Chance Myself


Chance writes: America, Reincarnation, and my appreciation of being mixed blooded.

  Chance Myself


By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: In this incarnation I am glad I reincarnated in America she has raised me as a mixed blooded son. When my European Forefathers brought my African forefathers over here as slaves and they both encountered my Native America Indian forefathers little did they know that a great sexual union would be the result. You see these three mixtures created me (Chance), I can often feel the genetics of each one of them working in me. I can even tell what centers (parts) of my body are being influenced by which of the three racial groups.

All three combined with my soul shape the way I view the world. I feel so sad sometimes knowing that someday Europe will no longer speak of Beethoven, Mozart, Kings and Queens, French revolution, Sir Oliver Cromwell, Christopher Columbus, Johann Goethe, Shakespeare, and general European history because it is being conquered by non-whites from all over the world. 

I feel sad that Africa is suffering so much mainly due to black on black violence — and black leaders being corrupt. And seeing how certain Arabs (not all Arabs) enslave blacks and certain blacks enslave blacks as slaves still to this day.

But in a future day the children of HAM (black people) will rise again and recreate the great civilizations of Africa’s past Ancient Egypt, Timbuktu, Ethiopian empire, Songhay, and Carthage.

Islam has spreaded through out the world, and the day will come when Muslim countries will become democratic. Christianity in its current form is deteriorating and disappearing rapidly, I interpret this as a sign that the average Christian is unhappy with the church and Christianity. Christianity will renew itself in the future and the esoteric (hidden or secret) side of Christianity will be taught publicly. The secret interpretations of the bible will be taught in Churches and homes and this will renew Christianity.        

I feel sad knowing that someday the Native America Indians that great Red race — which I am partly mixed with will some day, become extinct.

I feel sad knowing that black and white Americans potentially have unfinished business left between them that could end in a racial war with both sides eliminating millions.  Also, knowing that the other non-white ethnic groups (people of color) could potentially end up engaging in violent conflicts with each other and whites. 

There are many good and bad things I have read about world history but we should use history as a chart and not as a guide.
I looked out my window and gazed at the clouds, I closed my eyes and opened them and saw a cloud shaped like a bird.

I closed my eyes again and opened them and saw a face with a smile.
I closed my eyes again and opened them and saw rainbow, and in my heart a feeling of joy arose and a smile upon my lips and a sense of peace in my heart.

There are Many unpleasant things I see among humanity that causes anger too swell up within me, but I say to myself anger is the beclouding of the mind. As it is said, the clouded mind sees nothing.

Chance: I saw a rose bush covered with beautiful roses all red and bright and noticed also it had sharp thorns. I reflected and remembered an eternal lesson that suffering is required in order to gain, even to gain beauty. The roses are surrounded by thorns, but both roses and thorns live on the bush. Suffering among the thorns assist in creating the beautiful roses.

It’s now understood I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the
Valleys as a lily among the thorns.

Suffering purifies and molds and without it there is no progress.        

I am glad that God the sublime one allowed me reincarnate in America so I could experience various ethnic cultures — and learn to appreciate them all. Also understanding that I am the result of many ethnic cultures mixed in one called America.

 By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

 Written during the 21st century by Chance


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