Buddha, My Face Your Face

Chance writes: The Buddha said many things, and one of the most popular sayings of the Buddha is – the expression my face is your – your face is my face.

Buddha, My face your face

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Buddha Chance: The Buddha said: My face is your face – your face is my face this expression is very powerful. What did Buddha mean by my face is your face – your face is my face? He meant that all humans understand how each other feel and think in any situation or circumstance. Example if a person gets their feelings hurt because of the negative words of another person – other people understand how that person felt emotionally. So that person’s face is our face meaning us humans in any given situation understand how other humans feel on the inside.

 If a person or group of people has had some injustices committed against them then all humans understand how that person or group of people feel. We humans have share similar experiences, and there are some experiences that certain people have gone through that other people have not gone through. But even though a person has not gone through those good or bad experiences to some degree they can imagine how they would feel if they had gone through those same good or bad experiences. THE EGO All humans have an ego, and the ego gets us into a lot of trouble and creates problems in our lives. If a situation happens and a person’s ego causes them to get angry well other people would naturally react the same way if they were in the same situation.

This is what is meant by my face is your face – your face is my face meaning our egos react the same way in any given situation whether it be a pleasant or unpleasant situation. This is why people understand how another person will react in any given situation. Because my ego is your ego and your ego is my ego. Even when a person try to hide the motive for some negative behavior they displayed – often many other people still know the secret reason, that caused the person act the way they did. My face is your face and your face is my face, meaning we secretively understand each other in any given type of life situation.

Often people feel shame and this is why we humans don’t reveal our motives in negative situations. And when we feel happy others understand how we feel because they have experienced happiness in their lives also. We have the same face sometimes our faces are good and sometimes bad but we understand each other.


 BY Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)


Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. Yo chance this is a good post. I have studied and practiced buhdism as I feel like religion is just a tool to contact a higher bieng or enligtenment. The specific religion makes not much difference as long as one is sincere and thoughtful in thier search for truth. You are right about human biengs bieng able to understand the feelings of one another. Us blacks really need to start using this principle in a more truthful way. Mark

  2. To Mark

    You are right us black we really need to apply this principle because we do understand each other. Yes my face is your face BRO and your face is my BRU.


    By Chance

  3. Axiowhopmix

    You don’t really need or want that lifestyle, it might hurt y’all slowly more…….Just tell him you
    don’t wanna repeat something your not too proud of z7uas.

  4. Chance

    Thanks for coming by.

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