Peter Hunt And Chance Kelsey (James Bond Movies)


Chance writes: I met film editor and director Peter R. Hunt in the year 2000; we encountered each other on three or four occasions. He and I talked about the James Bond movies, actors, and other movies. I found him to be friendly and to have a pleasant personality. I really enjoyed talking with him Peter was the film editor of the Sean Connery James Bond Movies and he directed the James Bond movie ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE (1969). He passed away (died) August 14, 2002. 

 Peter Hunt And  Chance Kelsey  

(Peter, Chance, And The James Bond Movies)

 By Chance, Chancellorfiles

    Peter Roger Hunt, Film editor and director  Chance Kelsey:   In the year 2000 I worked at a cleaners in Brentwood, California (Brentwood is a wealthy rich town located in West Los Angeles), and it was there that I met Peter R. Hunt; Peter was a film director and film editor. He worked on the first six James Bond films. Peter had come in to get his clothes many times before but I had never waited on him or spoken to him my co-workers had. One day Peter came in and I got his new clean clothes for him.

He was very friendly and he had a British accent, we talked briefly and he always smiled. Peter came into the cleaners another time to get his clothes, but this time there was another man with him. Peter looked at me and pointed to the man and said, this is my son. His son took the clothes off the rack for Peter, I looked at his son who appeared to be in 40s and said hello he said Hi and smiled. His son had on a white button up shirt and blue jeans. After Peter and I talked briefly Peter and his son left his son carried Peters clothes to the car.        

Another day peter came in again and I got his clothes for him — and this time I asked him about the James Bond movies he had worked upon. He was very friendly and he answered all the questions I asked him about the bond films. I am now going off of memory based upon the conversation that Peter and I had. 

CHANCE KELSEY: You worked on the James bond films.

PETER HUNT: Yes the first six.

CHANCE KELSEY: How was Sean Connery was he a nice person what was he like.

PETER HUNT: Sean Connery was nice and he was easy to work with and a good actor.

CHANCE KELSEY: Who do you think is the greatest James Bond actor Sean Connery, Roger Moore, or George Lazenby?

PETER HUNT: There is only one James Bond and that is Sean Connery.

CHANCE KELSEY: Why do you say Sean Connery and what was it about Sean that made him the best Bond?

PETER HUNT: Sean Connery was a masculine manly type Bond he was serious he was always serious about everything tough and very manly.

CHANCE KELSEY: What type of Bond was Roger Moore?

PETER HUNT: Roger Moore was a humorous playful type Bond. He made you laugh and was not very tough and masculine and always serious like Sean Cannery’s Bond Character. Moore’s Bond character had a joke-ful and humorous personality.

CHANCE KELSEY: What about George Lazenby?

PETER HUNT: I liked George Lazenby’s bond character too the name of the Bond film that Lazenby did was called on Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It was a good Bond film and George was a good actor — but he did not do any more James bond films he only did one.


I then asked Peter what happened to George Lazenby how come he only did one James Bond Film.

CHANCE KELSEY: How come George only did one James Bond film.     

PETER HUNT: George was a good actor but he had a bad attitude he was very difficult to work with. He would argue with the directors and producers and others on the movie set around him. He had a bad attitude and a short temper and this caused him to be blacklisted in the movie industry. Producers and Directors who had worked with him put the word out do not work with George because he has a very difficult personality. This is why he never ended up getting many major film roles. If George did not like something he would let it be known to the director, and if he could not get his way he would become angry. But George was a good actor he could have went further in his career if it was not for his difficult personality.         

CHANCE KELSEY: What do you think about the James Bond actors of today?

PETER HUNT: It is not the same the old Bond films were better.

CHANCE KELSEY: What do you think of Timothy Dolton?

PETER HUNT: Timothy Dolton should have never been selected to play James Bond he has no personality. I did not like him as a James Bond.

CHANCE KELSEY: What about Pierce Brosnan?

PETER HUNT: Pierce Brosnan is alright I like his James Bond acting.
Then after we finished talking we said good bye to each other and Peter Left.

I asked Peter did he think that the movie titled American Beauty, deserve to win the Oscars.

CHANCE KELSEY: Did you like the movie American beauty and did you think it deserve to win an Oscar for best picture. 

PETER HUNT: American Beauty was not a good movie it should have never won an Oscar for best picture.


A few months later Peter came into the cleaners again this time he had his arm wrapped it had been broken. I think it was his left arm I going by memory. So I asked Mr. Hunt what happened to your arm. He said that he had gone on a trip back to London, England and when he arrived at Heathrow airport in London, England he fell and broke his arm at the airport. If I am not mistaken Peter said he fell down at Heathrow airport in London but the fact I am sure of is he did brake his arm in London, England. But if my memory serves me correctly he said he fell down at Heathrow airport in London, and not at some other location in London.

CHANCE KELSEY: Mr. Hunt what happened to your arm.  

PETER HUNT: I was at Heathrow airport in London and I fell down. Then I was taken to the Hospital and there was a nice Doctor at the Hospital who treated me. The Doctor was a Sikh he wore a turban on his head he was such a nice and friendly Doctor.

CHANCE KELSEY: This conversation took place in 2000 and this was the last time I saw Peter R. Hunt and all conversations that I had with Peter hunt took place in 2000. He was so friendly and nice he had a pleasant personality. He was always smiling and he had real white skin sometimes his cheeks would turn reddish because he was blushing. His Cheek bones were kind of high like a Native American Indian or a Chinese. Every time I saw him he always wore a suit but often without a tie.

Peter Liked dark suits and dark paints I remember when he wore a nice gray suit Jacket and gray paints with a dark Powder blue button up shirt it made him look like a man of elegance — it was all him. Shortly after I stop working at the cleaners and I never saw Peter Roger Hunt again.


I started working at the cleaners because I had worked as cook for some years – and I wanted to leave the culinary (cooking) field. I wanted to try something new, anything, so I needed a job to hold me over until I found something I could at least stick with for a couple of years — and that’s when I saw a help wanted sign in the window at this cleaners.


It was a blessing because I got a chance to meet some nice people who worked for celebrities and met other celebrities Producers, Directors, and entertainers. When I was a cook certain restaurants I worked at had celebrities and it was very fun to see and encounter them.


CHANCE KELSEY: I found out that Peter Roger Hunt died two years later on August 14, 2002; he was a very pleasurable and nice person with a friendly personality. I am grateful to have encountered him one year before he died. I feel privileged to have come in contact with him during the last two years of his long life.


REST IN PEACE AND MAY THE GREAT CREATOR (GOD) BLESS YOUR SOUL. And thank you for allowing me too have a moment of your attention and feeling comfortable enough in my presence to the point you shared certain information with me based upon questions I asked. 
Date of birth (location)
 March 11, 1925
London, England, UK
Date of death (details)
August 14, 2002
Santa Monica, California, USA. (Peter died of heart failure)        


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) — Director
You Only Live Twice (1967) — Second unit director
Thunderball (1965) — Film editor
Goldfinger (1964) — Film editor
From Russia with Love (1963) — Film editor
Dr. No (1962) — Film editor


By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)


Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. Come again soon!

  2. To Jaimie

    Chance: Thank you for coming by my website and I will try to get over to your blog again.

  3. It is great when you meet someone who is deemed successful and they are still down to heart. Great post…

  4. Rose thanks for coming by and yes Peter was a decent friendly person. I am glad I had a chance to sperak with him before his passing. Thank you for coming by ROSE.

    By Chance

  5. The ending of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service always gets me. Poor James.

  6. Some people feel that On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was one of the best James Bond movies. I know peter thought it was one of the best.

    Glad to see you swing by Rashid.

    By Chance

  7. Chance

    Thanks Mark, and I am glad I got a Chance to know Peter Hunt two years before he died.

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