal is when they have become communist.

Chance: Currently all non-white countries are conservative, but the conservative of non-white countries is on the level of the medieval times. Why do I say this? Because it was whites who helped bring the conservatism of non-white countries up to a mild form of liberalism. And, still many non-white countries still have parts of their countries where people are living like they did during the medieval times.

White people’s conservatism is a higher form of conservatism – it is more evolved and liberal. So whites actually conserve liberalism civil rights, voting rights, individual freedom, human rights, etc. This is the type of conservatism whites’ conserve non-whites (colored ethnic groups) have not reached the level called liberalism – that’s why they keep immigrating to white countries. Because of the liberalism that white countries allow them to have.

This proves that all ethnic groups prefer to live in a liberal country more than in a strict conservative non-liberal country. Now I’m not favoring GAY’S, HETEROSEXUALS, or RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. I’m just saying that as long as people live in America and have civil rights, voting rights, individual freedom, and Democracy.

They have a right to pursue their agenda whether those agendas are political, social, economical, religious, educational, etc they have a right by law to pursue. Their ideas and as Americans we must respect that whether we agree with them or not.

By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

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