Penis size And Racial groups

Chance writes: Among the various racial groups there are different penis sizes, some racial groups have more members with larger penises than other racial groups. Some have more members with smaller penises, and other racial groups have more members with medium size penises. Genetic science has verified this to be a fact.   


Penis size And Racial groups

By Chance Kelsey, 

 Penis, the male sex organ

Chance: Just like there are different racial groups having different skin tones, and just like there are male and female humans. There are also, different penis sizes among the various racial groups through the world. This is a genetic fact, genetic science has proven this, and certain members of various racial groups whom have encountered other racial groups have verified this for themselves.

Blacks have larger penises than whites, and whites have larger penises than oriental Asians. All of the other racial groups’ and ethnic groups’ penis sizes fall on the same level as whites. On one extreme blacks of African descent and black Africans have the largest penises in the world, and on the other extreme oriental Asians have the smallest penises. Whites and all other non-white racial groups have medium size penises thus putting them in the middle between Blacks and Asians.

Now let me clarify what genetics is talking about when it comes to penis sizes being large, small, or medium. Genetics is speaking of average nothing more, meaning that even though black men as a collective group on average have larger penises than whites, Asians and all other racial groups. This does not mean that all black men have large penises when compared to every member of other racial groups. Some white men, Asians and men form other ethnic groups have penises than some black men. There are black who have smaller penises when compared to an Asian or white.

There can be a situation in which when one observes the penises of a black, white, Asian, and Hispanic (brown skin Hispanic), and notice that the Hispanic has the largest penis, the Asian (oriental Asian) medium, white man’s medium but a half inch smaller than the Asian man’s medium, and the black man the smallest out of the four. Genetics is not saying that all black men have large penises, All Eastern Asians have small penises, and all of the other non-white racial groups have medium size penises. Genetics is simply stating a general rule that can be easily verified, and basically has been verified. What is meant by larger penis? It means the thickness (wideness) and the length. A man can have a nine inch penis but it’s not very thick, another man can have a five inch thick penis but it’s, another man can have a seven inch long penis that’s not too thick or too skinny it is medium in thickness.

Chance: So length and wideness (thickness) are two different qualities. When geneticists, say that black men have larger penises they are talking about both in length and girth.

So sitting around comparing penis sizes is silly, because women also, have different vagina sizes. There are three vagina sizes for women. And, there is a penis size to go with each of those vagina sizes. Some penises that are too large for a particular vagina will make the woman feel uncomfortable while having sex with that man. She will not want to have sex with him again, and possibly will seek out a partner who has a penis size that is compatible. Certain penises are too small for other vaginas, and this can cause a woman too go seeking for a sexual partner who has a penis that can fit her vagina better.

What gives a woman pleasure during sex is the thickness of the penis, because the penis rubs up against her clitoris and the inner side walls of the vagina. The clitoris and inner side walls of the vagina area are very sensitive. The thicker the penis the more pleasure the woman receives from the sex act. But it must be a penis that is compatible with her vagina. What matters for the man is that he finds a vagina that is compatible with his penis size, and  females must find penises that are compatible with there particular vagina sizes. There is a vagina for every penis and a penis for every vagina — size doesn’t matter, only compatibility matters.


There are different condom sizes to accommodate the different penis sizes among men. The World Health Organization specifies 5.3 cm wide condoms for Africa, 5.2 cm wide condoms for Europe, and 4.9 cm condoms for Asia.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations, acting as a coordinating authority on international public health, it is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Historically, WHO inherited much of the mandate, policies, and resources of its predecessor, the Health Organization (HO), which had been an agency of the League of Nations. The league of nations, changed its name to the united nations. The WHO was established by the UN on 7 April 1948.

 By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

This has been a study in sexual genetics


References on page 2 Subject: Re: References and sources of information — Penis length among different races Answered By: tlspiegel-ga on 25 Jun 2004 12:02 PDT Rated: Hi debiannewbie2003, Thank you for an interesting question. Penis size Penis size myths and legends "Many cultures have a persistent urban legend that the penis size of some minority groups is larger than the norm. In the United States, the minority group chosen is African-American. This appears not to be supported by anything other than anecdote. Fanon covers this subject in some detail in "Black Skin, White Masks", and tends to agree that this is a myth — a conclusion that he backs up with statistics. On the other hand, Philippe Rushton has published statistics claiming otherwise (Race, Evolution, and Behavior: A Life History Perspective, 1995). The only reliable penis-size studies commonly quoted in the literature are the Kinsey study, the UCSF study, and an Italian study, none of which even attempted to correlate size with race. There is an ongoing government study in India, as well, commissioned with the goal of helping reduce the high condom failure rate there. This study is not likely to answer the question either. There have been many other studies with claims of varying rigor – for example, the LifeStyles condoms study — but they are generally flawed by selection bias." ==========
Phalli Largest Penis by Race "It is generally said that the penis of the Negro is very large," so wrote German anthropologist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach in 1795. "And this assertion is so far borne out by the remarkable genitory apparatus of an Ethiopian which I have in my anatomical collection." Louis Jacolliet, a 19th century French writer who spent three decades investigating penis size, had this to say: "In no branch of the human race are the male organs more developed than in the African Negro." Certainly, the belief in the well-endowment of the African race has an extensive history. But is it justified by the facts? Going strictly by the Kinsey data, which still remains one of the most exhaustive studies on penis size to date, the average white male has a penis measuring 6.2 inches long and 3.7 inches around, whereas the average black male has a penis 6.3 by 3.8 inches, for a difference of 0.1 inches–not what you’d call statistically significant. When it came to flaccid length, however, blacks fared a little better: 4.3 inches long, versus 4.0 inches for white males. So it may be, therefore, that while those of African heritage appear larger initially, under actual working conditions things tend to even out. You should consider this a tentative hypothesis rather than a scientific fact, as there were only 59 black respondents to the survey, versus 2,500 for whites." ==========
 Library of Excerpts Sexual Organs and Heterochronic Theory ***Note*** (studies included female genital/breast sizes – which I have edited out of the article.) "Thus, the human penis shows high species-specificity as an elaborated genital structure. Penis size also varies moderately across populations, being largest among African populations, smaller among European populations, and smallest among East Asian populations, but with substantial overlap (Rushton, 1987, 1988b, 1989b). Penises are highly age-specific, attaining their full resting size only after puberty, and are highly courtship-specific, attaining their full erect size only under sexually arousing conditions. Thus, penises show all the hallmarks of a morphological trait elaborated somehow through sexual selection." (Miller, Geoffrey F. (1994)" [edit] "The ethnographic record {e.g., A French Army Surgeon (1898/1972), a 30-year specialist in genitourinary diseases} makes reference to numerous anatomical distinctions which show a similar pattern of whites being between blacks and Orientals." [edit] "We averaged the ethnographic data on erect penis and found the means to approximate: Orientals, 4 to 5.5 in. in length and 1.25 in. in diameter; Caucasions, 5.5 to 6 in. in length and 1.5 in. in diameter; blacks, 6.25 to 8 in. in length and 2 in. in diameter." [edit] "Arab men, who were often mixed with black, had larger penises than Europeans. Recent data show similar patterns. Measurements taken from living subjects as well as those at autopsy, show the size of testes is twofold lower in Asian men than Europeans (9 g vs 21 g), a difference too large to be accounted for entirely in terms of body size (Diamond, 1986; Short, 1984)." [edit] (Rushton, J.P. & Bogaert, A.F. (1987) Race differences in sexual behavior: Testing an evolutionary hypothesis. Journal Research in Personality 21(4): pp. 536-7) ===========
Health.htm New Urban Male The Straits Times dated 16thJuly 2000 (Singapore) reported:: Flaccid (cm) Erect (cm) circumference length circumference length 12.2 Chinese 8.3 8.0 11.1 8.6 – (range) 6.5 – 10.5 4 – 11 9 – 13.8 16.5 8.4 12.4 Indian 8.8 6 – 11.5 9.5 (range) 8 – 10.5 9.3 – 13 12.5 -14.5 7.8 Malay 8.6 4.5 – 11.4 12.4 (range) 7 – 10.3 10 – 13.5 8.5 – 16 11 Western 8.85 men 9.71 5 – 12.3 12.9 (range) 6.5 – 13 15.5 9 -16 7.5 -19 this was taken from a 1996 survey by Hunter Welles, Tom Lue and McAnich [edit] \doc\955\drtang.txt From: Charles Randles According to Chinese sources published in Taiwan the average length for a Chinese male is between 11(4.4") and 12(4.7") centimeters for an erect penis. Most sources seem to agree. Japanese sources (read in Chinese) state the average length of an erect Japanese penis is 13.6(5.35"). \priv\953\penmyth.txt – yolk magazine workshop believes the size issue is a "myth" – 1995 Yolk magazine has an article "The Asian Penis" \doc\94\19\penmeas.txt – how to measure size correctly \priv\94\19\ROSENIQ.txt In The Bell Curve, Murray and Herrnstein also introduce readers to the work of J. Phillipe Rushton, a Canadian psychologist. Rushton has argued that Asians are more intelligent than Caucasians, have larger brains for their body size, smaller penises, lower sex drive, are less fertile, work harder and are more readily socialized; and Caucasians have the same relationship to blacks. \doc\951\psizesum.wk1, \doc\951\psize.wk1 Arthur Hu’s Penis Size Survey Nov 29, 1994 Comparison of results: Length of erect penis in inches Rushton Hu Wizz Cosmo Asian White Black Intern Asian White Intern Atlas Responses #N/A #N/A #N/A 13 16 119 #N/A Min (Inches) 4.0 5.5 6.3 Min 4.0 5.0 4.5 4.7 Max 5.5 6.0 8.0 Max 7.3 9.5 10.5 7.0 Mean 4.8 5.8 7.1 Mean 5.6 6.9 6.5 6.0 Standard Dev #N/A #N/A #N/A StdDev 1.0 1.1 1.03 #N/A Difference -1.0 0.0 1.4 Wh-As -1.2 0.0 Wh-As / Std Dev #N/A 1.2 Item Asian White Ratio Remarks responses 13 16 penis size, inc 5.6 6.9 1.22 Asian smaller by 1 std dev weight, lb 163 173 1.06 Weight about same height, in 69.5 86.9 1.25 Shorter by .25SD circumcised 42.9% 50.0% 1.17 Both about half vegetarian 0.0% 4.2% 0.00 Almost no vegans, despite education iq 138 147 1.07 Not enough to really count sat combined 1304 1396 1.07 SAT nearly same Note – I lost my notes, but the only two blacks who responded were much larger than the range for whites or Asians. DOC922\PSIZE.TXT penis size survey Cosmopolitan April 92 p. 104 Atlas of Human Sex Anatomy Internet poll by (The Wizzard) Min Avg Max Vs Internet Poll Length Soft 3.3" 3.7" 4.1" 0.5" 3.5" 5.8" Erect 4.7" 6.0" 7.0" 4.5" 6.5" 10.5" Circumf 2.3" 4.7" 2.0" 5.0" 8.7" Erection adds about 30% to length Average weight for Internet poll – 70" tall 161 lbs Kinsey says that 24% are average 5% are less than 3.5 1% are larger than 9 \doc\doc923\aspenis.txt[health,penis] From alt-sex-faq 1 Jul 1992: c3-14. What’s the average length and width penis? Source: "Race Differences in Behaviour: A Review and Evolutionary Analysis" by J. Philippe Rushton, Dept. of Psychology, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5C2 in "Journal of Personality and Individual Differences" Vol. 9, No. 6, 1009-1024, 1988. 519-679-2111 661-3685 According to a paper by J. Philippe Rushton, the average size for erect penises is: Group Length Diameter Orientals 4 – 5.5" 1.25" Caucasians 5.5 – 6" 1.3 – 1.6" Blacks 6.25 – 8" 2" – 4.5" ==========
Sex Project – sex, love, and relationships Myths concerning males Black men have naturally larger penises than white men. "This couldn’t be further from the truth. Based on a number of surveys (most notably Masters and Johnson), of thousands of men of many different races, white males actually have the largest penises. White males averaged an erect penis length of 6.4" while black males averaged 6.2". Hispanic men averaged 6.0" and finally east Asian men bring up the rear with a meager 5.6" [edit] "Erect penis lengths are taken by measuring from the TOP of the penis, where it joins the body, to the tip of the head." ============ I located an article stating scientific studies… however, due to the photo content on the pages I am not posting the site link. "Thus, the human penis shows high species-specificity as an elaborated genital structure. Penis size also varies moderately across populations, being largest among African populations, smaller among European populations, and smallest among East Asian populations, but with substantial overlap (Miller, Geoffrey F. (1994) Evolution of the human brain through runaway sexual selection: the mind as a protean courtship device. pp. 185) "{e.g., A French Army Surgeon (1898/1972), a 30-year specialist in genitourinary diseases} makes reference to numerous anatomical distinctions which show a similar pattern of whites being between blacks and Orientals. … size of genitalia (Orientals smallest, blacks largest). We averaged the ethnographic data on erect penis and found the means to approximate: Orientals, 4 to 5.5 in. in length and 1.25 in. in diameter; Caucasians, 5.5 to 6 in. in length and 1.5 in. in diameter; blacks, 6.25 to 8 in. in length and 2 in. in diameter." (Rushton, J.P. & Bogaert, A.F. (1987) Race differences in sexual behavior: Testing an evolutionary hypothesis. Journal Research in Personality 21(4): pp. 536-7) ============
Discovery Health (UK Discovery Health Channel) Facts about penis size
keyword search: different penis anatomies among races scientific studies penis erect race size penis erect race size penis difference sizes race race size penis Best regards, tlspiegel

  1. marlon

    Greetings Chance! Excellent blog and great material; however, may I
    suggest you cite the source(s). First, personally, I’d love to review
    the scientific research finding; second, refer viewers to the info; and
    finally, satisfy those folks who will doubt you and me. Keep up the good wor

  2. Hi, Marlon

    Thank you for coming by the intellectual mad house (website). I am grateful that you found the essay very interesting; it really encourages me to continue writing about a variety of subjects. I am curious how did you find my website? And yes, it is a genetically based scientific fact, that black men as a collective have larger penises than men from any other racial groups. Genetics is a beautiful science, and I wish all people would study this great science it would clear up a lot of confusion about many things. It is very honorable of you to come by, and please don’t be a stranger. You are welcomed to come by any time, and comment on any essay your comment will show up in the recent comment section of my website. At the bottom of the essay I have added a reference source check it out.

    Take care, Marlon

    By Chance

  3. marlon

    Thanks for the response Chance! I discoverd you yesterday through I will add you to my blogroll; I love to witness
    young brothas doing their intellectual thang.

  4. Thanks Marlon, I really appreciate all of feed back and appreciation you have given me.
    I am grateful that you consider my website worthy of linkage. you have a very interesting website yourself, sexuality is very beautiful as long as it is not abused. We humans should study it more, because there is a lot to be learned from studing how the sexual center of our bodies influence our behaviors. Marlon, you take care,

    Written by Chance

  5. “size doesn’t matter, only compatibility matters.”


    happy holidays chance!

  6. Hello Suedemuffins

    Good to see you come by and yep that is true only compatibility matters not size.

    Happy Holidays to you also Suedemuffins

  7. “size doesn’t matter, only compatibility matters.”

    I’m of the thinking that, to the average woman, a 12″ penis is the definition of “incompatible.”

  8. Rashid,

    Yeah that is true also, girth (wideness) is what really determines whether a penis is compatible with a woman or not.
    Genetics is a fasinating subject it is not.

    Peace Rashid

    By Chance

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  11. ladydon

    I have had them all black, white, Hispanic, Chinese & Vietnamese, Indian, American Indian. Ill like to say size does not matter only compatibiliylty does. A big dick don’t matter when the rent is due. Ain’t nothing like some good dick to wake you up and motivate you for your day. In that moment size don’t matter its waking up with someone that shares the same goals in life as you do they want to love you make sure your day goes good:-)

  12. It would be interesting if you cited some studies done on penis size from different parts of the world. Being a gay man I’ve seen penises of all shapes, sizes and colors. Italians and Blacks are Normally 6+, most other races like 5-6 and Asians like 3.5-4.5. This is just a generalization of course. I’ve seen an Asian with 6 before. It just depends on the individual.

  13. John Perez

    What a dopey author!!! Nothing is explained scientifically…

  14. Jill

    Complete and total bullsh_t here…no proof whatsoever and id disagree w/ the flawed methodology to boot.Blacks are bigger on avg then whites….load of friggin crap Prove it? Thats right you cannot period

  15. What peer-reviewed urology studies can confirm your thesis? Kinsey and Rushton are psychologists and their works are known to be biased.

  16. william

    African americicans do not have the biggest penises. It is genetics and the largest is recorded to be a man who is jewish. It varies from person to person.

  17. Learnt at an all white school but i bcm so popular wth girls because i had the biggest penis at the entire campus,i clduse the urinary at the same time because they would end up starring at my penis,that freaked me out most of the time.i am an african born male,African!

  18. Mikayla

    LMFAO there is no correlation with penis size and race, here is a 2013 map that shows that the Congo sizes were self reported and the the Nigerian ones were measured and they only came out to be 5.3 inches, this is just Jew propaganda, here is the map, actually the largest by medical records and not self reports or Kinsey study data says that Arabs/Pakistanis/Indonesians are the biggest ones, because they all have penis growing type of diets, the Arabs and Pakistanis eat a lot of red meat and dates, and the Indonesians eat a lot of gingko plants, so don’t believe this crap, penis size actually correlates with diet, height, toxic levels, and better blood circulation, its definitely not race, plus why is the biggest guy white then?

  19. It is a nice article you wrote about the penis in groups. I think Black guys are the ones who have the longest penis. Asian men have shortest penis. However, it is different in how tall a man is. Some tall guys have short penis while short guys have long penis. Anyway, the penis size is not everything to get a woman satisfied. It is also about the girth as well. So, I think size does matter to some women.

  20. fuck blacks

    I bet our a fucking cotton picking slave my dick is father than any niggers dick

  21. My dick is 7.5 inches and in 12

  22. Fuck off and die

    Lies blacks actually have small dicks just look at pics of African tribesman small as fuck baby dicks smaller than a pinky. Everyone African have shitty genetics also. Whites have the biggest dicks and it has been proven more than your bullshit lies. Biggest dicks belong to Northern and Western Europeans. Scandinavians have the biggest.

  23. Wow, the hate on here is pretty astounding. I do agree that the only specific study done on this issue shouldn’t be referred to because it lacked certain controls. First, the participants self-reported which, if we all know men, probably lied about their actual length, probably trending upward than what they really were. Secondly, the study included many more white males than black male respondents. The trend that blacks were bigger than whites could have gone down or even higher if the same number of respondents where used. I do tend to believe that black males are statistically bigger, on average, than most other males and that reason is solely based on self-selection rather than pure genetics. When a woman chooses a mate, she chooses that mate that seems healthier with a stronger ability to father children. A male with a larger appendage has two advantages, the ability to inseminate deeper in the vagina beating out other male lovers that cannot do so. So, in Africa, it may have been that black females chose black males with bigger appendages that trended towards male children with larger appendages and the cycle continued over time. Black culture tends to glorify size of certain bodily parts, butts and thighs in black women and penis size in males, while that is not as prevalent in other ethnic cultures. It’s likely just a genetic trend based on cultural norms so, white guys, don’t hate. A female can only handle so much anyway and it’s likely that what you have is more than enough to satisfy your average female anyway.

  24. Pete

    No native americans have the biggest penis size 5 inch soft 8 hard 4.2 in girth pure fact need to do more research before you post something without all the facts good day..

  25. Erick Kalandros

    I was about to fall asleep because you guys kept babbling about the races but I don’t see anything that is a fact. And I don’t give a crap about a vagina. I’m a gay man. I date black men not just because they are hung. That’s not true that all of them are hung.

    The facts are …. Asian and MEXICAN men are so tiny. I remember doing Asian guy and he had a 7 inches. Whoopie! What’s more most Asian men want to get fucked. Because their penises are not so exciting to men. 👍🏼

  26. Really beneficial….look ahead to coming back.|

  27. Frank_G

    I always liked to compare with other men. I know I’m at the lower end of average.. Porn is possibly to blame, but I still like to peep…
    What is also very interesting is I believe a lot of men are exactly the same length and thickness as me..
    I’m about 14 cm’s or 5.5 inches… About 17% of men are likely to be shorter than me.. Certain groups could play a part in that 17% .
    In my age group from the early 1980’s and swimming class in the last year of High School I didn’t see anything so ground shaking.. By that time everyone should be fully developed.. On the other hand not every guy from swimming class is/going to have a full erection.. ? I wasn’t uncomfortable.. It was neat at some point to see nude people in my age group at various stages of sexual development..
    Most of the time I get the feeling that most men are rounding off to the next 1/2 inch, and I didn’t measure my member properly..?
    Development, and the speed of it can be inherited, or certain ethnic groups… pubic hair, treasure trail.. A cock that might on average be one inch longer in a particular age group.. I was shaving at about age 14, but my treasure trail didn’t convincingly come in till I was in my 30’s…
    Today’s young men have a higher occurrence to be well hung, or is it that men that are well hung have something to show off.? And have a better feeling about their body image..
    Vision trickery: getting a full frontal view of someone nude in your age group, he could appear more well endowed because when you are looking at your own equipment, you’re looking at it in a different perspective and angle.. Photography can still make something longer or bigger than it really is.. A mirror could help cure the fears..
    I still have a curiosity, and we could feel bad or sorry for the poor man with a micro-penis..

  28. Bababooey

    Black man can have longer dicks, but white guys definately can have monstrous fat dicks. I have seen two on german americans who looked like coke cans.

  29. Unknown

    Sad that white men feel so inferior and inadequate so they come on here using racial slurs thinking that it will somehow change the FACTS. Black men in general have larger penises than other races. There are a few instances where white, mexican, and asian men might be larger than a black man but majority of black men are bigger than the rest. I have personally witnessed 12 inch black men with avg girth. 8 inches with a massive girth (as big around as a monster energy drink can) and I have seen 1 white man with a 12 incher but it was skinnier. Black men do have larger dicks..sorry.

  30. Mary

    Idk but I met a 6’ 3” Mexican man from Mexico and he had a 4” winkie.

  1. 1 Black Guys Bigger Dick Theories - Page 8

    […] A guy who writes up my point better than me: Penis size And Racial groups | Chancellorfiles […]

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