Villains And Money

 Villains And Money


Chance: It is said that the love of money is the root of all evil – money itself is not bad and evil but the love of it makes certain humans do drastic things to gain it. Many philanthropic organizations donate money to help finance various causes like fighting against poverty. Many charities also donate money to help the poor, and some organizations donate money to help fund research in the medical field or in some other field that will benefit humanity with new found solutions for various problems that society has not found a solution for. So money is beneficial also.


Osama Bin Laden inherited millions of dollars from his father when his father died. What makes Osama bin laden and others like him so unique is that he had money to finance his political ideologies. Look at all of the suffering Osama Bin Laden also had time on his hand to plan terrorist attacks around the world. Osama Bin Laden and his followers were responsible for some terrorist attacks in Kenya and Tanzania Africa that killed hundreds of people. Osama had time on his hands to sit around thinking about his political ideology, and money afforded him this luxury called time. Osama Bin Laden is responsible for the SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America. Osama Bin Laden sent nineteen men to America to carry out these terrorist attacks against America. It was money that allowed Osama to sit plot and plan this attack on America. There possibly were other powerful people involved but Osama was one of the master minds if not the chief master mind. Money and the power is good but very dangerous if they ends up in the wrong hands. 



Chance: Poverty is a weapon that keeps certain negative people under control, so poverty has a benefit then. Imagine if all of the poor people throughout the world had millions of dollars. Many of them would become very productive citizens but some would become more negative and wicked — and spread more evil and destruction on through out the world. It is also good that certain people are unemployed — because if they had a job they would bring their negative pathological behaviors to work — and display negative behavior at work thus making the work place miserable for their fellow co-workers. So some people need to be poor and suffer poverty’s consequences, and hopefully this suffering will mould their characters into better human beings.


If these poor people learn from their sufferings then some day they could become productive citizens in society. What if Osama Bin Laden had been born poor many people would still be alive. So I say that poverty is God’s weapon among humans to keep certain wicked people under control. Poverty is used to temporally keep many of us humans humble, but many of us rise above it. And sometimes we have our ups and downs and temporarily lack money. Many of us go through periods like this but these periods are not permanent. Being broke financially is only temporary being poor could last a lifetime if situations and circumstances don’t manifest that would otherwise give us opportunities.


In life it is better if certain people are or become poor because if they have a lot of money they would spread evil through out the world. There are many good people who are poor also, and so we should never say that because these people are poor they deserve to remain poor.


I am just saying certain people need to become poor and certain individuals need to stay poor for the betterment and safety of humanity. Never look down on poverty because it’s GOD’S reminded to us that we are not all powerful and we can be humbled through lack (no money).   
By Chance Kelsey
Written by Chance during the 21st century

  1. happy belated chance! hope you had a great born day!

  2. Thank you very much Suede Muffins yes, I enjoyed my born day (birthday) I am so glad that you came by to wish me well and swell thank you, thank you and I hope God allows you and I to have many more Birthdays (born days) Amen!

    Thank you for coming by and wishing me Happy birthday.

    Take care, Suedemuffins

    By Chance

  3. Yo Chance I love the new look of your blog, also I miss you over at Dells. You are needed to help Deal with some of the fools and asswholes.

  4. Hey Mark glad that you stepped by really I am and I will be ove at Dell’s blog to help intellectually deal with those characters.

    thanks for not forgetting about me Mark.

    By Chance

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