The Ancient Egyptian Religion


The Ancient Egyptian Religion

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: The country of Egypt has a fascinating ancient history, out of all the ancient histories from around the world Egyptian history is the ancient history that most archeologist, historians, esoteric religious writers, etc have been most fascinated with. I am talking about the Egypt of 2000 and 3000 years ago when black people ruled the country of Egypt. Today Egypt is predominatly Arab and the major religion is Islam although there are some Arab Egyptians who are coptic christians the majority of the people of Egypt are Muslims.      

Ancient Egyptians had an esoteric side to their religion also, and this esoteric side of the ancient Egyptian religious mysteries was taught only to a select few esoteric students. In public daily life the people of Egypt were taught the basic teachings of their religion. But those Egyptians who had joined the religious mystery schools were taught the esoteric (secret and hidden) meanings and interpretations of the Egyptian religion. What is an esoteric religious school? It is a school were the secret and hidden side of a religion is taught. These esoteric schools were also called mystery schools in ancient times. Because what these esoteric religious mystery schools taught was a mystery to the people of general public who had not been students at an esoteric religious school.


Set And Osiris

In the ancient Egyptian religious system SET is said to be Satan and OSIRIS is said to be GOD. Some people spell Osiris differently they spell it Osirus but the two names represent the samething. Osiris is greek the ancient Eygptians called God Ausar and Ausar is the original Egyptian name of Osiris. Sometimes Set’s name is spelled sat by some people. Also some writers and authors spell set with a TH so is ends up spelled Seth. So set, seth, and sat are the same entity. Often ancient Egyptian paintings show Set and Osiris sitting at a table together – Set sitting on one end and Osirus sitting on the other side of the table. This sitting in front of each other symbolizes the battle between light and darkness Set and Osiris fighting and dueling to see who will finally get control of the world. Set being evil and Osiris being good.

It is said that Set had children, the Egyptians called these children the Red Demons of Set. The red demons of set symbolizes the character defects that we humans have defects like anger, sexual lust, hate, jealous, greed, and any character flaw that  a person has. Now Set and Osiris lived in the country of Egypt, but Egypt has an esoteric interpretation also, and that is the country of Egypt symbolizes the physical body. So Osiris and Set live inside of your physical body.
Osiris is the God that lives in your heart and Set is the ego that lives in you also. Osiris (God) is in your heart and Set (negative ego) lives out side of your heart and is always trying to overthrow Osiris. The heart is Osiris’s Kingdom and Set is trying to overthrow that kingdom and establish his own evil kingdom. Set has his red demons and when you eliminate a character defect (red demon) you create a virtue in its place. These virtues then become a servant of osiris. You must help your inner Osiris create more servants (virtues). Your physical body is the temple of the living God, and the living God lives in your heart.      
Ancient Egyptian Religions Characters

Osiris (sometimes spelled Osirus) – God

Set – 1. Satan every religion teaches that there is an entity called Satan. 2. Set also is your inner negative ego.

Red demons – Character defects

Egypt – Physical body 

All religions have two sides to them, and all religions are similar especially when it comes to the esoteric side. Comparative religion is a great subject because comparative religion searches for the similarities and not just the differences between the various religions.






By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. Yo chance this was a nice post. I used to be heavily into african history. I spent many pleasurable evenings reading about the secret rituals and spirituals beliefs of the egyptians. My personal oppinion of religion is this, religion is just a tool of connecting with a higher power that no one as of yet has come close to define. Religion is like a paticlular offense that a sports team will apply to score points. Some offenses produce more points than others, however no offense is inherently any better than another. What it comes down to is how the athletes run that offense. Same goes for religion, to be honest I despise all intolerant religions because they descredit other religions unfairly and without a shred of proof that thier religion is actually true. Mark

  2. To mark

    I agree that there are too many members of various religions who are intolerant of other religions. There is truth in all religions and if memebers of other religions don’t like another religion we at respect the right of the people of other religion right to worship as they believe without harassing them.

    Take care, Mark

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