Buddhism, God, And Psychology



Buddhism, God, And Psychology

 (Buddha believed In God)


By Chance Kelsey, Chancellorfiles.com  

Chance: Many followers of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and other religions through out the world are convinced that Buddha did not believe in God. Therefore, it’s also believed that many Buddhists who follow the teachings of Buddha are atheist. Buddha did believe in God but the reason many Christians, Muslims, Jewish practitioners, and followers of other religions believe that Buddha did not believe in God is — because Buddha used symbology too describe GOD. Buddhism is very esoteric, and Buddha taught his monks the esoteric side of Buddhism. Buddha taught his lay followers (non-monks) the exoteric side of Buddhism. The exoteric means public and esoteric means hidden or secret.

Buddhism combines both of these two sides into one. When one reads a book on Buddhist teachings, many of the teachings can be hard to understand. The basic teachings are easy to understand, but when one gets to the esoteric teachings in the book it’s difficult to understand — unless you have been taught the esoteric teaching of Buddhism. Also, the majority of Buddhists do not even understand the esoteric side of their religion. Only, a small number comprehend the esoteric teachings of Buddhism. The teachings of Buddhism are so profound.

Buddha taught the Dharma, the word Dharma means doctrine (teachings), and every religion has a doctrine filled with various teachings on a variety of issues. It is a fact that evey religiom has an exoteric and an esoteric side. 

The word Bodhi means enlighten and sattva means being and this is why Buddha was called the bodhisattva. Buddha’s real name at birth was Siddhartha Gautama who lived in India around 2500 years ago. Jesus Christ was born about 500 years after Buddha, and Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) in the year 570 A.D. (this makes Islam only about 500 and something years younger than Christianity) after Jesus Christ. Jesus’ last name was Pandira, in Hebrew it was Yeshua Ben Pandira. Ben means son of in Hebrew.  

The name Joshua is the transliteration of the Hebrew name, Yeshua, from which the Greek transliteration of Jesus is derived. Both mean “God saved us." So Jesus’ real name is Joshua Pandira. 


The name Buddha means the Awakened one, Buddha is a title and a rank. A bodhi sattva when he becomes purified of all the character defects becomes a BUDDHA. Only, a Bodhisattva can become a Buddha. In some Buddhist scriptures some Bodhi sattvas are called Maha sattvas, Maha means great Sattva means being.         

The Jewel In The Lotus (God And Heart)

Buddha mentioned the Jewel in the Lotus, a jewel is a very precious stone, a lotus is a type of flower often lotuses can be found floating in a pond or lake. When Buddha spoke of the Jewel in the Lotus he was speaking in symbolic terms.

The Jewel symbolizes God and the Lotus symbolizes the heart. God is compared to being precious like a jewel and the heart is often compared to a precious flower. Buddha called God a jewel, and this Jewel lives in the heart.

In Christianity Mount Zion represent the heart and God lives in your inner Mount Zion. This is what is meant by go to your father (God) in secret (heart).    

Mental Defilements (Psychology Of Buddhism)

In Buddhism the mental defilements are the character defects that every human carries. The defects of anger, greed, sexual lust, hate, murder, jealousy, laziness, gluttony, and all the rest of the character flaws that humans possess. The goal is to gradually eliminate these mental defilements from your self, Buddhists also, call the mental defilements aggregates. The mental aggregates are all the character defects that each human carries.

Idols And Infidels

Esoterically in Christianity Idols symbolizes Character defects, and in Islam Infidels symbolizes Character defects.

Buddha And Mara (Ego)

Chance: When Buddha was sitting under the Bodhi tree he defeated Mara and his army. Mara symbolizes the Ego, and the ego of every human is their own inner Satan. Mara wants to continue controlling your life but you must fight against your inner Mara (Ego-Satan) and his army. The Satan of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and of every religion is the inner ego of every human being. Of course there is a general evil force (entity) that is Satan, but every one has an ego (Satan) inside of them also.    

The origin of the legend of Mara is first noticeable in the Padhana Sutta (See Samyutta Nikaya vs.425-49). Mara has a ten-fold army.

Ten Army of Mara
sensuous pleasures (kama);
dissatisfaction (arati);
hunger and thirst (khuppassa);
craving (tanha);
sloth and torpor (thina middha);
fear (bhiru);
doubt (vicikkicha);
hypocrisy and obstinacy (makkha and thambha);
gain, fame and reverence (labha, siloka and sakkara);
self-exaltation and disparaging others (attukkamsana and paravambhana)

He has three daughters, Tanha, Arati and Raga representing the three out of the ten forces of Mara’s army.
Mara wanted to keep the Buddha from Reaching full enlightenment by sending his three daughters Tanha (craving or desire), Raga (lust), and Arati (aversion or a feeling of intense dislike or hate). But the Buddha prevailed and reached Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi, the Consumation of Incomparable Enlightenment. 
An means "un," uttara means "excelled," samyak means "right," sam means "all-pervading," and bodhi is translated” enlighten." Taken together, the term is translated "unexcelled, right, all-pervading enlightenment."
"Unexcelled" means that this way thoroughly penetrates true reality and reaches the ultimate nature of things; nothing surpasses it. Why? Because it is perfect.
"Right" refers to enlightened wisdom. Because it knows things just as they are, it is called "right wisdom." Because dharma-nature is formless, Enlightened wisdom is no-knowing.

"All-pervading" has two meanings:

1. The Enlightened mind knows all things everywhere;
      2. The dharma-body universally fills the dharma-realm. Neither the body nor the mind ever fails to be present everywhere.

Salvation And Liberation

When Buddha spoke of Liberation and annihilation he was talking about the annihilation of the ego (mara the Satan) and Character defects. When this annihilation happens one has obtained liberation. The Hindus call liberation Mosksha and the Christians call liberation Salvation. This liberation leads to Nirvana (heaven). 

The Sufis also speak of annihilation, and this annihilation that the Sufis speak of is the same as Buddhism’s concept of annihilation. The Sufis are the mystic of Islam and they are esotericists.

Gods And Angels

The gods of Buddhism are angels and arch angels; they are just called gods by Buddhists. Sometimes a misunderstanding occurs among people of various religions because of terminology.  

Every religion emanates from the same GOD, and every religion has two sides one exoteric and the other esoteric — but the average religious follower only studies the exoteric side of their particular religion. We should look for the similarities in religion more than the differences.


By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance 

  1. Arthur Ward

    It is true Chance – Buddha did not believe in God. Buddhism is non-theistic. If this was a teaching with a God I would be a Buddhist. The whole idea of a god does not square with the notion of karma – because the god idea implies that through prayer you can break the laws of nature and violate the processes of relativistic causation.

  2. Arthur Ward

    Sorry, I meant to say – If this was a teaching with a God I would NOT be a Buddhist!

  3. Chance

    Buddha said: The jewel in the Lotus.

    Chance: This statement by Buddha is symbolic the Jewel represents God and the Lotus represents the Heart. So yes Buddha did believe in God but Buddha taught his teachings from the esoteric interpretation which the average person would not understand unless they study it or are taught by someone who understands the esoteric traditions.

    As for Karma even Jesus said that ye sow ye shall reap meaning plant good you will receive good and plant bad you will receive bad in return.

  4. Arthur Ward

    Chance – do you see the murdering mess that is going on between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria right now (11/30/08)? There is no way Buddhism could have came out of Abraham’s god. Reaping and sowing type thinking never seems to occur with god-believers. Whether you are talking about gays having the right to marry (wish for others what you would wish for yourself) or taking life (thou shalt not kill), exceptions can always be made when it comes to the lives of “infidels” or “the unsaved” or those who practice “sodomy.”

    It is a shame that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are held to be above examination and criticism while at the same time these beliefs motivate on a daily basis such toxic attitudes and dangerous behavior.

    Buddhism invites examination and criticism. It has no concept of blasphemy. It has no disparaging labels for people whom are non-buddhist. And above all – Buddhism expouses the right to remain alive.

  5. Chance

    Buddhism has two sides like all religions, an exoteric and esoteric side. All of the religions emanate from the same creator. It is people who hold one religion above the other not the religions themselves. Buddhism is truly a deep and profound religion especially from an esoteric interpretation.

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