Sexual Misconduct And Children

Sexual Misconduct And Children


By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Why do certain children under the age of eleven years old engage in sexual misconduct? What I mean by sexual misconduct is touching their bodies in a sexual way and making sexual statements (saying things that elude to sex).

Reasons Why Children Display Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors

1. Television — children see sexual behaviors on television sometimes, and they imitate those behaviors.

2. Parents and sex — Seeing parents engage in sex this often happens with out the parents knowing the child is watching or spying. Some children are raised in a single parent home, and the single parent engages in sex with a boyfriend or girlfriend and the child sees them having sex. Often with out the parents knowledge, some parents don’t care if they children see them having sex with some one.

3. Watching — Seeing other adults or teenagers have sex this often happens with out those having sex knowing the child sees them. 

4. Sexual abuse — some children have been sexually abused by adults and they act out by touching their sexual areas or the sexual areas of other people. They also make sexual comments.  Sometimes older teenage boys or teenage girls sexual abuse younger children. 

5. Mistreatment — Some times children have not been sexually abused but the parent or some adult has been very mean spirited and rude towards them. This mistreatment awakens sexual feeling inside of the child at too early of an age. Sexual feelings are natural and normal for children, but sexual misconduct is a learned behavior. 

I want to focus on mistreatment, often many children ten years old and younger engage in sexual misconduct because some one or people have mistreated them. When a child has been verbally, mentally, emotionally, or physically abused — this abuse can cause  sexual feelings in the child to awaken in a negative way.

All children have Sexual feelings inside of themeselves, but abuse can cause these sexual feelings to become stronger at too young of an age for a child to handle. The child who has been abused and these sexual feelings have become stronger inside of that child — that child begins to touch his or her genital area (private part), and sometimes trying to masturbate. The child touches the sexual part because he or she is receiving pleasure from touching the sexual area of the body.

This touching and sexual fantasizing compensates for the mistreatment the child has experienced. The child is receiving satisfaction from sexually touching the sexual area of the body. A boy will touch his penis and a girl will touch her vagina. Just like adults children often have sexual fantasies too, while they are engaged in touching their bodies’ genitals (sexual areas).

Chance: When these kids become teenagers many of them become sexually active, and the young girls get pregnant and the boys become fathers at a young age. They become sexual promiscuous, often some of them become violent and even engage in crime and other anti-social behaviors. These negative behaviors often continue into adulthood, and these adults pass their negative characteristics own down to their children and the vicious cycle continues.   

These children need professional help and counseling before they reach the age of eighteen. If they don’t receive help as kids or teenagers most of them when they become adults will never seek help for the mistreatment they experienced as kids — which affected them mentally and emotionally. Many of them when they become adults find it hard to have a steady monogamous relationship, they often have more than one sex partner this is called infidelity or cheating on ones partner (spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend). Professional help is needed for many of these young children before they become adults, because adults often find it shameful to admit that they need help because of the trauma that they experienced as a children.   


By Chance Kelsey (chancellor)

Written by Chance during the 21st century       


  1. this is definitely a serious issue in today’s society. one of my friend’s daughters had a journal and one entry expressed… “i want (___insert random boy name here___) to come over and fuck me!”

    she was 7 years old at that time.

    not only did she see her mom with more than enough sex partners, but there were 7 siblings, all with different fathers. 7 siblings…7 baby daddies…

    i also feels this comes from a lack of education.

    you’re so right… a lot of these behaviors stem from the past and it IS a vicious cycle!

  2. It is definably a problem Suedemuffins, and one that is growing in America because kids imitate what they see. When the girls grow up to be adults they engage in all of this sex with different people, and hate themselves for being so promiscuous because they feel that their self worth has been devalued. The guys grow up and keep spreading kids every where without taking care of them. This is horrible, because the guys value women less and secretively hate the females for being so easy to get sexually. They wish the females had all of the qualities that a sensitive feminine woman had. It is a sad state of affair too, and yes lack of education can play a role. But many years ago before the 1960s in America people of racial groups had less educated people among them. But only a few had children out of wedlock this shows that CULTURAL MORALITY also plays a more important role than education at least when it comes to a modernized civilization like America.

    I hope that little girl did not turn out like here dear mother, and I hope her dear mother is alright and doing good and well in life.

    Thanks for coming by the intellectual madhouse (website) Suedemuffins.

    By Chance

  3. Britt

    I feel that this is a very serious issue. Although it may be hard for some children to get out of, it can easily be fixed before they become teenagers rather through prayer(first of all), councelling, or anything else that will keep a child from thinking this way. I was in the middle of a situation where when I was a child an aunt of mine(not biologically) would do things to me and she was a teenager at the time while I was about 7. Although there was some times that I thought this thing was cool and I wanted it done more often the older I had gotten, I still on the other hand knew that it was not right because I was taught that it was not right.
    I never been a child that has been out there, but a mistake has come to past. I was not even in high school when this came about. Since then I have basically been to myself, trying to get myself together with God, and if God wants me to be with someone I will. Although I think back on those things that happened to me when I was younger, I Thank God that I was not as bad as most teenagers may have become because of that.

  4. Britt,

    Thank you for coming by and sharing this somebody or people will benefit from this because many kids go through this and never speak about it. This happened to you at the age of seven will encourage some one else who had experienced the same thing at a young age (under 10 years old) to no longer feel ashamed of what happened to them. You are so strong for sharing this and I am sorry that you had to go through this. You have learned some things because of what you went through. You now understand others who have gone through the same thing. I admire you for your strength to share your story; you are so strong God bless you.

    Take care,

    By Chance

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