Poverty and Immorality

Poverty and Immorality

(Poverty and Immorality
Are The Two Connected?)

Chance: If one observes all the different countries around the world one cannot help but to notice the difference among them economically, educationally, politically, and morally. Why are some countries locked down in extreme poverty and exceptional misery – yet other countries are financially prosperous and many of its citizens are happy? Why are most poverty stricken countries politically unstable and economically prosperous countries politically stable? These questions deserve answers.

If you observe poverty stricken countries very closely – you will notice that many people in those countries have low moral standards. Now not all people living in poverty stricken countries have low moral standards. But many of them do, this explains why many of the politicians, dictators, tribal leaders, warlords, and government officials. Who run the governments of those third world poor countries do not make a lot of serious efforts to help their citizens’ live better lives.

Morality And parents 

Your moral standards are learned and formed between the ages of one to seven, children learn them from parents or who ever raised them. There are secondary influences also – that influence your moral standards for better or worse and they are television, society, culture, environment, etc. But your moral standards are mainly learned from your parents or who ever raised you from one to seven. Your parents in the first seven years of your life have the greatest influence on you.

So ages one through seven are very important for the moral development of children. By the time children are 12 years old, you can clearly see the level of moral development in the kids. Observe their behavior; watch how they talk and the type of words they use. Some kids end up in crime, violence, rudeness, disrespectful, mean spirited, aggressive, cruel, brutal, cruel to animals, excessively using profanity, disobedient, etc.

Other kids at age 12 years old are friendly, compassionate, kind, well mannered, respectful, not cruel, loving towards animals, obedient, nice, helpful when asked to do something, do their homework, etc. The only difference is the moral values between the two groups of 12 years olds. Of course you have some immoral kids who display good character qualities, but still they have serious behavioral problems. Also you have some kids with higher moral standards display immoral qualities – but in general they are good kids.

Now when these kids become teenagers their moral standards are even more pronounced to the point that adults can almost predict what type of character each kid will turn out to be when he or she becomes an adult. When these teenagers become adults they are now the young generation that is going to govern and control the country. They are the ones who will replace all of the older people from the previous generation, now they will bring their good and bad moral standards with them also.

Third World

When many teenagers in third world countries have lower moral standards (low morality level) the future of those third world countries can already be predicted. These teenagers will soon become the young adults of the future in those particular countries.

And when they become young adults they will have to deal with the same problems that their parents’ generation had to deal with.      

The social and moral values these young adults have they inherited them from their parents generation, also the IQ level (intelligence) of these young adults are very low, they also inherited that from the parents generation.

This explains why in poorer countries generation after generation those citizens are still in poverty, misery, civil unrest, needlessly fighting with other countries, malnourished, and uneducated.

Now these young adults become the politicians, dictators, military soldiers, presidents, and government officials of the country. And they rule the country according to the low moral values that they inherited from the previous generation.

They do not value compassion, empathy, sympathy, generosity, kindness, and love towards their fellow countrymen. At the same-time their fellow countrymen also have low moral values. This is why when a brutal political regime is overthrown in a poor country, the new regime and its political leaders are just as violent, wicked, and oppressive.

It benefits the uncompassionate oppressive governments in poverty stricken third world countries to keep their people uneducated, angry, malnourished, poor, and unemployed. Because the poorer the people the less the government has to worry about the people voting them out of office.

Democracy in third world countries often is not enforced; political leaders in third world countries dislike democracy. That is why they do not enforce it because enforcing democracy it will cause them to lose power by way of being voted out of political office.

Education And Morality (IQ)

Chance: Education also plays a major role in helping raise the collective morality level of a country or racial group. This is a fact, and if you observe all first world countries that are modernized, technologically advanced, wealthy, many educated people,  politically stable, economically advanced, etc you will notice that these countries are educationally and morally advanced.

The collective IQ (intelligence) of a country depends heavily on the level of education that is available to its citizens. Education by itself will not raise a particular country into a first world country higher levels of morality are needed also. So education (IQ) combined with the collective higher moral standards of the citizens is what will turn a country into a first world country.   

Different levels Of Morality And Immorality

The more immoral the people the poorer the country, now there are degrees of morality and immorality. Some countries are called second world countries; a second world country is above a third world country. The collective moral standards of Second world countries are a little higher than third world countries.

But still there is a lot of uncompassionate, violence, political unrest, poverty, corruption, brutality, cruelty, unemployment, democracy sometimes not enforced, many uneducated people, etc.

So there are degrees of poverty and immorality, first world countries are the best they have a good economy, good educational system, decent working political system, civil and voting rights, employment, etc no country is perfect. But some are a lot better off than others and the difference is the level of morality combined with education.

People And Morality

Often if you observe in daily life you will notice that many   immoral people are poverty stricken. Now not all poverty stricken people are immoral, some of them are good morally advanced people. But among the many publicly immoral people roaming through-out society you will notice – that the majority of them are poor or close to the level of poverty. The middle class and the wealthy rich class have many immoral people but not as many as the poor class. 

Racial Groups And Morality

Racial groups and ethnic groups all have different morality levels now some racial groups collectively have higher moral standards than others. And the higher the collective morality level the more prosperous the racial group and the lower the collective morality level the more poverty stricken that racial group will be. This can clearly be seen by simple observations through out the world. 

The people of every country have a general collective moral standard that many of their people live by. If the standard is low the results will been see by way of extreme poverty, politically unstable government, extreme violence, unprovoked hate, excessive rape against women, excessive political corruption, lack of education, non-democracy or if they have democracy it is not enforced by the government. If the collective moral standard is semi low there will be some prosperity and success, combined with a lot poverty, misery, violence, corruption, and other social ills.

Racial groups and ethnic groups all have different morality levels now some racial groups collectively have higher moral standards than others. And the higher the collective morality level the more prosperous the racial group and the lower the collective morality level the more poverty stricken that racial group will be. This can clearly be seen by simple observations through out the world. 

If the collective moral standard of a country is high then that country will be very successful and rich. So yes, there is a connection between poverty and immorality now this is a general rule. But there are times when we see individuals with a low morality levels becoming very successful in life.

But you will never see a country with a collective low morality level being successful. A country with a collective low morality level will never prosper. If a country is to be classified as a superior country economically, politically, educationally, culturally, high IQ (intelligence), etc that country will need to make sure that it has many educated and morally developed citizens.

All humans should try to raise their individual moral standards to love others. Do unto others as you would have them morally do to you; the law of love is an eternal law.

By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. Yo chance I agree with what your trying to say with the article but when you start quoting specific #s I wonder where you get the numbers from. Your reasoning skills are strong but I believe you lose credibility when you get into specific #s such as.

    A country with 70% higher moral standards education and democracy is a first world country.

    A country with 65% to 70% higher moral standards, education, and democracy can be a first world or second country.

    Where do you get these types of #s from. Mark

  2. Hey Mark

    Mark I am glad you pointed that out to me about those pecentages I was using them as an example to show that the more morally developed people a country has the more successful that country would be. I should have said let create a percentage scenario by way of example and this would clear things up becaus ethe readers would say he is using an pecentage example. But I decided after reading your comment to erase the percentage thing all together and just stick with the essays content with-out percentages by way of example. Thanx for letting me know Mark and thanx for coming by.


  3. Yo Chance, stop bullshitting and post some fresh content. Either your a writer and an activist or not Thanks for having my back against Milky (Ray Ray) Casper. Now enough already post some more interesting content. Peace Mark

  4. To Mark

    I have been busy dealing with a new website and I have been working upon it that’s what has took a lot of my time. But I getting back on track now thanks for coming by and yeah I see you intellectual defending your opions over at other blogsites to you are a good intellectual debater. Thanks for coming by Mark.

    By Chance

  5. So let’s just say you spout a lot of nonsense as if it were fact. In reality you’ve stuck together a lot of claims to which there is no scientific evidence, or facts, or supports to the ridiculous claims you just spout off about. And than you use these ridiculous claims you just finished making up to support a even more ridiculous conclusion. It’s pretty easy to come up with whatever stupid conclusion we’ve deluded into thinking is fact in order to pretend that we are intelligent beings just stating things as they are ie. poor people are immoral people. when in actual fact you attribute a causal relationship between two things that may or may not even be correlated at best. You don’t seem to grasp the difference between causal relationships and correlations and I would suggest finding some actual basis in reality to support your claims and statements or at least just admit you’re spouting a bunch of bs out of your ass, and that you just don’t like poor people, and you wish they’d go away because they are so inconvenient to you and your enjoyment of life. You if anyone lack morality. the morality of empathy, concern for your fellow human being, or any of the likely christian morals that you likely ascribe to. It’s people like you who are the biggest hypocrites of all – and you judge and discriminate against those who have little through no fault of their own, just so you don’t have to feel obligated to actually help them, to do something generous and kind. its much easier to decide they are evil and deserving of their suffering so you can go on about your life and enjoy your selfishness and lack of empathy for mankind. shame on you.

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