Political Correctness

Political Correctness

White House CHANCE: Political Correctness is nothing new it has been around since the beginning of humanity. All societies practice political correctness in some kind of way. What is political correctness? Political correctness is a term used to describe behavior, language, opinions, and body language that will provide minimum (less) offense to other people’s feelings and sensitivities. Political correctness sets a standard of moral ethics that are to be followed.  Political correctness is not bad it is good. It’s a code of moral conduct that humans living in society must follow to some degree in order to avoid needless conflicts with other people. Political correctness is practiced when it comes to avoiding rudeness towards racial groups, children, females, males, employees, relationships, family, and other areas of life that involve human to human association.  
If there were no political correctness then people would just say anything they felt like regardless of the negative impact. Men and women would insult each other in the work place without consequence, children would insult their parents and not obey them, friends would violate the code of loyalty and honor — and would not trust each other but still call each other friends, politics would become more worthless because politicians would not even try to keep half of their promises to the voters, racial groups would insult each other with racial epithets more publicly, various religious groups would insult each other and create religious intolerance, etc society would be all messed up and civil war would erupt.
Political correctness sets a standard of moral ethics that are to be followed. Every society has political correctness but not every member of society obey and follow political correctness, but every society has it.
Political correctness can create a problem also, if certain people start abusing it. Some people abuse political correctness so they can gain advantages over other people. When they really have not been offended and don’t deserve to have that particular gain in that particular situation. This creates resentment among those who feel that the other person or group have used political correctness to gain something unjustly or used political correctness to punish someone or a group unjustly. But even though some people abuse political correctness it still does not mean that political correctness is unjustified for humanity.
Political correctness is just a fancy compound word for moral ethnics (codes of conduct), and there is nothing wrong with moral ethics. The higher the collective morality level of the citizens of a country the more civilized that society will be. The term political correctness is the politicians’ term for moral ethics (codes of conduct) among humans in a society. Political correctness is not bad within itself
Itself it’s only when it’s being abused that’s when it becomes a problem.   

By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. Anon

    No, those are called ‘manners’ and ‘laws.’

    Political correctness is altogether very different.

    What do I mean by that?

    Simple. If a word is outright offensive, then by all means ban/outlaw it. But…if people get offended by certain words, tough.

    ‘Deffered sucess’, ‘silly vs naughty ((Get a dictionary))’, ‘African-American ((People that were born in England – African-American? I don’t think so!))’, ‘Caucasian’ are all PC terms.

    As is brainstorm, epilepsy action has issued a statement saying that they do NOT find the word offensive.

  2. @ Anon,

    That was proper and word up!

    Thanks for coming by.

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