Low White Birth Rate (Genetically Based)


Low White Birth Rate

(Genetically Based)


Chance: All across the world the birth rate of white people keeps declining. In Europe, America, Canada, and in other countries that have many whites, the white race continues to decline in birth rate. There are certain reasons about why this is happening to the white race through-out the world.

1. A better standard of living economically

2.Not every is destined to have children

3. Many white men and women prefer by choice not to have children and this choice is personal because each person knows what is needed in his or her life. Also there is in some cases personal experiences that have motivated certain whites not to have children. But I say that there is another very important reason about why many whites are not having children. And that reason is genetics; whites when compared to the average non-white racial groups produce fewer hormones than the average non-white racial groups. Whites produce more sexual hormones than oriental Asians, and this can clearly be seen in countries like America.

Example currently in America a middle class white family will have more children than a middle class Asian family. If the white family has four children the Asian family will have two or three. If a white family has three children an Asian family will have two maybe three but in general a middle class Asian family will have fewer children than a middle class white America family. In the future this could change but currently Asians have fewer children than whites. The reason for this is that whites produce more hormones than Asians. Blacks produce more sexual hormones than any racial group on the planet.

The more hormones a racial group produces the more sexually active they become. Blacks in general produce more children than whites and Asians (oriental Asians). Black families in general whether they are poor, middle class, or rich will usually have more children than a white or Asian family. The reason being that blacks produce more hormones than both whites and Asians. The poorer the family usually means more children will be born.

This is why poor people of all racial groups have more children than middle class or rich families. When families have good incomes and have reached the level of middle class those families produce fewer children. Also, when people become rich financially these rich people have even fewer children than middle class families.

So a good economy that produces good high income paying jobs helps lessen poverty, and causes a low birth rate among families who work these high income paying jobs. This explains why in previous generations the grand-parents had more children because their generation had more poverty and fewer higher paying jobs. When people are poor they engage in sex more frequently, meaning more poor people have sexual contact at a higher rate than middle class and rich families. Now Middle class and rich familes have a lot of sex also, but they are more socially and economically responsible than poor people in general. And this is why middle class and rich families have lesser web lock births. Even if poor and middle class people were having sex the same number of times throughout the year. Poor people will still have a higher out of web lock birth rate because they as a collective are less socially and economically responsible. Wherefore, the middle class and rich are more socially and economically responsible.   

Chance: As already mentioned white men and women already produce fewer sexual hormones combined with them moving up the economic ladder — creates the effect of a lower white birth rate. Because moving up the economic ladder naturally will cause people to produce fewer children. Even when blacks move up the economic ladder they produce fewer children. Middle class black families in general usually produce fewer children than black families who live in poverty.

But blacks still produce more children than whites regardless of the economic level blacks are on. As has been noted the white birth rate is declining all over the world because of two major reasons and the reasons are higher paying Jobs and whites produce less sexual hormones (testosterone hormone in men and estrogen hormone in women). Genetics is the missing link that explains the reason about why whites are having fewer children.


By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)
Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. interesting! where do you get your material? “When people are poor they engage in sex more frequently.”… i agree with that… i tend to see more “lower class” folks (regardless of race) have more children than the middle or upperclass. BUT i don’t know if that means the middle or upper class is having LESS sex. they might be having just as much sex or even more! i think it just means they are more socially and economically responsible.

  2. Hello Suedemuffins

    Yes, that is true middle class and rich people are having just as much sex
    and they are socially and economically more responsible. But at the same-time too it is just a fact that
    poor people in general do has more sex than middle class or rich people this is a general rule.
    Although there are many middle class and rich who have just as much sex
    the majority of rich and middle class have less sex when compared to poor people.
    But middle class and rich people are more socially and economically responsible too.
    And this keeps them from producing more out of web lock children.

    Thank Suede-muffins for coming by go as always to hear from you.
    Your opinions are valued. I get my material from a variety of sources this information is widely avaliable too everyone. I get my information from studying the writing of medical doctors and medical science and from geneticists who write about genetics and are considered qualified to write and speak about genetics subjects. 

    Take care,

    By Chance

  3. Belligerenet Possom

    You repeat yourself ALOT. This could have been summed up in 1-2 paragraphs.

  4. To Belligerenet Possom,

    I just wanted to make sure that it was well understood, because there are
    readers who need things simplified than others. I still learning how to write properly
    also, so there is a growing process as a writer I am going thru.

    Thanks for coming by and reading the essay I really appreciate your comments and please come by again.

    by Chance

  5. Jas and Mary

    I heard that soon the whole world will be brown. (meaning light brown, dark brown….)

  6. To Jas and Mary

    That is true the whole world will be light dark and dark brown a future day. This will be a good thing too, so we will not have people so occupied with skin tone.

    By Chance

  7. The birth rates for whites are declining almost everywhere.I am not believing whites are any better than other races. The facts are,though,that white birth rates are below replacement level almost everywhere.

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