Czar Nicholas II And The Political Right And Left

CZAR NICHOLAS II AND THE POLITICAL RIGHT AND LEFT (The conservative government caused Russia to self-destruct thus giving power to the Bolshevik left)

 BY Chance, Chancellorfiles 


 Czar_nicholas_ll_of_russia_2 Chance: The corrupt conservative government of Czar Nicholas II caused Russia to self destruct and this gave power to the Bolshevik left. The political left and the political right are the two major sides that every political party in every country falls under. If one observes every political party in any country one will notice that it is either a right wing or a left wing political party or a combination of both. Also in these political parties you have some members who are moderates, these moderates are a combination (practice) of right and left. Example a moderate will be liberal (left) to some degree on social issues and conservative (right) to some degree on business issues.


A moderate is a person who is in the center and the center is the best. Now every country always starts out on the political right (conservative), and the political left (liberal) is always weaker in the beginning. The question is how does the political left become stronger and come to power in any country? Example how did the left come to power in Russia? Russia and the Political struggle between the right wing conservative government of Czar Nicholas II and The left wing Bolshevik communist political party.   


 The communist doctrine is a leftist doctrine, yes communism comes from the left; the reason communism gained power in Russia is because the political right became very corrupt, the political right of Russia was conservative. Czar Nicholas II was a conservative; he was a conservative Christian who attended the Greek Orthodox Church. Czar Nicholas II believed in following the traditions of Russian society, and any society that is conservative does not allow a lot of change for the better or the worst. It's like being locked in time and not being able to move forward. Czar Nicholas II failed to realize that being too conservative and not changing his social views are what gave the communist left the millions of followers they needed to overthrow his corrupt conservative Russia government.


 Yes, it was all Czar Nicholas fault. How was it all Czar Nicholas fault?  He saw all of the poverty, starvation and people dying because of lack of food, unemployment, lack of educational opportunities, rioting in the streets, political corruption, and police and military brutality that the police and military committed to crush the riots.




Chance: The corrupted conservative right blames the communist left for urging and agitating the Russian people to overthrow Czar Nicholas II and his Romonov monarchy. But then the question is how did the left wing Bolshevik communist become so powerful? The major reason the left became stronger and more powerful in Russia is because the conservative right had become very corrupt and unjust towards the Russian people. The Russian people felt unjustifiably oppressed, they felt neglected, powerless, and hopeless. All of this caused the Russian people to hate intensely Czar Nicholas II and his government.


 The neglect that Nicholas II showed towards the Russian people gave the Bolshevik communist left the one ingredient — which they needed to get millions of Russian people on their side. And, that ingredient was the frustrated individual, many Russian people were angry and frustrated at the Russian government of Nicholas II. So the Russian government caused its own self destruction, the one major thing that any government should try to avoid is being hated by many of its people. And Czar Nicholas Romano II became very hated by millions of Russian people. Czar Nicholas II was not a very strong leader, he lacked confidence in himself and many people in Russia felt that he really did not want to rule Russia. He was tired of all the social problems like poverty, unemployment, starvation and lack of food, the riots in the streets, the criticism, and the war with Germany (World War I).




World War I was what finally sealed Czar Nicholas II doom. This war gave the political left complete influence over the Russian people; the Bolshevik left informed the Russian people. That it was Czar Nicholas II and his governments fault that many young Russian men were dying in this war with Germany.


The Bolsheviks said, to the Russian people many of you people are unemployed, starvation and lack of food, suffering, and brutality at the hands of the government. But yet, the Czar wants your sons to go die in the war for his government. But he can't help feed the families, sons, daughters, relatives, mothers and fathers of his soldiers. This war angered the Russian people even more because many young Russian men were killed.


 Many were maimed losing fingers, hands, feet, eyes, and some were paralyzed from the waste down. All because of this war, if the Americans had not entered the war Russia and Europe would have lost to Germany. The final result was – that the Czar and his government was overthrown by the Bolshevik left. And Czar Nicholas and his family were executed by the political leaders of the Bolshevik communist political party.


Some people say that the left is bad and is the cause of all evil, this is not true. The liberal left only becomes powerful when the conservative right is corrupt. So the corrupted conservative right is responsible for causing a lot evil that torments societies through out the world. Liberalism only causes a lot of evil when liberalism is abused or not applied properly by competent leaders. 


When conservative right wing people won't change for the better this causes other people to become frustrated. Because these people want change and in order for a country to be stable it needs to be a moderate (centrist). And what is a moderate it is a person who is a combination of the right (conservative) and left (liberal). Observe all countries around the world and you will see that they fall under one of these three categories 1. Conservative right 2. Liberal left 3. Moderate (Center). Out of all these three the moderate is the best and most superior of them all.



minine And Right Masculine)



Chance: A perfect example of a moderate country is the United States of America. The United States of America is a combination of the right and the left – the left is feminine and the right is masculine. Example Germany and Adolph Hitler were right wing conservatives who wanted to preserve the German culture and heritage.


Also they believed they were superior to other ethnic groups, racism is a right wing conservative doctrine. Another example Russia use to be a communist country – communism is a left wing liberal doctrine that teaches we are all equal. We are all apart of the same country so no one is greater than the other. And the government will provide money, jobs, and education for you. So giving people things freely (liberally) is a female characteristic; just like your Mother usually gives you more freedom (liberty) and she gives you things for free more than  your Father (conservative).



Most countries in the third world are on the side of the conservative right and look at all the violence, lack of education, high unemployment, intense hatred, lack of civil rights, starvation and lack of food, and political corruption. This proves that the conservative right is the cause of most of the evil on the planet. But we need the conservative doctrine so how does the conservative right spread evil on the planet? When it doesn't have enough liberal left mixed with it. When the left doesn't have enough of the conservative right mixed with it then the left starts giving privileges, benefits, money, social programs, and other things too freely and because of this excessive giving the left unintentionally spreads evil.


So the conservative right spreads evil because it is too rigid and inflexible and don't want to change for the better. Because the right wing conservatives in every country don't want to have to share power with other people in the country, who differ in opinions and ideas from them. Look at countries that are either right or left and you will see that they are in chaos and their people are very unhappy.


A country that is a moderate (combination of right and left) is a much happier country not perfect but happier. So it is when excessive and extreme conservative rightist or liberal leftist politics have been taken to their extreme, this is what causes evil. So we must never go to the extremes of the right or the left. We must become moderates as soon as possible or world war III will break out on our earth again.


Now we know that the corrupted conservative right is the cause that creates the excessive liberal left affect. So the conservatives in every country need to add more liberal left to their politics, and then they won't have to worry about the extreme liberal left overthrowing their government. So the conservative right is the negative cause and the extreme liberal left is the effect so for every action there is an equal reaction the law of cause and effect yes the law of karma.




Written during the 21st centuty by Chance

  1. Yo Chance you are right as in most things one should be moderate. I have liberal views but I also have extremely conservative view. You are correct also in stating that Czar Nick was weak, he was also incompetant. Part of this wasnt his fault because he was never properly trained to be Czar before his father died. To be honest he never wanted to Czar. I think the biggest problem that led to the overthrow of the Czar’s govermtent was the fact that they couldnt feed their people, or soldiers, also a lot of the generals in Russias army were political appointees, but even worse they were incompetent. Having said that the Bolsheviks were worse than the Czar now hows that for irony. Mark

  2. Yes Mark the Bolsheviks were bad but if czar Nicholas ll had stayed in power the country would have gotten even worse than the bolsheviks. Did Russian’s czar Nicholas even learn anything from the FRANCE situation. When the french people overthrew there KING and Queen and had the king and queen (marie antoinette) heads chopped off. Why did the french people do this because they did not have enough food to eat. They were starving and hungry and the economy was doing bad. Lack of food will cause people to overthrow governments if they can’t immigrat to a better country.

    MEXICO is next watch, Mexico will have an internal civil war with the government and people immigration has kept it from happening so far. Because they can go to a better country called AMERICA and get better jobs etc but that will not stop the coming revolution approachingf MEXICO in the near future.


  3. Yo chance you are right about the French Revolution when you cant even give the people bread and your queen insist on living in the lap of luxury youve got trouble. If Czar had only had bread for his people and soldier they might have not lost that war. He may not have been overthrown. Mark

  4. That is all corrct Mark food makes a difference in whether or not you make it and a ruler.

    BY Chance

  5. Yo Chance just wanted to check in with you hope everything is alright. Mark

  6. Hey Mark

    Everything is all good and I shall resume posting next week.

    By Chance

  7. Roman

    Lies! All of it is a lie! The Czar deserves much more respect than that! You treat him as if he were cruel but he wasn’t, he was one of the best. He did have food and was very kind.The people just changed. Don’t forget who killed him and his family; the Bolsheviks!!!

  8. Chance

    @ Roman,

    Roman if czar Nicholas’ government was so great then how come people sided with the Bolsheviks, it was because the Czar’s government was incompetent.

  9. Ron Ryan

    I’m sick to death of all this revisionist thinking on the Romanovs!!!! He wasn’t a consevative. He was a reactionary dictatator who viciously oppressed his people. He was also a religious nut who said God meant him to rule. His actions led to the deaths of millions of Russians. He got what he deserved!!!!! And now the frauds under their onion comes are calling him a martyr. What about the hundreds of people murdered on bloody Sunday?

  10. RJ

    Was Trotsky really Bronstein, living in New York before 1917? Was Lenin a Talmudic Jew? Was The Bolshevik leaders/Commissars mostly Jewish? Did they kill between 60 to 100 Million white/Christian Russians between 1917 & 1945? Did Communism take over most of Europe, & was stopped by Germany? The whole truth does not corroborate the above story? Is not the lie of omission not the most effective lie, as Stalin said? Why must we be labeled left, right or center – Why not Children of the Living God, Jesus Christ? That is a label i gladly accept. Trotsky, probably fits in the category of child of the devil… John 8:44 (…just saying 😉 )

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