Reincarnated Slave Masters

Reincarnated Slave Masters

(slaves and reincarnation) 


By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance:  The souls that were incarnated during the time period of American slavery where did they go after death? Are they still dead and in their graves? The answer is they have reincarnated again. The majority of the black slaves have reincarnated as white Americans, and the majority of the whites who lived during the times of slavery have reincarnated as black Americans. The majority of Native American Indians who lived during the 14th thru the 19th centuries have reincarnated in Western Europe and central Europe but more Native Americans reincarnated in Western Europe than central why? Because it was western European countries that conquered the majority of the Americas. The Spaniards from Spain who conquered parts of America have reincarnated in Spanish speaking countries in the Americas. Many of these reincarnated former Spaniards are now brown skin mestizo Latinos (Hispanics) of today. Millions of former Native American Indians now live reincarnated in Spain, Portugal, England, France, and other Europeans countries. At the same time many Europeans who lived in the 17th, 18th and 19th century now have reincarnated in America.

Long ago the whites in the Southern part of the United States practiced slavery, and now many of these whites are now the black Americans of today. All of the racial hatred that is directed towards blacks today — as a collective racial group is the result of their collective bad Karma of once haven been white racists in their last past lives. Many whites of today live good decent lives because of their sufferings as black slaves during the time of American slavery. Now not all blacks and whites were black or white in their past life this is just a general rule that many were and not all whites were racist during the times of slavery.

The Liberals have always tried to help blacks since the times of slavery, and now the Liberals are still helping blacks today. So, this means that the black Americans of today actually were the whites who created Americans infrastructure during the 16th,   17th, 18th, and 19th, century and the whites of today were the black slaves that contributed to helping build America’s economy and buildings etc during that time period.

The goal is for blacks to set things right that they did wrong when they were white people in their last incarnations. Example whites during slavery times denied blacks their civil rights, now in this life time blacks had to fight to gain civil rights for themselves and other non-whites. Therefore, the bad karma of denying slaves their civil rights was paid for when Martin Luther King jr and blacks won the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Whites called black slaves’ niggers and now blacks who were once white people in their last life times now call each other niggers and niggas. This is bad Karma that has come home to its original masters. All of the humiliation, shame, and inner mental and emotional pain that those black slaves experienced when they were called niggers by whites — now the blacks of today feel emotional pain at being called niggers by whites and other non-whites.

Chance: Those Spaniards who conquered many parts of America now have reincarnated in Spanish speaking countries and live in poverty. While the Native Aztec, Mayan, Inca, and Arawak who were conquered and massacred by those former Spaniards now live in Spain and are enjoying good middle class life styles abundance and wealth. Some of these Native Aztec, Mayan, Inca, and Arawak have reincarnated in France and other European countries. The Native American Indians who lived in the United States and Canada and were conquered by whites — many of these Native American Indians have reincarnated in England and France. So one group of souls from one part of the world have been transferred to the other part of the world and vis versa.

The reality is this that we all are souls and the earth is our training ground. There are certain lessons we must learn in order to move up to higher states of spiritual and moral consciousness. The ancient Greeks called Karma nemesis and we all have our individual nemesis but we should help each other over come our bad Karma. Too look and say I will not help because it is his or her Karma is not a correct way to view karma, because we all have bad Karma and people do help us. So regardless of the bad Karma humans should help each other this helps eliminate ones personal bad Karma. Help others and you shall be helped. There is a possibility that other dimensions exist also, and the more we purify our selves of our character flaws — we get closer to crossing over to other dimensions that have higher states of consciousness. These other world dimensions are populated with other beings and life forms that we will encounter if we cross over.

 Quetsion: Do you believe in reincarnation dear readers or do you believe we only live once on this planet called EARTH?

By Chance Kelsey, (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. Chance

    The subject of reincarnation is fasinating every one should study it whether they agree with it or not. The law od Karma is always a part of the doctrine of reincarnation the two subjects can not be separated many religions like buddhism, hinduism, judaism, etc teach the doctrine of reincarnation and karma also.

    By Chance

  2. hey chance! happy new year! i know i SHOULD change up my blog…. but i’m so attached to it! i know the font is hella small… and with my already bad eyesight, you think i would have already set the font to 22px or something! lol

  3. I hear you loud and clear Suedemuffins keep on rolling with it.

  4. Ann


    If reincarnation is true, than this most mean that we have absolutely no control of the things that happen to us whether they are good of bad. It means that our destiny has been predetermined. What do you think.

  5. I feel that our lives are governed by ourselves based upon our own individual actions in past lives. So the karma of this life is the result of the good and bad karma of a past life. So, in this life your karma is all ready predestined because of the past, what you have to do now is work out the bad karma of this life. By working out the bad karma of this life you create good karma for a future life.

    There are three kinds of Karma, 1. Your personal karma and this also includes karma of your family. 2. Karma of your racial group or ethnicity. 3. Karma of your country. So we all have these three karmas to follow. We should all help out other people in life with there karma because by doing so we help ourselves too, somebody will help us along the way. We also create good karma by doing this too. All racial groups and individuals have good and bad Karma they must work out. I hope this helps you understand my view point on Karma Ann.

    Take care, Ann and thank you for coming by.

    By Chance

  6. I would like to know if your implying “black” embodyment is designated for suffering in our universe. i mean you had the slaves pain and suffering and now whites that did wrong to black have to suffer and be black today? thats the punishment? i don’t get it..what is it your really trying say? i would have to say apon reading this you mave have alot of self hate within yourself and this gives hint that you are dissapointed with your current embodyment if are “black” you are aren’t you? smile. no disrespect please answer.

  7. Hi Ming

    The essay that I wrote was based upon my studies of reincarnation and karma. I was just drawing up a scenario that was all Ming. Also, I am a mulatto meaning black, white, and Native American, and I love being mixed blooded. I really enjoy studying reincarnation and Karma too and I was just using blacks and whites as an example it does not mean that blacks were white in their past lives or whites of today were black in their past lives.

    Thank you for coming by Ming please come again.

    Take care,

    By Chance

  8. Joseph


    I study Hinduism and it is a really interesting set of beliefs. I’ve got the Mahabharata here and I’ve not read it yet but hopefully will get to it. I’m hoping that God (please God!) will allow me to read any and all the books I have and have an interest in.

    I believe in karma, but I believe in it as action, any action which binds us to this world. Hinduism teaches that selfless action releases one from these bonds. We cannot be like some of these modern and probably ancients Saints in India who try to avoid life or any action because we must engage in action and sacrifice all we do to God (however you may know this God according to your experience).

    To an extent I believe in reincarnation, but I’ve been involved with various faiths for a while Chance and I grew up with the islamic one. It is stronger with me the belief in a sort of passive waiting period until the call to judgement by the perfect Judge who will take all things into account for all people to determine their lasting abode, either serenity or chastisement. We must, according to the quran struggle (jihad) to become worthy of being in the presence of God.

    I understand the concept of reincarnation and I will not deny its probability. Kabalists believe in it and it has evolved in their traditions to where one must observe all the laws that are necessary. Occultists do as well who integrate their own form of Qabalah, thus another evolving of Kabalistic concepts.

  9. Arthur Ward

    How about that karma being created as a consequence of Africans enslaving Africans for so many centuries?

  10. Chance

    The result of that is theyr reincarnate in their next lives into a strong tribe or another ethnic group on another continent and go and repay those whom oppressed them in their last incarnation. This is the law of karma.

  11. Joseph

    That might explain the black’s self-hatred toward themselves. 🙂

  12. vanessa

    That’s a cosy, neat little theory. So who did Hitler come back as? A Jew that hated himself?

  13. chairman


  14. Jebreezy

    its funny yall are looking at it like its all about “reincarnating and then hating one’s self”. How about looking at it like “reincarnating and then loving the other”. You people are upside down. Look at it the positive way. Yes Yusef (Joseph) “We must, according to the quran struggle (jihad) to become worthy of being in the presence of God” you are right, just over a course of many lifetimes..not just one. You gotta really work at this HIGHER SELF” thing. Some people have to learn it over a course of a few lifetimes. Alot of humans arent given a chance in 1 lifetime to make the right decisions, mainly due to BRAINWASH or product of one’s environment yada yada yada!!!! People have mental sickness and all of that type of stuff also. Wouldnt you feel better knowing that a three year old who unfortunately exited this life,way before her time will be given another chance to live a full life in ANOTHER lifetime. Think about it, this answers alot of questions for religious people (christians, muslims, etc). I was raised Christian and Im indigenous (to the world, Craig). Also think about this….how hard would it be to labor-slave (or even mentally-slave) a culture of people for 400-500 years if they weren’t scared of death. If they knew they were coming back in another lifetime with the power of Karma. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE!!! The guy who wanted to be put back in the Matrix said ‘ignorance is bliss’…(and)…..’i dont want to remember nothing….NOTHING!” lol . But if people are still “shackled” down with prejudice, sexist, fascist thoughts they will never expand their conscious therefore never hearing their ancestral celetial beings talk to them (DE JA VU) therefore never accepting the truth when they see/hear it

    ***News Flash***
    No such thing as a black person nor white person. Words are powerful frequencies (when magicians and sorcerers cast spells they used/use words and tones yada yada….duh). The elitists decided to make this a black/white thing….darkness/light thing…..a bad/good thing. Once we get over this cursed KABAL language that we speak to each other, THEN and ONLY THEN will we become one. Now think about that wichall Bisch Azzes!!! j/k

    your brother from another mother (Mother EARTH..idiots) lol.
    I luv it.

  15. Lucy

    What about present day white people who are racist and bigotted? Who were they in a past life? You can’t clump ALL white people together!

  16. joshin ya

    in terms of belief in reincarnation
    for me the fullest best understanding of said dynamics
    be the edgar cayce material

  17. R. "JEREMIAH" peter/john

    I am a psychic medium (and much more) given the gift of knowing my past and past family and friends and can answer this topic truthfully. I have nothing to gain or profit nor do I use my abilities for profit. I am African american, cherokee, and European male which stereotypes means I’m black. My last life I was a white male medium complexion and long brown wavy hair. My past mother and brother and sister looked exactly the same features. So I know this reincarnation happens first hand. So word to the wise be nice to others. Not just fake it, FROM THE HEART. My gift of my past was given to me because I did something selfless and gave my life to others. So I also kept my exact same personality as before which allowed my wish(and many more!!!) to see what it would be like to be another person. How cool is that! So amazing…

  18. Lauren

    Yes I was a reincarnated murdered slave woman in North Carolina. It is interesting then how I have come back as White and in learning to accept Africana Culture, I am also accepting what was denied to me in my life. I live in Georgia by the way.

  19. FullOfDoubts

    I am a Brazilian white woman. My mother had a past life regression and she told me I was her slave in one incarnation. We were both men. Then in another life she saw herself as a jewish in a nazi concentration camp. Maybe it was her karma for having had slaves in the previous life? Here is what I see in me that could be a reflection of my life as a black slave man: I like to be a woman now, but I have never felt “feminine enough”, although people say I am and there is nothing masculine about me, I have always felt too clumsy, it’s just a feeling; I have been strongly against racism probably since I was born although we live in a racist culture; I sometimes wished I was black when I was younger although I was taught we should love ourselves for who we are; I feel guilt when I am not working and nothing is ever good enough although the people who raised me (parents, grandmothers, aunts, etc.) are not demanding like that, it was in me already (maybe my slave master was?); I used to feel predjudice against rich people (I overcame that now) and after I grew up, graduated and got a nice job I have always felt guilt for having more than some people (although I’ve never been rich); We had a maid at home, and when my mom left to work, I would tell the maid my mother was asking too much of her (which was not true) and told her to skip doing this and that; I have always been very independent and could never understand why people needed maids and secretaries, why couldn’t they take care of themselves? (Of course, now I understand the day has only 24 hours and we cannot do everything, sometimes we need help.) For some reason, we all have tendencies to think and act in certain ways that are hard to explain when we consider that the culture/environment we live(d) in could not have influenced us like that. I might be wrong, who knows? I am an agnostic after all. But I like to keep my mind open…

  20. Avirgintomorrow

    “Many whites of today live good decent lives….” stop it. Whites control their own PR and propetuate that myth. White individuals are no more or less screwed up than anyone else. They’re simply granted the power to render themselves immune to the stigma of their own behavior.

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