By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: There are various political systems through out the world, and every country follows one of these systems. Now some countries combine more than one of these political systems and use it to govern their countries.

The political systems are democracy, communism (socialism), and dictatorships. The collective psychology and morality level of the people living in a country will determine the type of political leaders — and government that will control and rule them.

Some countries and racial groups living in those countries need good dictators to rule over them. Some countries and racial groups are morally developed enough to the point of where they can have a democracy. Some countries and racial groups are not developed enough morally and intellectually to become a democracy but are too developed to be ruled by a dictator.

So these types of countries are rule by a combination of dictatorship combined with democracy. Countries that are very poor are generally ruled by dictators who give the people little democracy. So there are some countries that have too many uneducated and morally corrupt people therefore, they need to be ruled by a dictator.

So countries that are modernized democracies have certain groups of people living in them who are morally corrupt as a collective group, but at the same-time there are racial groups or a particular racial group there that is more morally developed. And it is those who are more morally developed and educated that keep that particular country progressiing economically, politically,  educationally, etc this is a known fact that is seen all around the word.

So moral standards play a major role in the development of a particular country. Even if the people are educated but have a high level of public moral decay among them —  that country will not progress and become a first world country. The highest they can progress towards is the level of a semi dictatorship combined with a little democracy.

So the type of government that a country receives depends upon the level of moral development of the citizens who live in that country. Education alone will not create a democracy among the citizens, but moral development combined with education will.

And all of the other good benefits that makes a country desirable to live in will be added. Every country that is currently a modernized democracy went through the two levels. Those two levels are dictatorship and democracy. Some countries went through three levels they are dictatorship, communism, and democracy. Democracy is the goal of every country.

Also a dictator is a king or queen depending on whether a man or a woman is ruling. So kings are still around in these modern times they are currently called dictators. Democracy is for countries that have citizens who have reached a high level of moral development.

The citizens as a collective are mature enough to be trusted with individual freedom. The citizens are mature enough to decide (vote) who their leaders will be. The citizens of other countries — that have not reached this level are not mature enough as a collective to decide who their political leaders will be so they need some dictator to think for them.

A dictator does not have to always be a tyrant or evil person. Some dictators are good and do help their people progress economically, educationally, morally, politically, etc because the good dictator love his people.
Democracy is the ultimate goal of every country.

BY Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. You Chance as much as I hate to admit you are right, black people and the people of africa are less morally developed. My question always is. What do we do from here to change these issues we suffer from. Mark

  2. TO MARK,

    Unfortunatly blacks in AFRICA and all over the world need to have dictatorss over them. But the dictators must try their best to do right by them.Blacks as a racial group are not free mnentally and morally what do I mean by being free mentally and morally they are not developed enough as a collective racial group to be trusted with Freedom and moral responsibility just observe all around the world where blacks are they are left to themselves and can not remain free of dictators, autocrats, pathological corruption, etc any where we look. Democracy requires that there be a high percentage of the people in a country morally developed. Blacks are not developed morally to a high degree we just have a small percentage of us who are morally developed. So blacks need a good dictator to rule over them and as generations come and go then they can be trusted with freedom, democracy, resposibility because they will have a high percentage of themselves morally developed. IT took America a long time to create the type of democracy that it has. So it takes generations to purify a racial group of its collective flaws every generation has memebers who contribute to this moral development.


  3. Chance I dont know about this dictactor stuff. Our ultimate dictactor should be truth, justice and fairplay and knowledge. The way you judge us is by the results are our neigborhoods clean, safe for kids, can our kids speak articulately ect. I think black folk have some obvious and crippling dysfunctions. I give you an example, this skin color things has resulted in a serious inferiority complex by black people. When I was growing up everyone dumped on whoever was the darkesk. This is truly some sick, sick shit as we are all (black folk) at least partally descendants of africa. I have read autobiographies of over 100 black americans from the past. Everyone from preachers, athletes, activistist, entertainers. They all mentioned that skin color things. Here are some examples, Langston Huges wrote an article praising a prominent african american preacher in harlem. In the article he describred the preachers as being black, the preacher sent word back to Langston not to say he was black (when he was), but to describe him as brown, her are some of famous black people who addressed the skin color thing amongst black folk one way or the other. Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Malcolm X, Ann Moody ( All gods Dangers), Barney Bigard ( New orleans musican who played with duke and satchmo), Marita Golden, Bessie Smith, I can go on and on. My point bieng chance is that black folk have some serious dysfunctions that have never been addressed. Thier are certain laws of order and common sense that black folk are breaking certain fundemental principles of common sense, that lead to pain and suffering. These principle we break include.
    Respect each other
    Saving money
    taking care of our health
    No committment to education
    Bad attitudes projected at ourselves and everyone within our reach. This rules are basic fundemental rules of common sense and decency that we violate everyday and we have the nerve to wonder why we are having so many problems. As for a dictator, our dictator should be all progressive and future thinking behavior, such as truth, self improvement, a fundemental committmen to educating ourselves and learning thre world, and study and use of technology. You are right it will take generations of to get even close to where we need to be however the longer it takes us to get started the longer we will suffer. Mark

  4. TO Mark

    I see your point about all of the dysfuntional behavioral patterns we as black people have. These problems are stemming from a variety of issues that torment blacks some of these issues we created and some other people created for us. But blacks at their currnet level all over the world can not govern themselves left to themselves like black African countries they degenrate to the level of savages and animal like behavior. But a good dictator can help them the way MAHATHIR MOHAMMAD helped MALAYSIA. But enough of the dictator stuff in the future I will address this light skin dark skin thing among blacks. I have had many negative experiences with dark skin blacks who disliked me for being light skin and I did not start it. So, I will write about this stuff soon, I feel that some dark skin blacks have too much self hate and jeaulosy of light skin blacks. And I feel that some light skin blacks think they are better than dark skin blacks and this behavior has to stop on the part of light skin blacks. Also, I feel that not all dark skin blacks are jealous of light skin blacks just some. I will address this issue soon.

    BY Chance

  5. I feel that some dark skin blacks have too much self hate and jeaulosy of light skin blacks. And I feel that some light skin blacks think they are better than dark skin blacks and this behavior has to stop on the part of light skin blacks. Also, I feel that not all dark skin blacks are jealous of light skin blacks just some.

    This is true some darkskin people are jealous of blacks of lightskin blacks, but please do not forget the house nigga field nigga stuff, primarily the houses (n’s) were master children, the fields werent always master kids. You also have to remember that throughout the south and North certain groups of yellow people thought they were so much better, and even excluded darkskin people from thier circles. To be honest a lot of darkskined people did treat lighter ones wrong, however I think this is a reaction to what had been done to all black people by american society at large, however certain groups of yellow folk were particularly offensive towards anyone darker. Case example Billie holiday would be considered lightskin by most black people standards but she had to put up with that nonsense from her own family. You are right thier is blame on both sides and I will never deny that, but as for darkerskined people hating themselves what can you expect when back in the day it was considered an insult to call a man or woman who were actually black black. I have never heard of yellow folk with so much hatred of their skin color. But one thing is for sure in my oppinion and that is black people, dark on down to near white are to fucking shallow. We do way to much of this name calling shit, and this ridiculing of other people. Even if a darkskinned or yellow person did or does hate themselves a lot of that hate could be worked out on the family or self level if we werent putting each other down so much. Because to be honest it aint just black people who have problems with thier looks, its a lot of people including white people, a lot of white people wish they were darker, a lot of white women wish they had shapes like some black women, and way to many black women also seem to wish they were anything but black. I speak of these things chance because as Ive said before it seems to me that when blacks discuss problems we leave out obvious shit that is killing and crippling our progress. I look forward to your post chance. Mark

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