Linguistic Profiling


Chance Writes: Just like there are racial and gender profilings, there is also linguistic profiling, and linguistic profiling can be a benefit or a disadvantage depending on the situation.

Linguistic Profiling (Voice Profiling)

 Racial Discrimination and gender discrimination are two problems that plague the world currently. Racial and gender discrimination are based upon appearance, but there is another type of discrimination called Linguistic Profiling, what is Linguistic Profiling? It is when you discriminate against a person based upon their ethnic or gender voice. Now linguistic profiling can also include discriminating against someone because their voice reveals that they are mentally handicap or the voice reveals something about them that another person does not like. Linguistic Profiling often happens during a telephone conversation.

Example when a person calls looking for an apartment, and the manager based upon hearing the person’s voice determines that the person belongs to a particular racial or ethnic group.

This can be good or bad for the person looking for an apartment, because the manager might like people from a particular racial or ethnic group, while not liking people who belong to certain other racial groups. The manger heard the voice of the potential renter — and determined that the person belong to a certain ethnic group.

Now the manager can determine whether or not to rent to that person. If he does not want to rent to the person he will tell them some kind of excuse like — I will put you on a waiting list or the apartments have been rented out. Also, when a person calls looking for a job, the employer can also recognize the ethnic voice of the person on the other end of the telephone.

This can help the job seeker or it can become a disadvantage for the job seeker, it all depends on the potential employer. Now some people belong to one racial group but their voice sound like they are from another. But when an employer or apartment manager meet them face to face — they will give them some excuse about why they can not hire them, and the apartment manager will give an excuse about why the apartment is no longer available.

I am just using employers and apartment managers as an example, but this includes anybody who can provide a service to the general public. Now let’s say a person dial’s the wrong number, and you pick up the phone. Often you can recognize the ethnicity of the person by the voice most of the time. Women also have the same problem with employers and in other areas also – because some employers do not prefer to hire women for certain types of positions.

Some Apartment managers will not rent to a woman because of various reasons. One reason is because women want the manager to fix problems immediately when something goes wrong in the apartment.

So, some managers view women as too much of a hassle to deal with. So hearing a woman’s voice on the end of the telephone seeking an apartment — the manager will create an excuse to not rent to her. Now some managers hearing a woman’s voice would prefer to rent to a woman because some apartment managers feel that women take care of apartments better than the majority of male renters. The reality is, that the voice does have power it reveals an identity.

All over the world in every country, and among every language the voice reveals character traits both pleasant and unpleasant, ethnicity, gender (male or female), what type of mood one is in at the moment, etc. The voice is the verb, and it is one of the awe inspiring wonders of humanity.

 BY Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. Good post Chance, but – considering that you raise the possibilities of male / female stratification – it seems like this is more voice or sound profiling than liguistic profiling. Men and women can have the exact same linguistic, or language, grasp but just different tones in their voices.

  2. TO Rashid you are very correct Rashid I do agree and I will go back and add the voice profiling to the essay. You always have some insight into something that I may have missed. Good looking out man.

    By Chance

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