Sapphire Character (black women and their verbal whip)


The Sapphire Character

 (Black Women And Their Verbal Whip)


 By Chance, chancellorfiles

 SapphireChance: There are many terms used to describe black women in a negative way one of these terms is sapphire. A sapphire is a black female who is extremely verbally abusive and uses her harsh words to emasculate and hurt the feeling of the black man. Sapphire is often viewed as a rude, unappreciative, sexually unchaste, materialistic, ungrateful, verbally abusive, hateful, and loud mouth, black female who is always trying to humiliate and belittle a black man. She is always criticizing him and wanting to argue about the most insignificant things.

The sapphire female has no particular physical look with the exception that they are usually portrayed as being caramel brown or dark skin, now light skin female sapphires do exist but it is the Caramel brown skin (medium brown) and dark skin sapphire that are the most recognizable. Why is this because during the times of slavery in America — and even after slavery it was caramel brown skin and dark skin black women that most of the negative images about black American woman were based upon. There aren’t many negative stereotypes about black women that are based upon light skin black women, light skin black woman were seldom viewed in the same negative way as caramel brown and dark skin black women.

The sapphire image requires the presence of a black male, sapphire woman created by the black female to confront and battle the character flaws of the black male. Many black men due to their corrupt character defects cause the sapphire in a black woman to come forth like a waterfall. Many of these black men due to their lack of responsibility, trickery, cunning behavior, disrespect towards their black female partner, lack of integrity, rudeness, insensitiveness, and other character defects create the perfect opportunities and situations for the sapphire side of black of many black females to come forth and do battle.

Now a black woman when in public and just starts yelling loudly while arguing about something with a black man she is showing her sapphire side at that moment. One must have proper social etiquette when in public and black women who can not control their sapphire side in public makes members of other ethnic groups view them as lacking proper social etiquette. Sometimes in public when people see black men being disrespected and yelled at by a black wife or girlfriend or black woman in general — this causes people to sympathize with the black man.

There are other stereotypes of black females like the mammy and Jezebel characters. The mammy was a black woman who overweight (very fat and sometimes obese) and sexually unattractive, she wore a head scarf around her head and a long dress that came down to her knees. She was very loving and would comfort anyone who was in pain. The Jezebel character is a black woman who is sexual promiscuous and very materialistic, she would sleep with men so she could gain some type of benefit from them like money, clothes, or what ever she was after. The Jezebel was cunning, sexually unfaithful, cold hearted, manipulative, and would do anything to gain what she wanted. She was always looking for opportunities to use sex to exploit men, and she was always obsessed with sex.

In order for the sapphire side of a black woman to come forth a black man was needed, because many black men and women are sometimes locked in verbal battles with each other — this would often allow the sapphire side of a black woman to come forth. Black women also, direct their sapphire towards men from other racial groups too; especially during interracial relationships basically sapphire is not limited to black men.     


Chance: Many  black women have sapphire in them but sapphire is not always bad, it has a good side also. Sapphire is used by some black women to get their black male partner back on the right track in life. They use it when they see he is straying from taking care of his responsibilities in life.     

The Sapphire attitude is simply a response and reaction to the many character defects, lack of responsibility, and emotional and mental pain that many black men put black females through. Also, it is a response to a lot of the oppression that has been passed down to each black generation from the times of slavery in America. Black females have been the strong back bones of black America since the times of slavery. When many black men were working on the slave plantations the black female had to deal with many more responsibilities like cooking, raising kids, washing clothes, stress, and working on the slave masters plantation. Every since the late 1960s, many black women have been holding single parent homes together when certain black men don’t even take care of their children. They get the black female pregnant and leave her to raise the child; this adds stress to the black female mother.

So sapphire has a good side and a bad side, it sometimes is used to emasculate the black man during a verbal dispute, and sometimes sapphire is called forth to put the black man back on the right path of taking care of responsibilities in life.


By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. hey chance! that is so interesting! i have never heard of this “sapphire” character. ummm… any connection to having a birthstone, sapphire? i hope not!

  2. Hey Suedemuffins

    A sapphire is a gem stone that is blue in color, and also, a sapphire is any multi translucent color gem stone (any gem variety of corundum other than the ruby, esp. one of the blue varieties. )that is not a ruby (red). Black women were called sapphires because their moods changed from good to negative real fast — when they started to yell, criticize, argue, and emasculating black men, these black women emotional moods would change like a sapphire gem stone changes in colors. A sapphire in bluish but it looks like it sometimes has other colors mixed with it making the sapphire look translucent.

    Main Entry: sap·phire
    Pronunciation: ‘sa-“fIr
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English safir, from Anglo-French, from Latin sapphirus, from Greek sappheiros, perhaps of Semitic origin; akin to Hebrew sappIr sapphire
    1 a : a gem variety of corundum in transparent or translucent crystals of a color other than red; especially : one of a transparent rich blue b : a gem of such corundum
    2 : a deep purplish-blue color
    – sapphire adjective

    By Chance

  3. oh well i guess this is true in my case then cuz i have this FIERCE hot and cold switch. not necessarily good to negative… but i find myself REACTING on impulse and emotion rather than REASON…. i gotta work on that! i’ll keep reading my 48 laws of power… silence will be my lethal weapon!

  4. To Suedemuffins

    Silence is golden Suedemuffins, and it is said that the person who keeps silent a hundred evils will pass them by. Yes, keep reading your 48 laws of power, and combine the emotional center with the intellectual center (reasoning) then make your decision.

  5. Keita

    Many Black women that I come across have some sort of innate or deep down hostily towards black men. I don’t know why. I don’t see them doing this to White, Latin, or Asian guys.

    They act like you did something to them. I can be in any city in any region in the US and I see the same thing. But I am at the point where I don’t take it anymore.

    One black female employee began acting white in this Walgreens store. She treated me like I was gonna steal and then came at me fowl. I reported her to her manager.

    Black women must learn that black men aren’t gonna take disrepsect from even them.

    O yeah, did you write that book, The Destruction of Black Civilization? I bought it. Thanks.

  6. Keita

    One more thing I noticed that many black women link up with the rest of society to help destroy the blackman. So, it’s hard for me to look at them as a friend.

  7. Chance

    @ poster #5 & 6,

    I agree that many black women show an open hostility towards black men and also, don’t show it towards other men from other racial groups. They feel that many black men have made their lives unpleasant by being sexually unfaithful, rude, lack responsibility, etc but also black women are similar to the black men of their race when it comes to the same defects. Many of these black men are so horrible because they were raised by black women in single homes. Yes the black fathers are at fault too, and sometimes the black mother help drive away the fathers due to certain behaviors. And, sometimes they both are at fault. But yeah many black women are negative and will help destroy black men women from other ethnic groups are not like this on average. Yes other ethnic groups have behavior women who display this same behavior but black women do it more and it is expected of them to be this way. Yes all of the problems in America that black women go through contributes to there unpleasant behavior towards black men, but those problems can’t explain everything about why they treat black men this way.

    There is something about being among your own me and women that brings out the worst in people when they are negative. At times it brings out the best. Unfortunately many black women and black men are damaged mentally and emotionally due to their experiences in America and from living among black people.

    Poster 5 asked: O yeah, did you write that book, The Destruction of Black Civilization? I bought it. Thanks.

    No I did not write it it was written by Chancellor Williams he died long ago I have read some excerpts of it though.

  8. Forgive that beside You was little ed!

  9. The Author, you – genius…
    I simply mad about this forum!

  10. jones

    I am black woman and am in no way hostile towards black men. This all ignorance seriously.

  11. Rush in NYC

    Chance, you’re an idiot and I feel like smacking the shit out of you. How does one generalize a race? Black woman are far more complex than your wack assed cookie cutter judgement.

    1. You need to hang around some postive black people.
    2. Please have someone copy check your writing. (Its hard to accept your babble when it feels like it was written by a 5th grader.)

    Have a good day

  12. Cee Cee

    This is what happens when people stay in their little community and only hang around the country, coons and ghetto hood rats that they see in their town. They begin to believe that this is what all black women are about. i’m from new york and we see all different types of black women. All shades, sizes and classes. I think people need to start broadening their horizons and get the hell out of their community and see the world.

  13. chiquita

    this piece warrants no thought or discussion. straight garbage. period.

  14. Joseph

    I live in NY and I see plenty of ghetto black chicks. The younger generation is degenerating even more. I think a few months ago some black girls on a train with some black guy were beating on some passenger and the beating was posted somewhere. I think the girl posted it and everyone thought at first it was some sort of sketch she did.

    I don’t usually see black chicks disrespect black men, but they are loud as hell with foul mouths.

  15. Cee Cee

    @ joseph…Yes of course you see ghetto black chicks. you’re gonna find that everywhere. But in new york we have a hell of a lot more diversity than some of these other states. You cannot say that all u see in ny is ghetto black chicks. there are all different classes of black women in ny. and we also have ghetto hispanics and them ghetto white chicks who think its funny to beat up other girls in school and put it all over you tube and who come out of the clubs in the meat packing district, drunk as hell, cursing and smacking their boyfriends around. lol i’ve seen it thousands of times.

  16. Randi

    I’m sure everyone has seen that video of those white girls pummeling their friend until she was unconscious yet people like Chance and the others are willing to give whites a free pass. Look at all the murder for hires they commit as well. It’ll be great when whites finally devise a filter for those like Chance to remove their black DNA. It must suck to constantly depend on blacks to produce more mulattos. The resentment and hatred from this group needs to be addressed head on. Their biggest problem is whites will never consider them as equals and they’re incredibly self-conscious about that “fact” yet they keep sucking up with sites like this one. I would never trust a mulatto nor consider them as friends either. Treachery knows no bounds with these people. The back biting, deceit and connivance is worse among them than all groups combined.

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  1. 1 Quora

    Are African American women on average more verbally abusive?

    More verbally abusive than who? White women? Black men? My problem with this is how it dovetails far too neatly with the stereotype of the “Sapphire.” “There are many terms used to describe black women in a negative way one of these terms is sapphir…

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