Unkindness (Where Does It Come From)

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Where does unkindness come from? Unkindness is one of the major defects of humanity, if we observe ourselves we will then understand the origins of unkindness. Because we all have been unkind towards others and people have been unkind to us also.

There are many reasons why people are unkind; I will give you some of those reasons.

1. Unkindness comes from seeing helpless people in difficult situations and circumstances that they can’t immediately get themselves out of. Often if you observe people who are in difficult situations and circumstances – you will notice that they are often taken advantage of by those people who are doing much better in life. How are they taken advantage of? By exploitation, mistreatment, physical, mental, and emotional abuse.

2. Unkindness comes from seeing a lot of "injustice in the world" when some people see a lot of injustice committed against other humans. This causes them to feel that the world is a bad and an evil place – so these people start acting negative and unkind towards other people. Because they are in pain on the inside, and they see a lot of hatred, injustice, violence, in the world and this makes them depressed.

3. Unkindness comes from not being strong enough to get revenge on people who have done you wrong and they are stronger than you. So you began to dislike and sometimes hate them for harming you mentally, emotionally and physically. So now you go out into society, and become cruel and unkind towards other people.

4. Unkindness comes from being a victim at the hands of other people or parents so you go out into society and become unkind to other people. By mistreating other people you now feel strong.

5. Unkindness comes from seeing miserable and helpless people in difficult situations like poverty. The world is filled with people who live in poverty. This makes certain people look down on poor people as being inferior. We should be kind to people by having compassion, we should be grateful for the life that we have. Also, Unkindness is for the weak people who deep down on the inside of them-selves don’t feel strong. Unkindness is the weak person’s way of imitating the strong.

Unkindness disappears when one understands that the virtue of compassion is more superior and unkindness is inferior. Let compassion replace unkindness. 

By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century Chance

  1. Yo what’s up chance.

    What part does arrogance play in unkindness towards black folk.

    What part does one man wanting to feel supperior to the next man play.( I think some of this is natural Mark

  2. To Mark

    Yes to some degree some of this feeling superior is natural but when we let it reach a high degree of unkindness and arrogance that’s when we start trating people very bad. Things should be done in moderation.

    There are too many arrogant Black folks who are unkind towards fellow blacks, often these blacks are angry with someone or some situation in their lives or mad at anoither group of people. But these blacks take their frustration out on other blacks. It is almost to the degree of some kind of self hatred and that is sad.

  3. Chance have you noticed that if you confront black people, or black men about thier treatment of black women they attempt to gloss over it. Mark

  4. Check your yahoo email. Mark

  5. To Mark,

    I checked my email and got your email and yes you are right many black men try to avoid talking about how they treat black women.

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