1960s Political Mentality

 1960s Political Mentality(nineteen sixties political mentality some people still have it)

Chance: When we observe the political psychology of the previous generation of Americans, and the political psychology of the previous generation of people living in other countries around the world.

We can clearly see that many of them still have a 1960s mentality, in America you see many people who are politically active.They conduct their politics according to the political and social ideas of the 1960s, and some even back to the 1950s and beyond. Example you have certain whites who do not want to change for the better politically. Because they are still angry at martin Luther king Jr. for winning the civil rights movement of the 1960s.


They wish things were the way it use to be with people of color (non whites) not having civil rights or voting rights.This is why these particular whites are always trying their best to get white politicians, to limit and take away civil rights and the civil liberties of the people of color. Now not all white politicians are trying to limit the civil liberties of people of color I’m just talking about those who are.


Then you have some black American civil rights leaders and some black America politicians who conduct their politics according to how they conducted their politics in the 1960s. Example some of the Black American politicians, and civil rights leaders of today still believe that public marching – and public protest in front of a certain corporation or business is the best and only way to get your political foes attention. The marching and protest tactics were major tactics that black Americans utilized in the 1960s and even before nineteen sixties (1960s) blacks used these tactics back in the 1950s and 1940s.


The tactics of public boycott and protesting by way of marching is not necessary in every situation that black Americans disagree with.It can be effective only in selective situations. One of the best things black Americans can do is learn how to intelligently articulate, and negotiate with those they disagree with by sitting down at the round table and possibly coming up with a compromise.

Also blacks should not let themselves get too loyal to one political party but should learn how to have many blacks voting  for another political party so they can then work together in favor of black and people of color interest. By doing this they can them help both non-white America and White America progress forward as one America. Blacks must learn how to bargain with both Democrats and Republicans.  

Chance: A compromise is a half defeat you get 50% and the other side gets 50%; now there are situations where you should not compromise you should go all out to accomplish what you set out to do. Because it is the right thing to do, black Americans should let protesting and marching be one of the last measures-but that depends on the situation and what has happened.

Blacks need to make deep efforts to become more educated, politically active in more than one political party, and economically empowered. Also, certain black civil rights leaders who were back in the 1960s hold black Americans back not all of them hold blacks back just some do. And that’s because their political methods of operation are out dated, and many of them don’t have a vision; and were there is no vision the people perish.

The civil rights leaders of the 1960s have done an excellent job by helping blacks, women, and people of color gain civil liberties in America. They deserve our highest complement; the old civil rights establishment needs to teach this younger generation of political candidates’ new methods and techniques that will help the younger political candidates of this generation accomplish the will of the people (voters).

America. They deserve our highest complement; the old civil rights establishment needs to teach this younger generation of political candidates’ new methods and techniques that will help the younger political candidates of this generation accomplish the will of the people (voters).


Blacks need to address many bad social ills in their own communities. They first need to create new political methods of operations that work in the 21st century.


Also, they must make efforts to bridge and unite all ethnic groups in America, because the other non-white ethnic groups utilize some of the political, social, and educational methods and tactics that blacks Americans used in the 1960s to win many political gains. Blacks were not the only racial group in America to use these tactics and methods of Marching, struggling against a powerful white establishment to gain civil rights.

But Blacks made these methods and tactics more effective and used them more effectively than any other non-white racial group in America. Other non-white ethnic groups need to change their old 1960s methods of political operations also. Because today we have computers, cell phones, email, the internet, and many other things that we all did not have in the 1960s. We all need to make bridges to reach each other, we all live in the same country.


Also, when you look at other countries they too have a 1960s mentality; this 1960s mentality is the reason why so many people in third world countries are so unhappy. Because they don’t have civil rights, if they do the rights they have are very few, and this makes their lives bitter, also psychologically and emotionally painful.


This is why many people in third world countries are violent towards each other, and this is part of the reason many third countries are filled with people who hate America.Why because when they see America on television they all see the wealth, and everything Americans own materially.Also, they hear stories about America’s wealth and riches so sometimes this causes many in the third world countries to envy Americans.

Because they want the same democracy, civil rights, and freedom to make their own choices and opportunities that Americans have.But their leaders having 1960s mentalities won’t let them progress to the level of democracy. Why? Because in all third world countries the current leaders who are old grew up in the 1960s, and conduct their politics according to the political ideas of the 1960s of their country. These third world leaders then condition the collective psychology of their people to be like them.

So when new younger leaders come to power they continue acting and behaving like the leaders of the previous generation and the misery continues. Most social and political problems that torment people living in all countries have there origins in the previous generation of the 1960s. And, they want to force some of their old ways of life on the new younger generation.


Often the ways of life they want to force on us doesn’t work in our time, because the younger generation has a totally different psychology, and have totally different social, economic, educational, and political challenges to deal with.And this also proves what has been observed by past generations and that is – people don’t change very much. The older you get the more you get set in your ways.

It is alright to barrow certain methods, techniques, and ideas from previous generations but only barrow what will help your generation progress. So we must keep our psychology flexible and open minded – and use political and social methods that work in today’s time.

So we must keep our psychology flexible and open minded – and use political and social methods that work in today’s time.


Chance Kelsey

(Chancellor)Written during the 21st century by Chance


  1. Yo Chance that was a very insightful peace you wrote. Your right we are still using some of the same out dated techniques. Plus we are carring so many non progressive ideas, such as our attitude towards our women, towards education, towards black men. The way we are living devaules our humanity. I dont think there can be any real change until we are willing to have a heart to heart talk with each other about

    1) What do we need from each other to succeed
    2) What can we do to create employment oppurtunities for each other.
    3) What is it that we can do to began to respect and love ourselves fully.
    4) How can we create a method were as individuals and as a group we can stay on top of issues of dire importance to our community.
    5) How can we develop bussiness skills so as to make smarter desicions and set up our own business. Mark

  2. To Mark

    Yes Mark we need to openly talk about the issues that make the black community suffer. Often too many blacks want to keep these issues a secret because we feell shame when talking about them. We must confront these painful social ills regardless of how embarrassing they will be if we discuss them publicly. Only by this way can we then move towards finding solutions that will fix these social ills.

    Take care, Mark

    By Chance

  3. just stopped by to say hi!!!! miss ya chance!

  4. Hey Suede Muffins

    Glad too see you roll by and say Hi, it is really good hearing from you again. Thank you for not forgetting me.

    Peace Muffins

    By Chance

  5. “This is why these certain types of whites are always trying their best to get white politicians, to limit and take away civil rights and the civil liberties of people of color.”

    Chance I have been reading this and will respond to some of the other statements later on but this one caught my eye. with the constitution and especially the amendments to it, explain to me how they could accomplish this and further more explain to me how anyone setting in a position of a lawmaker today would even think they could pull something like this off.

    If you call shutting down our borders to illegal immigration taking away the liberties of people of color, I guess we could say that Hispanics are people of color, but explain to me how they have any civil liberties if that is the case.

    You make the sixties out to be an era of suppression, it was, but first and foremost it was the height of the civil rights movement, it was a continuation of Little Rock, James Meredith being admitted to Old Miss and Rosa parks refusing to give up her seat.

    Give me some examples of where some white are trying to persuade some politicians to en-act this legislation, I personally think if this was the case it would be news worthy not only on your blog but blogs all over the net, I not saying we are perfect as a society but give me one other place that may be better.

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