[ Lack Of a Moral Sense The Missing Link ]

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: The question has been asked again and again is white racism and supremacy responsible for making black people commit crime? Some people say due to the legacy of slavery, white racism, inequalities, etc that yes, white racism is responsible for making blacks commit crimes. Then there are those people who say that white racism is just another agitator in society but it is not responsible for black pathological criminal behavior. White racism just adds fuel to the flames nothing more and yes it has caused some mental, emotional, and psychic scares but is not responsible for the high crime rate among blacks.

A lot of the violent crime that blacks commit has nothing to do with trying to gain money by way of selling drugs or robbery. A lot of the violence that blacks commit against fellow blacks is not drug related like people try to make it out to be. Yes a lot of the murders that young black males commit are gang related. But what about all of the other violent crimes that blacks commit that are not drug or gang related?
Also Poverty can not explain why blacks commit a lot of violent crime that has nothing to do with trying to gain money from the victims. This means that there is a missing link that explains why blacks commit so many unprovoked violent crimes against other blacks.

The population of Washington D.C. is 70% black and more money is spent on children and teenagers in the Washington D.C. school system than all other school districts in America that have black students as the majority at those schools. So lack of education can not explain why blacks commit crimes at such a high rate either. Because there are poor white students who live in poverty stricken white neighborhoods and these white students (teenagers) don’t commit crimes at the high percentage as black teenagers.

Washington D.C. is run by blacks because they are the majority. The police force, Mayor, local politicians, city employees, businesses, etc are owned and run by blacks. And the majority of the employees in Washington D.C. are black. But Washington D. C. has one of the highest Murder rate, rape, robbery, aggravated assaults, etc in the country. West Virginia, which has one of the nation’s lowest crime rate, suffers from chronic poverty and has one of the highest unemployment rates in United States Of America. It also has the fewest police per capita. West Virginia is currently over 90% white. Now with all of the problems whites in West Virginia should have all of the chaos of high murder rate, robbery, aggravated assaults, etc that plague Washington D.C. and other predominantly black cities and black towns through out America.

This means that there is a missing link and the missing link is LACK OF A MORAL SENSE. What is lack of a moral sense? It is when a person has lower moral standards – the lower moral standard include lack of compassion, lack sympathy and empathy, little emotions towards other humans who suffer, little respect for other humans and their personal property, etc blacks have too many people among their racial group who are like this.

So lack of a moral sense is the missing link that explains why blacks are the way they are all over the world. Also when blacks are educated and have degrees from universities they still disproportionably for their numbers get arrested for crimes. Now I know that not all blacks are this way but disproportionately for their numbers they have too many who are. Also in Atlanta, Georgia it is predominantly black and it has the same problems with crime as Washington D.C. and other cities and towns in America that have large black populations. Detroit, Michigan currently is predominantly black, and it has the same crime problem as Washington D.C. and Atlanta. Even the cities in other countries that have large black populations have the same crime problems.
East London, England has a large population of blacks and blacks commit a lot of violent crime in the area. So lack of a moral sense if the missing link that explains what poverty, unemployment, racism, etc can’t explain. Some issues are poverty related and some are due to lack of a moral sense.         

By Chance Kelsey your resident Chancellor


Written during the 21st century by Chance       

  1. Chance I know and lots of other folks know what the problem is. My question is what do we do about it. This voilence and crime has been causing a lot a pain to a lot of black people. Mark

  2. Yo chance look this is where Im comming from a lot of people complain about the problems we have from the left and the right. Most black people on the right as far as Im concerned do not seem to care to much about how much damage the crime rate does to our (the black community). They only care because they think it reflects badly on them. I also have problems from the left as they seem not to be able to get the ” man is keeping me down” out of thier system. They also are not honest, black men and women both try to gloss over the fact that our sexual behavior has been out of control. Lightskin people will not fess up to thier arrogant attitude and treatment of darkskin people has led to a large amount darkskin people being ashamed to be darkskin. Black men will not fess up to our disrespectful treatment of black women.The church folk and officials will not fess up to thier baffonish antics generally speaking. Of course not every last single black person is guilty of these crimes, but enough of us are guilty to make life unpleasant for the a large amount of us.What I would like to do is put together a think tank that is concerned with making life better for black people as well raising the intellectual level of black folk. Mark

  3. Chance no offense but talking and blogging about problems we all know exist is not enough what the hell are we going to do about it. Mark

  4. TO MARK

    One of the things that should be offered to young black school children and teengers is free type boarding schools this will help get them out of the negative enviorment. And they should have a grand tour of Europe, ASIA, AFICA only if the country they choose in AFRICA is politically stable. Or they can choose a particular continent to visit I recommend Europe because it is more stable and civilized. Meaning at least once in the school kids lives the boarding school should take them outside of AMERICA and let them see the world. IN EUROPE this was done with certain school children in certain elite boarding schools. They went on a trip to every or the major european countries. This experience left a powerful impression on them. Black school children need to have the same experience too. This will open their minds up to see that there is a world past AMERICA AND THE GHETTO. Or they could at least take them around the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on a three weeks via train or AIR PLANE. The GRAND tour to Europe should last about three weeks. This is something that would enrich their lives forever they will develop an international mind and feel inspired to learn a foreign language. And feel also inspired to become something in LIFE.

    This is a what I feel can be done to help our black children and teenagers.

    Take care, mARK

    By Chance the resident Chancellor

  5. Yo chance dont you think a large part of the crime problem suffured by black people, is in part do to mental problems that black folk will not admit we have or seek out treatment for. Mark

  6. Chance your solutions are interesting but have you thought about how much money it will cost to take black children all over the country or Europe. Mark


    These so called mental problems that many blacks have actually in my opinion are nothing more than the result of negative think, negative feelings, feeling hopeless, unhappiness etc. If you observe the so called blacks with mental problems they act no different from the average black person who is considered sane. SO called mentally ill blacks commit a lot violence against other blacks, and they try to make other black people unhappy by being rude, harassing them, trying to start fights, etc now some blacks are mentally ill but these types of blacks seldom create negativity and violence towards other blacks.

    BY CHANCE your resident Chancellor

  8. Makr said: Chance your solutions are interesting but have you thought about how much money it will cost to take black children all over the country or Europe. Mark

    Chance: Yes, Mark it would cost money but the school is paying for it just like the schools pay for the children now. Also the trip would be when they hit a particular grade let us first time going on a grand tour to Europe it will be when they are in the 6th grade.

    Then the next time it will be when they are in the 11th or 12th grade. I recommend 11th because this would help inspire them to graduate from the 12th grade so they can go to college, techical school, etc so they can get a good paying job that will allow them to save up money to travel again. This would help out a lot of black children mentally.


  9. Chance said: If you observe the so called blacks with mental problems they act no different from the average black person who is considered sane.

    Mark said: Yo Chance you know how much I respect your oppinions but I think your are totally of on this one. I dont know if you noticed or not but black folk are very skilled at denying foul shit happening to them when it is. I dont know if you noticed this or not but black folk came out of slavery with a lot of issues. This issues have been passed right on down from generation to generation, for example take the lightskin darkskin issue. How sick does a group of people have to be treat each other like shit because some people have darker skin? How sick does a group of people have to be to treat homosexuals the way we treat them. Everyone in our community is treated bad compared to everyone else. How sick is it to have homosexuals contributing to the church, in large way(think of how many gay people have been in the choir for the last 50 years and everyone in the black community who goes to church knowing. But now the preachers are acting like they had no idea that thier were homosexuals in our community, I find this shit to be unbelievable. Anyway also think about how black men have been demonized and showed the worst of this society more than any other group. Not to mention things such as black men fighting to rid the world of hitler, but when we get back over to the states german and Italtion prisoners of war were able to use services in towns they were imprisoned at and black soldiers children couldnt. I wont even talk about them burning black people alive in front of thousands of spectators. All of this created serious mental issues amongnst black folk, as well as an inferiority complex. Dont get me wrong I will never try to legitimize bad behavior Im just bringing up things I believe need to be addressed. Mark

  10. Hey Mark

    I see where you are coming from and I do agree that some blacks are mentally ill. But too many blacks who are negative and violent and filled anger, self hatred, hatred of the black race and even sometimes their own families, etc. These types of blacks use the mentally ill excuse to avoid punishement from the law. You know this is true Mark and also many blacks are not ashamed to admit they are CRAZY and mentally ill if they know they can get some kind of benefit from it. Like avoiding prison, receiving a monthly check, making other blacks afraid of them because you know crazy people they are supposed to be feared because they are mentally ill people, etc the problem I have is too amny blacks claim to be mentally ill so they can carry out more evil mainly against other black people. Yes, there are mentally ill blacks I just have a problem with fakers who go around talking about they are mentally ill when they are not.


    Take care, Mark

    BY Chance the resident Chancellor

  11. Yo chance the point you make about black folk using mentally illness to get something out of it is true. Ive seen blacks use all kinds of health and mental disabilities to get a check. You are right there is a strain of gettingoverness in our community, this I dont like as well. And your right about the fact the fact that too many black people are using all kinds of excuses to hurt black people. This I will not tolerate, and I get in trouble with the left and the right for speaking what I believe to be the truth. Anyway looks chance you are right in order for black folk to get better we must learn to disagree in words, debate and then work hard to find the middle ground. So if you disagree with me do not hold back as I will not hold back on you. Mark

  12. To Mark

    Thank you for giving your honest opinion MARK, and yes, you and I when we disagree this chanllenges both of us intellectually to come up with new intellectual; points of view. When we agree we both have found a truth when we disagree we are in search of the middle ground because in it there sleeps the truth — that you and I see.

    Thanks for coming by the intellectual HOUSE (blog) Mark and thanks for being so supportive.


  13. james shelton

    Have you visted London?

    Do you know of the British social policies?

    Are you familiar with African immigrants both in the USA and the UK?

    Their eductional attainment compare to other races in both the US and the UK.

    Have you been to Africa?

    Do you know of the culture of Africans.

    My guess would be that you answer to all those question is no. Because if you do, you wouldnt have made such an ignorant stupid generalised comment about the entire black race.

    Do you know that In the United Kingdom, the Irish, the Jewish, Chinese, and West African immigrants are often considered to be model minorities.

    According to the London Daily Times “Black Africans have emerged as the most highly educated members of British society, surpassing even the Chinese as the most academically successful ethnic minority. In a side-by-side comparison of 2000 census data by sociologists including John R. Logan at the Mumford Center, State University of New York at Albany, black immigrants from Africa averaged the highest educational attainment of any population group in the U.S., including whites and Asians.

    According to an analysis of Census Bureau data by The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education Some 48.9 percent of all African immigrants hold a college diploma. This is slightly more than the percentage of Asian immigrants to the U.S., nearly double the rate for native-born white Americans, and nearly four times the rate for native-born African Americans. In an article by Clarence Page for the Chicago Tribune 43.8 percent of African immigrants had achieved a college degree, compared with 42.5 of Asian Americans, 28.9 percent for immigrants from Europe, Russia and Canada and 23.1 percent of the U.S. population. The article beginning with the lines “Do African immigrants make the smartest Americans?” was meant to call attention to the dubiousness of affirmative action.

    Similar to the Asian American population, attainment rates vary widely between countries. While some African immigrants to the United States such as Nigerians, Egyptians, and Beninese each have around 59% with bachelors degrees, others come as refugees from places such as Sudan and Somalia have comparatively less stellar statistics 40% and 16% respectively. Out of sub-Saharan Africans, Nigerians have the both the largest number of immigrants as well as the highest educational attainment and income statistics. For all African immigrants, their statistics are only slightly edged out by Egyptians.

    Go and read Chance. Please do yourself a favour and stop making up things.

    With rest to black crime, please read The Truth About Black Crime
    by: R Jeneen Jones

  14. Chance

    @ James Shelton,

    The black immigrants on average who come to live in London or Europe in general often come from countries that are less developed than the UK and Europe. Therefore, these black immigrants feel the pressure to graduate from the university and work a heard to get ahead in their new found country. But when their children and grand children are born in the UK many of them end up having the social problems and pathologies that many black British kids and adults have like crime, out of wedlock births, violence, gangs, drugs, etc many of the back pathologies that are rampant among blacks in London and other British cities are the result of children and adults who are second, third, and fourth generation black who descended from immigrants.

    It is the children, grand children and great grand children that will determine how the the black British are viewed as a race. On top of that when former Prime minister Tony Blair was leaving office he acknowledged that the blacks of London had an out of control crime problem, and he was criticized for it.

  15. Randi

    Chance you need to check mulatto crime stats in the UK too. They’re also on the rise in the US. One trend I’ve noticed is mulattos teaming up with whites to commit hate crimes against blacks. And speaking of out-of- wedlock births, James you should tell Chance about all the white women producing illegitimate children there. The fact that so many were shipped to the US should provide an indication of what those women are capable of. And while you’re at it tell Chance about all the mulattos abandoned in orphanages because their white moms can’t cope. Plenty of them also leave their children in the care of their black dad or some random black family so they can return to white men. Research the Amani Toomer divorce saga. He plays for the NY Giants. His Russian wife had 5 abortions in rapid succession so she could divorce him, take his money and have no little reminders once she returned to her own people. They really have black men pegged in this country, but that Russian took it to the max. Amani put her in charge of his charitable foundation for underprivileged kids (meaning blacks) and she refused to dispense the funds. I guess that proved how much she cared for his people,huh.

    Do you remember that white woman who went on a tear screwing every black man she could get her hands so she could transmit AIDS to them? She has a mulatto son too.

    Here’s an except you’ll find of interest. She kept right on infecting black men while out on bail and wouldn’t cooperate with the police in locating her victims. Some of those black men were weeping openly once they realized why their angel “insisted” on having unprotected sex with them.

    AIDS revenge woman may have infected dozens

    POLICE are searching for men across the country who may have had unprotected sex with a HIV positive London woman who was jailed for giving a lover the killer virus.
    Sarah Jane Porter, a 43-year-old mother of one, was yesterday sentenced to 32 months in prison for knowingly infecting her boyfriend of two years with HIV, which then led to AIDS.
    She pleaded guilty to recklessly inflicting gross bodily harm in court last month.

  16. Chance

    This is shocking!!!

  17. james shelton

    To Chance.

    I am not only appalled by your statement but actually fearful that this may lead to the incitement of racial hatred towards Black people by some of your bloggers

    I would also to mention that there is a difference between the outlooks of black african and black carribean peoples from a similar socio-economic background. Those of black african origin tend to ‘do better’. This focuses on the influence of cataclysmic events like ‘the Slave Trade’ even more, but no doubt i’ll be shouted down in any case.
    I have also encountered a lot of angry extremely violent young black and mixed race men. Tony Blair is less than half right when he talks about it being a black problem
    If Mr Blair has been quoted correctly? That ?the spate of knife and gun murders in London was not being caused by poverty, but a distinctive black culture? Then I really do question his suitability to govern over a multicultural and diverse society for these sentiments and lets call them what they are ?Racist? opinions are what one would expect of someone in such an influential position.
    Was it not also Mr Blair who supporting the changes to the race laws and in The Race Relations Act 1976 (as amended by the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000?
    This Act states the statutory obligations that public bodies should have due regard for in all aspects of their business, both internally and extyernally are:
    ? Elimination unlawful racial discrimination
    ? Promote equality of opportunity; and
    ? Promote good race relations between people of different racial groups.
    I am assuming that the business of the governing of the United Kingdom is exempt from such good practise? And they need not promote anything positive
    One thing is for sure Mr Blair views which are an anachronism means that he can now proudly sit alongside the other ?Great? Eugenicists such as Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler to name but a few. I do agree with Mr Blair on one thing though, we should not let political correctness get in the way of the debate, so lets call a racist bigot just that when they are discovered.
    criticism of a phenomenon like gang culture can be race-related without being racially prejudiced. The guiding principle should be that everyone ought to be judged by their conduct, not their race. Black youths have been drawn disproportionately to gang life, but it’s not because they are black. The congregations of evangelical churches are also disproportionately black but that tendency too is not causally connected to race, if you this this not the case then I truly feel sorry for Chance.
    It states: “Just 32% of all white children there got five ‘good’ GCSEs last year, compared with 39% of blacks and 52% of Asians. In Leicester, just 24% of whites got five decent GCSEs.”
    whites actually commit more crime. A large survey carried out by the Home Office in 2003 found that white men were more likely to admit to having broken the law in the past year than were blacks, Asians or people of mixed race. Fully 18% of whites aged 10 to 25 admitted to a violent crime, and 15% said they had committed a theft. Young whites are also most likely to take Class-A drugs (the most serious kind).”

    One can’t deny that the majority of young men killing each other in gang wars are minorities. But one can deny that the reason they are so violent and immoral is because of their race. That is false and an insult to the majority of blacks and other minorities who are decent, law-abiding persons. One can’t deny that minorities are undereducated as a group and underrepresented in our colleges and universities, and in the professions and skilled trades. But one can deny that the reason minorities are underrepresented is because their race makes them genetically inferior and incapable of competing with “white” America. Even so, it is true that many minorities are not in college or working as doctors or lawyers or teachers or auto mechanics, etc., because of their race.
    It is possible that some day you Chance may be able to look at people of different races (blacks inparticular) and see them as human beings without losing sight of what is special and unique about racial or ethnic membership. We do not need to be colourblind, nor should we strive to ignore racial differences. But they should be seen in a proper perspective: significant in forming us, but irrelevant to our status as human beings capable of both the highest moral and intellectual behaviour and of bestial depravity and moronic incompetence.

  18. james shelton

    There are many things i could say about mix children crime in the uk, but that is not the reason am here. unlike most mix people here, i am here to promote tolerance, equality and anti racism.

    i read Chance last comment on the other topic and i am very happy that he made that comment and i think that he will continue to do so.

  19. Randi

    I wouldn’t bet on it.

    i read Chance last comment on the other topic and i am very happy that he made that comment and i think that he will continue to do so.

    Quite honestly the best thing mulattos can do for blacks is to keep revealing this type of bigotry you find all over the internet and IRL. Who could possibly cling to or have the least bit of consideration for people like this? They make our job easy if you want to know the truth.

  20. Joseph


    Mulattoes have done much to help your people. At the very least they have garnered some respectability for you. If it is the job of black people to belittle another race I feel sorry for you. I’d suggest you guys are better served to better yourselves.

  21. Randi


    Belittling another race is all your people are doing in the name of distinguishing yourselves and proving to whites how much you actually have in common with them. However, it serves black people well because it provides those admirers something to ponder. Perhaps this is the reason so many of you are abandoned by your black fathers and raised in single households. I’m just speculating.

    If it is the job of black people to belittle another race I feel sorry for you.

    I get the impression you too are shaped by experiences like this fella.

    ive always dealt with this from my family. i was raised by my mothers parents who are white and ive never met my father or any of his family. ive explained all this in my “growing up mulatto”thread. so only knowing one side of your heritage is really hard especially when u are the only one of color in your family….ive been called some very negative things at home where youre supposed to feel safe and loved. but my family had a lot to learn because eventually i stopped crying and i was angry…it became my goal to make them cry. and i was successfull at times. but everythings ok…i grew out of that and now i feel that its best that i just show them that i dont need to be identified. i dont need to explain anything that i have no control over…and i personally do need to talk to them about it anymore. i was really hurt by things that were said and done by my faimly to my granparents fro taking me in the first place because the faimly felt i didnt belong or i would stain the family. its just strange that i still have those feelings and they seem to not.

  22. Joseph


    Actually I was raised by my black family, but unlike the guy in your quote I’ve got plenty of contact with my white family. What irked me the most about my black family is that they kept telling me I was black, but personal experience in the black world would leave me confused as to why I was clearly not considered black by them. By the way, I have a white father and a black mother and it is my mother whom I live with. I think you trying to link me to this other person clearly shows how you are blinded by your prejudice because other than us being Mulatto we have completely different backgrounds. The person in my family I got along with most, even more than my mom, was her mother. So I’ve got no problem with black people, the only problem I had was them telling me that I was black. It was sort of like them voluntarily stomping out half of my heritage.

  23. Chance

    Randi Wrote:
    Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 7:57 am –

    Belittling another race is all your people are doing in the name of distinguishing yourselves and proving to whites how much you actually have in common with them. However, it serves black people well because it provides those admirers something to ponder. Perhaps this is the reason so many of you are abandoned by your black fathers and raised in single households. I’m just speculating.

    My response: What about those mulattoes (mixed race kids) who have white fathers and fathers from other racial and ethnic groups, and those fathers abandon them what about that. In top of that many black men abandon black women whom they have children with. So black men abandoning their kids has nothing to do with race because black men have abandoned kids regardless of the ethnicity of the mother.

    Randi who is this mulatto you are quoting, who was raised by his grandparents? And is there a link to where I can find this post that this mulatto allegedly wrote. If this mulatto even wrote it, it could be fabricated, I am not saying you made it up. So who is it?

  24. Joseph


    “I’m just speculating.”

    Than I must say that according to you, black men are horrible fathers. If that’s what your men go around doing, humping the women of other races and impregnating them than I’ve gotta say, I don’t like your kind. It does remind me of the many families I’ve worked with where black men have had children with so many women. There is this black guy who was married (seperated), has a mistress at the same time, and like 7 kids by all his women. You guys need to control yourselves. I won’t speculate that this is what all black men do, but in my experience this seems to be a common trend.

    Concerning the post to quoted by some Mulatto, we all have our experiences. I think your problem is that you want Mulattoes to not only acknowledge their black heritage (which I believe most do, contrary to what you may believe) but to identify as a black person. Heed it from the words of a Mulatto, I’m not black, but I’ve got black culture, I’m not white but I’ve got white culture too. I primarily identify myself as American, usually New Yorkin cause I have New York culture. 🙂

  25. james shelton

    to Joseph..

    is there anything wrong with the black member of your family wanting you to be black?

    from reading your comment, i can tell that you dont have bad feelings towards blacks. but some of your comment is really not flattering to blacks either. it comes across that you are seeing only the negative part of black and not the good side. Maybe try to see the good part (not following the media version of blacks), i assure you that the out come would be different. there are so many negative stereotype about black people and some blacks live up to these stereotype but it doesnt it is for all. to say that these negative stereotype applies to all blacks and an insult to millions of blacks that are fighting against this stereotypes

    i Think Randi, is angry because he is probably one of those blacks that consider mix people as blacks. and when you say that mix are not blacks and maked comment about the negative stereotypes associated with black. to him is like a betray. this might not be the case, so please dont quote me on this.

    randi, if you are reading this am not saying this is you, am not assuming.

  26. Chance

    Randi spelled with an i at the end means female and Randy spelled with the y at the end means male. Toni (female) and Tony (male) On the internet you can use which ever you want and be who ever you want even gender wise.

  27. Randi

    I think your problem is that you want Mulattoes to not only acknowledge their black heritage (which I believe most do, contrary to what you may believe) but to identify as a black person.


    If you pay attention to anything I’ve written, I wouldn’t dream of having mulattos identifying as black, which they do on their own when it’s to their convenience. I’ve learned too much to ever view them as having any connection to me personally. Some black men are waking up as they now come to grips with how their mixed raced children turn on blacks worse than any other demographic. They’re having an epiphany. Make no mistake I welcome this separation. It’s the best thing for both groups. I believe each branch will grower stronger independently once the lines are drawn. Let’s see how much mulattos reproduce amongst themselves as blacks are waking up one by one. Sidney Poiter refused to lend his support to Project Race although he has 2 daughters by his current wife.

    In the early 1990s, not long after the formation of Project RACE, I met Sidney Portier’s daughter Pamela. She came to my home. We “clicked” as friends. She was very excited about Project RACE and told me she was certain her father would help us, after all he was married to a white woman and they had two biracial daughters-Pam’s half-sisters. She called her father and asked him to speak out and help the multiracial movement. He turned her down cold. He said he would not get involved; it wasn’t his problem and it certainly wasn’t her problem. Pam sighed, said she was sorry, and then told me she would be going to Africa for a while. That was the last time I heard from her.

    Here’s what another mulatto expressed to a report that interracial marriages were on the decline. This shouldn’t affect “hook ups” though. I know some are concerned about this.

    This is disappointing, since interracial marriage is the key to ever-growing numbers of mulatto people. Though currently in a down-trend, I do feel that interracial relationships will rebound in the near future.

    As for the KKK, I don’t think they have any real impact on US society. I think the main thing affecting interracial marriages are racial solidarity movements, white flight, black male incarceration, high rates of HIV among black americans, rising populations of Asian and Hispanic Americans, and other factors.

    I’m familiar with a number of quotes from the guy who wrote the above and know he’s rabidly racist against blacks but look how he want them to mate with whites folks for one reason.

    Chance, yes I have links for all my quotes. After I finish the rest of his comments I may post the link. He’s in TN if I’m not mistaken.

  28. Randi


    I can say unequivocably that I do not consider mulattos as black. I will treat them with the same respect as anyone else, but I will not acknowledge any special ties as we’re so often relied upon. It’s the same as if they were asian, latino, or native american to me. I basically consider them another group blacks have to look over their shoulder for because they NEVER direct their hate towards any other group particularly if they are similar in phenotype. This is pretty much all that matter to mulattos from what I can tell. Those that do not possess LSGH are just out of luck within their own community.

  29. james shelton

    To Randi.

    With reference to seperating mix race people from the blacks race, is this strictly refering to those mix with white, or all mix in general.

    Am a black, but mix with indian, i know
    alot people like myself ( south asian mix)those wouldnt want to be be classified a different race from the black race. whether this is so for the oriental mix is not certain.

    in the UK when you say mix race, you are generally refering to people of black and white heritage. more often than not, mix race people are regardrd as mix race people.

  30. Cee Cee

    A lot of these blacks are coming from poor neighborhoods and many of then feel there is no way out. No jobs, crooked politicians and police officers(not all). Unfortunatly when you live in a community where the educational system is poor, the job market is almost nonexistent, the people of the community get involved in a life of crime, but that isn’t the only reason. I personally think alot of this behavior starts from the home. Many of our young black men are being raised in poor, single parent homes. These boys never grew up with postive male figures in their homes and as they get older they don’t know how to be responsible men. Their moms are out working two or three jobs to support the family and they’re left alone to run the streets! Im disgusted at what the black community has become and I hope my people really start getting their acts together. The first thing we have to start doing is getting back to basics. Ladies stop going around have all these babies by these deadbeats who are not going to be around to help you raise your babies. I think a lot of these children coming from single parent homes are the problems. Women can raise a boy, but we can’t raise men. They need fathers. Stop making excuses and lets get it together.

  31. Melody

    I hate what’s going on too but rest assured black women aren’t the only ones giving birth to children fathered by low lifes. Plenty of mulattos are made from these unions too. Check the trailer parks, rural areas, Canada and the UK.

  32. Randi

    This mulatto took the concept of mixing way too far.,0.jpg

    Texas man accused of cooking his girlfriend
    Jan 8, 2008

    CHICAGO (AFP) — A Texas man accused of cooking pieces of his murdered girlfriend said he did it on orders from God, investigators said.

    Christopher McCuin, 25, is being held on capital murder charges in the slaying of his 21-year-old girlfriend, court officials told AFP Tuesday.

    A local judge has issued a gag order in the case but grisly details emerged in the local paper.

    “He said God told me to do it,” Smith County Sheriff Lt. Larry Wiginton told the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

    Another law enforcement official, Sheriff J. B. Smith, told the newspaper that investigators found an ear boiling in a pot of water and a plate of human flesh on the kitchen table of McCuin’s mother’s house.

    It was a horrific culmination to a weekend spree for which McCuin has expressed no remorse, Smith said.

    “You ask yourself how anyone could do anything like this to someone else. I just don’t have an answer,” the longtime sheriff told the paper.

    Officials said McCuin kidnapped Jana Shearer on Friday night and beat her to death somewhere in the southern part of the rural county.

    He then drove to his estranged wife’s house around 3 am Saturday, broke into the home and stabbed her boyfriend several times in the shoulder.

    He was still at the house when police showed up, but jumped into his truck and escaped.

    “The deputies took out after him, but quickly lost him,” Smith said. “We don’t know if the body was in the truck at that time or not.”

    At some point that morning he broke into a store that sells custom doors and windows before going to his mother’s house and telling her and her husband to come see what he’d done.

    They fled when they saw Shearer’s body in the truck and went to the police station to report the crime.

  33. Chance

    @ Randi,

    What qualifies this man to be a mulatto? Is he biracial? He has the phenotype of a griffe and not of the traditional mulatto phenotype. If the man is not bi racial or if does not have the traditional mulatto phenotype that dark skin blacks considered a mulatto phenotype then the young murderer is black not mulatto in phenotype. He is a griffe in phenotype (physical appearance) and therefore, is considered black by blacks who are dark skin and blacks in general.

    To see a picture of this young murder type the name Christopher McCuin under google image search.

  34. james shelton

    This is really silly.

    Christopher McCuin has committed an unspeakable crime, whether his ia black or molatto should not be the subject of discussion. it a real shame that this appears to be the case here.

    from his picture you can tell he has the phyiscal appearance of a black man, but at the same time you can tell that he is someone with mix white heritage. the average black dont dont have his hair texture or colour. LIke Christopher McCuin, tiger woods has the colour and physical appearence of a black man but still he is not allowed to identify as a black man according to you articles. if tiger wood is not a black man, then i say that this man is not a black man by your definition.

    furthermore i was under the impression that despite physical appearances, the genetic makeup of an individual is the determining factor of his/her race. if this is not the case then some southern asians would be class as blacks.

    i truely feel sorry for people with mix white heritage with who share phenotype with blacks and african. because they would not be able to identify as either black or mulatto.

    the difference between blacks and mulatto in most cases overlap. that why i laugh at comment from people like Ashley and the rest.

    please we need to see pass race, when dealing with individuals.

  35. Chance

    That could be a texturizer, small curl, or s curl in his hair, and may not be his natural hair texture. Maybe it is his hair texture but looks more like a texturizer. Yes his has done a bad deed by killing his white girl friend.

    Yes you genotype plays a role in determining your race but your phenotype plays a stronger role. The young man has phenotype that is in general harmony with black phenotypes on the planet. he has a sub Saharan African phenotype.

    But I say that people should be allowed to self identify ethnicity wise as they please regardless of their phenotype.

  36. james shelton

    to Chance

    There are several groups of dark-skinned people who live in various parts of Asia, Australia and Oceania. They include the Indigenous Australians, the Melanesians, the Andamanese people of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India, the Semang people of the Malay peninsula, the Aeta people of Luzon, and various indigenous peoples sometimes collectively known as Negritos

    By their phenotype such people resemble Africans with dark skin and sometimes tightly coiled hair. Genetically they are distant from Africans and are more closely related to the surrounding Asian populations in the same way that Africans are more closely linked genetically to Europeans despite differences in skin colour.

    would you consider such people black, even thou genetypically they are distance from Africans.

    take for instances somalians and ethiopian, they are black? they are african but most of them have the phenotype of some mix race people (mulattoes)

    one has to be very careful when using phenotypes as a determining factor when classifying the race of an individual. as it can be in some cases extramely unreliable.

    Genetype is the determining for factor in race classification.

    in the case of the Australia aboriginal, their gene pool have been traced back to a tribe in african, so they are black by genotype. (a study carried out by University of Cambridge)

  37. chris

    Well, this is interesting.
    Let me start 1st by saying, i’m “white”.
    I have alot of friends of different “races”.
    In my expirience ive come to believe that intelligence does not come from race or culture or anything like that. It come from using your brain. Giving your brain exercise. Keeping away from substances that kill brain cells. And keeping yourself healthy enough, mentally and physically so that your brain can focus more on solving the problems of life.
    The main problem that Africans, African-Americans, as well as Latino-Americans have, is that more often than Caucasians they lead a stressful life. If you lead a stressful life, your brain is more focused on just basic survival in your society. Your brain will focus on menial tasks be it working at a low paying job, selling drugs, stealing, or whatever it takes to pay those bills. And why do minorities resort to these negative ways of life? Some think its the only way. Some are forced into it by circumstance. Some are raised that way. Some have their parents taken away by violence. There are an infinite number of reasons why. And what do the lower-class minorities say? Blame the White man. Sure the White man started lots of trouble in the past. And there is still tension today. But he is not to blame for what is going on today. Its not easy to come back from what has happened in the past. But for White, Black, Asian, and Latin
    the challange is the same: Make your way in life, and make the most of it, and out of yourself. Get an education, get a degree, and get a well-paying career. Don’t sit at home and collect a welfare check, or run the streets. It only leads to death or prison. I know the Black, Latino populations in America can do better for themselves, they just have to believe it.

    Some of your statements has no ground and lack black evidence. And some wnere out there racist. Mr you have to change your thinking.

  38. amber young

    I believe you. I think that lack of moral sense is the reason for so much crime within blacks. Our parents are not teaching our kids the moral values that they should be. Its like every generation is learning less and less moral values than the previous generation, causing so much crime and discrimination that lead to even more crime. but you are right in everything you said.

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