A better Vision

A better Vision

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

The philosopher Eric Hoffer wrote, “It is not actual suffering but a taste of better things which excites people to revolt.”

Chance: Where there is no vision the people perish, if you are a leader and you have no future vision to give to your supporters and followers then you should no longer be their leader.

Humans need leaders no matter how advanced a civilization is it will always have leaders. Every job, family, civilization, every social sphere of society, etc all have leaders. But when a leader or leaders have no vision then they can not take the people they lead higher. Among racial groups, society, and countries where there is no vision there will be deterioration, and where there is deterioration you will find chaos, violence, hate, anger, unable to progress, excessive unhappiness, more poverty, bad economy,  destruction, etc among the people.

Some visions that were once good for society in the past are no longer good for the society of today. In every generation there are visions — but sometimes visions from a past generation get pushed on to the next generation of young adults. And the ideas and opinions from the past generation are not compatible with the ideas and opinions of the current generation.

The current generation has certain challenges that the previous generation did not have — and the previous generation had certain challenges that the current generation doesn’t have to deal with.

The challenges that each generation faces must be met with ideas and concepts that can give potential solutions to these social challenges. Now there are some ideas from the past generation that will help and work with the current generation. But in general each generation has special social challenges that must be dealt with.   

The same problem with politics among various countries, societies, racial groups and ethnic groups, etc is that the politicians who grew up in the previous generation still have the thinking and ideas of their generation. And, many of the ideas of their generation are outdated, and can not properly fit into the political necessities of the current generation.

Therefore, new visions (ideas, opinions, and concepts) are needed in order to move forward, and if you want to be a leader who is effective in today’s society. Then you need to find a vision that works in favor of the people you lead. 

When old visions stay around too long they create a conflict of vision meaning the old visions (ideas, concepts, and opinions) clash with the ideas of the current generation, and therefore, the old ideas create problems and become a stumbling block.
In America for example certain whites, blacks and people of color (colored racial groups) criticize black and non-white (persons of color) politicians for being incompetent and not really caring about the people they represent. 

Yes, certain black and non-white politicians are lousy and incompetent. But if they are so incompetent and lousy then why not just vote them out and vote in a rival who has a better vision.   

  But like the philosopher Eric Hoffer wrote, “It is not actual suffering but a taste of better things which excites people to revolt.”

That’s to say: Instead of beating up on others, or trying to convince blacks and other non-whites that their leaders are lousy, why not offer something better?
Basically offer them a better vision, and a vision that can be explained in words step by step and a vision that seems tangible.

The Liberators


You know just like Moses offered the Hebrews a better vision when he took them out of slavery. Moses informed the Hebrews that they would be free because their God wanted them to no longer remain slaves. The idea of freedom was a vision that the Hebrew slaves saw in their minds.

They imagined themselves being free to eat, sleep, come and go as they pleased, work when they chose to work, etc without having the Egyptian slave masters telling them when they could and could not do these things. They saw the vision in their minds before they were freed.

When they were freed Moses took them out of slavery and into the desert. The vision in their minds became a reality; they were now free and walking in the desert a free people.   

Martin Luther K ing jr.

Martin Luther King jr. had vision that blacks would gain their civil rights and voting rights. King helped blacks and all people of color gain the same privileges and civil rights that once were only available to whites. Martin Luther King jr. had a vision and a dream that manifested into reality.

Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar had a vision in his mind that someday South America would be free from Spain and that idea became a reality. Simon Bolivar freed All of South America from Spain, he fought against the Spaniards and defeated them and pushed the Spaniard army out of South America. This is why Simon Bolivar is called The Liberator by South American Spanish speaking countries. El Libertador means the liberator in Spanish.

George Washington

George Washington led the minutemen army against the British and defeated the British army. When the British were defeated America became free from England.  Washington had a vision and idea that America would be free of British colonial rule and would become an independent country. America currently is a free independent country because of the actions of men like George Washington.   

Whether it be in family, job, politics, etc if you are a leader over people you must have a vision (ideas, concepts, and opinions).
People perish because of a lack of knowledge and no vision. In your daily life whether you be a leader or not a leader you must have a vision about where you want to be in life.

By Chance Kelsey [Chancellor]

Written during the 21st century by Chance 

  1. You are right chance people should pick only righteous leaders, who are qualified and can get access to good ideas that will help the community move forward. Vision allows people and groups to view and treat each other with the highest of respect. Because vision allows us to get past surface and petty issues that divide all humans. Such as color, religion, sexual orientation., ect. These petty differences if not respected and appreciated in all individuals will eventually result in war and most other kinds of destructive behavior. Yo chance this is a good post . If we can get black people to understand that their future is contained in their vision for their family, community and personal life. When could then began to move forward more quickly. Mark

  2. To Mark

    I agree with you Mark all the way and yes, if we can get black people to see that their future is contained a vision then they will be able to progress instead of regressing.

    Unfortunatly many of our fellow blacks have no vision and this is sad. In the furture this will change.

    By Chance

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