Mexico And Japan


(Japan has no natural resources Mexico has many natural resources then why is Japan a wealthier country?) 

Chance: When I see many Japanese and Mexican immigrants coming to America one can’t help but to observe the difference in their accomplishments of education, economics, and the types of jobs they apply for. The thoughtful ones often ask themselves why is there a difference in one group of people and another when it comes to achievements in certain areas?

Example when you look at Japanese people living in America you will notice, that they often pursue jobs that pay a lot more and these jobs are technical jobs. You don’t see many Japanese working in large numbers minimum wage jobs, some do but not many. Go and observe little Tokyo in Los Angeles, California and go to other American cities in the United states of America that have Japanese communities — and you will see that the people are very educated not all but the majority. And they work in very high skilled jobs that require technical and computer knowledge, engineering, science and math in order to do the job.

I’m talking about Japanese born in the United States of America, those Japanese who come from Japan to live in America, and Japanese who live in Japan. Some people just say that Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans who are born in the United States are inferior to Japanese immigrants and Japanese Americans who are born in the United States.

This is not true because there is no race or ethnic group that is superior because of their ethnicity. It is all about how each racial and ethnic group takes advantage of their genetic make up, natural talents, education, moral development, cultural development, etc these things can make a particular racial or ethnic more evolved and developed than another. Because if one ethnic group continue to develop themselves and another group lags and is culturally stagnant. Then the natural result will be that the ethnic group that continued to develop its culture will be more successful than the ethnic group that did not continue to develop its culture.
Now let’s take a look at the Mexican immigrants the majority of Mexican immigrants currently work low paying jobs — some move up to the economic ladder and get higher blue collar jobs that pay a lot more.  And a smaller percentage of Mexican immigrants go to the university and receive a college degree and use that degree to get a high paying white collar job. When you look at Japanese Americans and Mexican Americans you see that the Japanese Americans work higher paying jobs that require math, science, engineering and sophisticated computer skills.


If we look at Mexico we will see that Mexico has all kinds of natural resources like oil, silver, gold, lead, zinc, copper, and timber. And now, let’s look at Japan’s natural resources fish yes; this is true Japan’s major natural resource is fish notice the Japanese are famous for their fish cuisines like sushi. Everybody knows that sushi is a Japanese fish cuisine. Now Mexico having all these natural resources especially oil should be a very wealthy country, and Japan having no natural resources should be a very poor country but this is not the case.

Mexico is a poor second world country and Japan is a wealthy first world country why is this? The reason is very simple Japan is rich in human resource (human capitol)– and what is human resource (human capital)? It is educated people Japan has millions of educated people who graduated from high school and universities. Now in world war II one of the major reasons that Japan got involved with the war was because Japan needed natural resources like oil, gold, silver, zinc, lead, timber, etc but out of all the natural resources Japan needed oil the most.

Adolf Hitler the leader of Germany knew that Japan needed oil and that Japan had also planned to conqueror other Asian
Countries and by conquering other Asian countries then Japan could take their natural resources especially the oil. But look at Japan today they buy all of their natural resources from other countries without invading them and taking their resources why?

Because the Japanese are using their education and intelligence to buy the natural resources they need. Now if we look at Mexico we will notice that Mexico has a lot of natural resources like oil but Mexico is a poor second world country. If it was not for Mexico being so close to America and allowing the America government and businesses to take advantage of its oil and other natural resources Mexico would be a third world country like it use to be.

But even with America giving Mexico financial loans and sending certain jobs to Mexico-Mexico is still a very poor country why? Because Mexico has fewer educated people and in the Mexican school system the children are given free education up to the sixth grade and after the sixth grade; the parents have to pay for their children’s education from 7th grade to 12th grade.

So many parents can’t afford to pay the Mexican school system that is run by the Mexican government. So this is why most Mexicans only have a sixth grade education and when they come to the United States they are not skilled technologically, scientifically, and not skilled computer wise.

Most Mexican are skilled agriculturally, manually ( factory and warehouse skills) and work other minimum wage type jobs now Japan’s public school system educate their children all the way to the 12th grade for free without charging the parents.

When many Mexicans come to the united states their children are born here and some of the influences that the Mexican parents had in Mexico about types of jobs to work unintentionally ( not on purpose ) rubs off on their united states born children and you see many Mexican American adults born in the united states working lower minimum wage jobs for many years.

Also, some move up to blue collar jobs and others go and get higher education from a university and then get a white collar job. But often many Mexican Americans semi follow in the tracks of their Mexican parents and only work lower paying jobs not all but many.

Japanese Americans follow in their parents shoes and apply for higher paying jobs not all but many. So Mexico is rich in natural resources and Japan is rich in human recourses.


Chance: So what it finally comes down to is Education vs. Natural resources and the winner is education a perfect example is the United States of America-the United States has educated people and natural resources and look how wealthy America is. Look at the Middle East those Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran,
Iraq, Kuwait and other Middle Eastern Muslim countries they all have oil but they are poorer than Mexico.

Also the Middle East has more oil than Mexico but compared to the Middle East Mexico has more educated people than many Middle East Muslim countries. So therefore, Mexico is rich in human resources when compared to the Muslim Countries of the Middle East — and this is why Mexico currently has a higher standard of living than Middle Eastern Muslim countries.

So no ethnic group or racial group is inferior because of their race or ethnicity the wealth of a country depends on the education and civil rights of its people.

By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. The same can be said about AFRICA — AFRICA has a lot of oil and AFRICA has more oil than all the other continets in the world. Also the Middle East is a part of AFRICA many people think the Middle East is separate but in reality the it is a part of AFRICA. Arabs just so happen to be the mnajority in the Middle East. So Africa’s western countries have a lot of oil also, countries like nigeria has a lot of oil. Other West African countries have oil but the reason why Africa is poor is because they don’t have enough human resources meaning educated people who they would know how to use the oil to benefit their particular AFRICAN country. This is a tragedy it really is too many Black African leaders want to keep black citizens poor and uneducated so that these citizens will never remove them from power by using a democratic voting system. The same applies for the Arab countries of the Middle East (esat Africa) they keep their people poor and uneducated only a small percent receive a good education. Also the laws of Arab Muslim countries make it difficult for the educated people to create a democracy. The Arab leaders use the Islamic religion to oppress its people, there is nothing wrong with Islam the problem is how it is being interpreted by the leaders. SIGH!

    The oppression and lack of civil rights in the Middle Eastern Arab countries (located in east Africa) and the West African, Central African, and sounth Africa makes many of the few educated people leave and immigrate to other countries. This creates more problems because now too many educated people have fled country because their is no democracy or corrupt democracy.


    I feel that war is probably the only war to remove these corrupt politcal dictatorships and corrupt democracies in Africa and the Middle East. Yes, war has its benefits as well as casualties, but sometime you have to suffer in order to gain. That makes the prize worth while.

    By Chance

  2. The problem is that most of those corrupt leaders in Africa came to power via war. What is going to guarantee that this doesn’t become a cycle?

  3. To RASHID

    That is true and if they want to avoid the same situations in the future then the AFRICAN countries will have to make better strides at educating its people. Look at malasia their former prime minister MATHIR mohammad helped build their economy and educational system and took maylasia from rubber and tin country and made it into a tecnologically advanced country. AFRICAN COUNTRIES should do the same.

    BY Chance

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