Black Pathologies And Unemployment


Black Pathologies And Unemployment

By Chance Kelsey,

Chance:  The employment rate for many young black men is very low, many American employers prefer to hirer immigrants, Mexicans, and other Hispanics over black males when it comes to low paying jobs. Many low paying jobs are semi skilled typed jobs that pay above minimum wage — but not enough to lift the employee up to the level of middle class. Minimum wage jobs are also low paying jobs; you can not make a decent living working a minimum wage job. Immigrants, Mexicans, and other Hispanics are often preferred over blacks when it comes to employment at minimum wage jobs, and not because of coincidence either – there are many reasons why employers prefer immigrants over blacks. Some of the reasons are because immigrants work for lower wagers, lingering racism, employers not wanting to give benefits, black pathologies, etc the reality is, that many employers view black males in a negative way.

Researchers from the University of Chicago interviewed many Chicago employers, and asked them why many employers refuse to hire Black males. Many of the Chicago employers described blacks as unskilled, uneducated, illiterate, dishonest, unmotivated, involved in gangs and drugs, poor role models, etc….

The agreement among these employers was that blacks brought their negative pathological behavioral patterns to the work place, and were to be avoided at all cost. Also the researchers interviewed black business owners, and black business owners also shared the same opinions as the other employers. Unfortunately it is true, that certain black men are difficult to work with – and they do bring their pathologies to the work place.

All across America researchers from universities and intellectual institutions have done research and interviewed employers, and asked them why they (employers) will not hire black males. The answers have always been in general the same and that is, black males bring behavioral problems to work. Researchers have interviewed employers in Los Angels, New York, Chicago, and many other big cities across America and asked these employers why black males are not hired in large numbers by employers. The employers in these cities basically gave the same reasons as the employers in Chicago.

 The Reasons Why Blacks Are Not Hired

 1. Uncooperative

2. Bad attitude

3. Unmotivated

4. Lack initiative

5. Rude

6. Negative

7. Lazy

8. Lower Family Values

9. Lingering racism (racial discrimination)

10. Illiterate

11. Uneducated

12. Dishonesty

13. Psychologically unstable due to being identified with negative thoughts and feelings 

14. Poor role models

15. Unskilled

16. Involved in Drugs and gangs

17. No Charm

18. Short temper

19. Uncompassionate

20. Unsympathetic

21. Sexually harassing co-workers

22. Intimidating Co-workers

23. Low Morality level

Chance: As I have shown, it’s not just because immigrants are taking lower paying jobs that’s creating higher unemployment among blacks. But it also has to do with the black pathologies that many young black males display. And unfortunately, the black men who do not display these pathological behavioral patterns have too suffer along with the black males Who do display these unpleasant behavioral patterns.

Even many older black men, who are in their 40s and 50s, display these negative behavioral patterns. All of these negative behavioral patterns that blacks display in public are called black pathologies. It’s sad that many intelligent young black men who do not show these pathologies have too suffer not being hired by employers. Because the black males who show these negative characteristics make the black race look unpleasant. So immigrants and racism are not the only reasons why black males are not being hired in large numbers by employers. Pathological behavior is the missing link that explains why – many young black men are not hired by employers.

By Chance (Chancellor)

written by Chance during the 21st century

  1. Yo Chance good post. The question is now what do we do. I think we (Bloggers, like you, me and others) should come up with a think tank who’s job is to come up with common sense answers to these problems. And then implement them through programs, that are held accountable by an independents orginization. For instance I think that we should implement widespread debating clubs, starting with very young kids, to teach our kids how to compromise and argue thier oppinions without yelling,calling people names or engaging in other negative behaviour , I think we need a nationwide humility program, this is the churches teritory. I also think we need to institute massive after shcool programs, which mentor, tutor, and foster an attitude of educational execellence.Youth employment programs that focus on job, life and community training. I think it should be mandotory that any person who is on welfare should have to take parenting classes. I also think that if you are collecting welfare , your child should have to have a certain Gpa, this gpa based on IQ of the child. I have not worked out a lot of the details but here is how it works. If your on welfare, your child has to lets say be able to read on whatever grade level they are in, do math ect, also the child has to maintain a certain Gpa. We could set up after school and youth employment programs. Thier should also be a way for some fathers in jail to work (this could be any job that can be done by low skilled people. With the money going towards thier kids and family, good behaviour and job performance should go towards early probation.In my oppinion thier should also be job training attached to these programs. But it is time to come up with a questionaire to be distributed to blacks and orginization working on the behalf of black people.Mark

    P.S Chance while dont me and you get this bad boy started, since it seems like we have similar opinions on some issuse. I will get a list to you of concerns I have along with beginning remidies. Mark

  2. Chance I also think the black church has an important role to play in this process. Thier should be all kinds of educational and intellectual activities going in the church and sponsored by the church. Thier has to be a way were the church is held accountable for its efforts in promoting education and a lot of other common sense solutions to problems, we have like basic attitude change. The way to judge the church would be based the fervor, zeale and energy they put into promoting these concepts and ideas that are needed by the majority of black folks in this country. Lets be honest the dumbing down of black america, affects all of us even college graduates, because the intellectual stones for them to sharpen thier brain power on is missing or not as good for sharpening intellect. Intellect will be needed by all people (blacks included), to proceed and achieve what is wanted from this planet. Mark

  3. To Mark,

    Good to hear from you Mark, and yes, you brought up some good points of view about how to help out black America. I feel also that the black church has lost a lot of its influence in black America. And part of the reason is because blacks are no longer living under legalized segregation (Jim Crowe Laws) when we lived under legalized segregation this forced us to depend on the church and GOD more. Now that we have our civil rights many of us no longer feel connected too the church. Oppression at the hands of oppressors will turn people towards GOD sometimes – but when the oppressor has been tamed and defeated to a major degree. They leave and abandon God “Oh” how soon we forget. I feel that unfortunately Mark some more oppression is needed to get blacks as a collective racial group back on track towards returning to GOD, morality, compassion, sympathy, and love. Notice Mark when blacks are oppressed we do good just like during the civil rights movement. We won the civil rights movement because we were openly oppressed so we unified. Also during the civil rights movement we had a higher moral standard – the oppression forced us to have a higher moral standard and depend on GOD and the church more. I don’t feel connected to the church in its present degenerated form I am esoteric now Mark. I study the esoteric form of religion the esoteric is the hidden or secret side of religion. The word esoteric means hidden or secret. So send me your list and let me read over it Mark and I will tell you what I think.

    Take care, Mark

    By Chance your Chancellor

  4. I once walked into a nice store in Oakland. A Black woman owned it. She had spent a lot of time and money building up her client base. She was a brilliant business woman. She was very upset, this day, because she had hired a young Black girl who displayed all the pathologies you describe. The girl was not friendly or helpful. She did not smile. She did not want to do anything but stand around and talk on the phone to her friends. She was bad at making change. The girl had been recommended to this woman by a friend. I commiserated with the woman but I was thinking that this experience is typical in the inner city. Every where I shop there are rude youngsters and oldsters with chips on their shoulders and strangely enough, something they always accuse we whites of having, a sense of entitlement. I have worked with Blacks all my life and there are about 3 of whom I would hire if I owned a business. If given a choice I would hire all Asians, over whites or Hispanics or Blacks.

  5. Miss Carnivorous

    Yes it is true that too many blacks display these pathologies in the work place. I mean all racial groups display pathologies in the work place, but disproportionately too many blacks do and this is why they get a bad reputation. Many black employers also will not hire blacks in large numbers and some not even at all. This makes blacks have to sell themselves harder to convince an employer that that they are worth hiring. Then you have that black on black in fighting that happens at work. Too much needless negativity but there are many black employees too, but also, those who are trouble makers who bring their personal problems too work make it hard on all blacks when it comes to employment.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, please come by again.

    By Chance

  6. I think michael jordon would also say “an intellectual is someone who as discovered more than basketball.”

    Michael Jordon is a basketball legend!


  7. Ming,

    Yes Talents come in all forms some are good at basketball, sports,politics, art, and intellectuality. I guess what matters is that we control our sexual behavior and don’t get caught up meaning let our intellects control our sexual centers. And don’t let our sexual centers control our bodies least we contract HIV, AIDS, HERPES, etc…

    Good to hear from you agin Ming please come by again.

  8. Arthur Ward

    Chance, I get tired of us having to depend on GOD. Because – as many Christian facilities that we have in our communities, as many Bibles and preaching and preachers that we have, as good as people say this philosophy is – the net positive effect (from a practical and operational level) that would balance the claims of its goodness is just not there. I think we as a people need to re-evaluate what we are using to program our operational software, because even with Jesus, something is profoundly wrong.

    Maybe the Black church needs to lose its influence.

    Let me give you an experience.

    I have a nephew, he is 14 years old. He is mature, introspective, curious and good in math. One day he came by while I was watching a DVD called “Origins” from the public television program NOVA. He asked what I was watching because it “looked interesting.” Since I was only ten minutes into it, I started it over and we watched it together. Then we watched the second DVD in the series – two hours! He was totally smitten with the program and the host/narrator Neil de Grasse Tyson, a Black astrophysicist. “Uncle – that’s what I want to do!” So I’m thinking “wouldn’t be bad to have a physicist in the family.” Now, I am not a scientist – I have a strong interest in technology and scientific matters as a hobby. From that point, he strongly expressed a desire to learn more about astrophysics.

    So – me being his uncle, I wanted to encourage this. I bought the companion book written by Dr.Tyson (Origins – 14 Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution), and two other books on basic astrophysics and gave them to him as a gift. He ate them up, carried them everywhere in his bag. One day he came to my house looking feverish and aggrieved. He started crying and he gave me back the books along with some scientific DVD’s
    I bought him.

    It turns out that he showed his Sunday school teacher his new books and expressed his interest in physics. She told him that those materials contradicted the truth of the Bible and that the study of cosmology “will take you away from God.” She asked him, “what are you going to choose – false teachings or salvation?” His mother, who is wrapped up in this church insisted that he give the materials back because “God spoke to you through the Sunday school teacher,” and “I don’t want you to go to hell.” Why isn’t Jesus telling this stuff to white and asian families too?

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