Russia, Racism, And Pushkin

Russia, Racism, And Pushkin

BY Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Every since the fall of communism in 1989, Russia has seen a major increase in racial hate crimes. The Russian political communist system was replaced with Democracy and Capitalism, and for the first time many Russians got the opportunity to see how the western world (Europe and the Americas) operated economically and politically.

After experiencing the capitalistic system for a few years – many Russians preferred the old system of communism because in the communist system everything is provided for you basically Jobs, health care, education, salaries are set at a certain price and everybody gets paid the same, etc for many Russians this was a good system because the communist government chose your life style and destiny for you. In a communist system everything is predictable so there are no surprises. In a communist system the government provides everything basically.   

But the CAPITAL system is different – in the capital system you create your own financial destiny, find your own job, housing, food, clothes, career, and find your own health, etc so you choose your life and destiny. Many Russians for the first time now had to make choices for themselves and they had to choose how to live their lives with out the government telling them, and many Russians found this frightening. The capital system is a part of democracy and democracy lets the person chose for his or herself.

Unemployment has rose among Russians because there were not enough entrepreneurs and investors in Russia who were experienced enough to create jobs in a democracy and capitalistic society. They never had to operate as free entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners in Russia with out the communist government having a say so in what they are allowed to do and not do.

And determining how much money the entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners were allowed to keep for themselves while the communist government keeps the rest. When Russia was communist they never had a billionaire when Russia became a democracy and started using the capital system that when business owners started to become billionaires in Russian. Some Russian business owners and investors became billionaires through oil (oil companies).

Many Russians found the democratic system and capitalism very difficult to live under. They now have to find their own jobs, food, housing, careers, etc and many young Russians found it hard to find jobs. Poverty increased among many citizens, and dissatisfaction with the democracy and the capital system set in very strong among Russians of all ages especially the young adults.


Many of the young Russians adults joined skin head gangs and began blaming Russia’s social problems, unemployment, and poverty on non-white immigrants. Many black immigrants from Africa were attacked and beaten and some killed in these hate attacks. Also, Chinese immigrants have been attacked and beaten and white immigrants from former Russian Soviet states have been beaten and killed. These young skin heads find it difficult to find jobs in a democratic capitalistic Russia, so they take their frustrations out on defenseless immigrants.

These white skin heads don’t won’t to face the reality — that it was their own white government back in the year 1917, during the Russian revolution that preferred the communist system over the democracy and capitalist system. And, in 1989, again the Russian government discontinued the communist system and replaced it with democracy and the capitalistic system.

These white racist skin heads really want to lash out at the Russian government, but they know that the government will punish them with jail, prison, and violence if they attack the Russian government. They are taking the misdirected anger out on defenseless immigrants. It takes a long time to see the major benefits of democracy and capitalism.

Had Russia’s Bolshevik communist party chose democracy over communism back in 1917 then Russia would be were America and Europe is today financially, economically, politically, educationally, etc but the Bolsheviks preferred communism. These skin heads need to understand that senseless violence against poor defenseless immigrants is a weak person’s way escaping from having to deal with the problem.

Russians should study more and more about American and European democracy, and receive encouragement from the struggles that those Europeans and Americans went through when they first started utilizing the system of democracy and capitalism.


Racist violence is a mounting problem in Russia. Members of ultranationalist and other groups regularly harass or attack Africans, Asians, and non-Slavic residents from the Caucasus or the formerly Soviet republics of Central Asia.

Certain Russian politicians also have been blaming immigrants, democracy, and capitalism for Russians unemployment problems and other social ills. Many of these Russian politicians that hate democracy and capitalism are communist politicians. They still prefer the communist system, and they are the one in politics who inflame disgruntled and unhappy Russians with talk about how back the economy is and capitalism is responsible for the high unemployment rate.

This type of talk makes these white racist skin heads and other angry Russians go out and regularly harass or attack Africans, Asians, and non-Slavic residents from the Caucasus or the formerly Soviet republics of Central Asia. The local police often don’t care about what happens to those who are attacked by white racist – because many of the local police feel the same way as those white skin head racist and other whites who are attacking the victims.

Many of these racial attacks happen in Moscow, ST. Petersburg, and other Russian cities and towns that have immigrants. It is a good thing that many human rights organizations continue to stage and hold protest marches bringing attention to these senseless racial hate crimes.


Alexander_pushkin_2  Chance: Alexander Pushkin is still one of Russia’s most famous poets; Pushkin was mixed with black and white. His Great-grandfather on his mother’s side was a black man named Hannibal, and it’s taught that Hannibal came from Ethiopia. But strong evidence suggests that he came from a village bordering what is today Chad and Cameroon.

Pushkin’s great-grandfather divorced his first wife but got a married a second time. Hannibal’s second wife was a white Russian woman and they had children together. Alexander Pushkin’s mother was white mixed with black ancestry, and his mother married a white military officer in the Russian army.
So Pushkin received the mixed black blood from his mother and the full white blood from his father who was apart of the Russian military. Alexander Pushkin lived during the nineteenth century and during this time Russian books and literature was written in French.
And if people wanted to read they had to learn French. But only the Russian aristocracy spoke French and their children were sent to private schools and taught French. So during Alexander Pushkin’s time Russian writers and authors wrote in french. Puskin’s family was apart of the aristocracy class so Pushkin spoke French also.
The Russian people at this time many had never went to school, and they could only speak Russian, and many could not even write in Russian, they only spoke it. Many of the Russian people were poor during the times of Puskin and had to work hard just to feed themselves and their families.   
The majority of Russia’s literature was written in French, Pushkin decided, that when he wrote he would write in Russian — and have his writings published in Russian — so that the people of Russia could read it. Many of these white Russians could not read and write but some could – and those who cold read were the ones that began to read Pushkin’s books. Writing in Russian made Puskin famous all over Russia; he became the most famous writer in Russia during his time. Pushkin is the reason why Russian literature became so famous. Many famous Russian poets have praised Pushkin for his contributions to Russian literature.

Fyodor Dostoevsky said Pushkin possessed the gift for being able to respond to every event in the world. Alexander Pushkin’s great grand father was brought to Russia a slave and was sold to czar Peter the great. Peter the great treated Hannibal like his own son and Hannibal became very wealthy and was apart of the royal court of Peter the great.

The greatest gift Hannibal gave to Russia was a great grand son named Alexander Pushkin. And the greatest gift that Pushkin gave to white Russian was literature written in Russian. Without Pushkin the black poet of Russia there would have never had been some of the most famous poets of Russian history. The white racists need to remember — that the next time they see a book written in Russian. They should say to themselves we own this to a black man named Alexander Pushkin. Then realize that when they attack a black person in a hate crime they are attacking part of Puskin’s African genetics.


  1. Yo Chance the Russians do not fuck around. They are a hearty and rough group of people. They are use to hardship and struggle. If not for the Russians I believe that Germany would have won the war. As for the skin heads they are simply a bunch of Neantherthals attempting to blame others for thier life’s position.

  2. Yes, Mark Russians are a tough group of people and also, in World war I they technically lost to Germany. Germany had them beaten then came the cease fire agrrement between America, Britian, France, Germany and Russian in world war I. But in that war the Germans had soundly beaten ther Russians and in WW II it was Germany’s fault for attacking Russian when Germany did not have the man power or resources to fight another country. The Skin are just blaming others for their problems I agree that is how it is with this bunch of characters.

    Take care, Mark


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