Murderers And Rapists


 Murderers And Rapists (murderer strong and rapist bold)

(The psychological differences between a murderer and a rapist)

By Chance Kelsey,

 Chance: What is the major psychological difference between a murderer and a rapist? If one analyze the behavior of the two, one will see that a murderer depends often on physical strength and a rapist is bold. Murderers often view themselves as strong and dangerous individuals who are to be feared. Even if a murderer is physically weaker than the victim in the mind of the murderer he or she views themselves often as strong. A rapist is very bold to do the act of sexual assault; this boldness is needed in order to carry out the assault on the victim. The rapist does not fear being caught right away — so while he (or she) is doing the act of sexual assault they care not for the feelings, screams, physical pain etc of the victim. The rapist has to deaden his conscience in order to continue with the act.

A murderer can kill a person with a gun, knife, or weapon very swiftly — and not have to continue dealing with his or he conscience while committing the act of murder because the killing happen swiftly. Murderers have to deal with their conscience after the act of killing is over. A rapist has to continue dealing with his conscience, because the conscience keeps informing him (or her) that what he is doing is wrong. The rapist ignores his conscience and continues rapping the victim. A rape can last for minutes, hours, or days. Many murderers will never rape a female, male, or child – but many often rapists will murder their victims so the victims will not live to testify against them in a court of LAW.

 Chance: Therefore, a rapist is more dangerous than a murderer because a rapist will commit murder to cover up his crime – but many murderers will never commit rape, they find it too humiliating and shameful of an act. If a murderer commits rape then he is definitely of the rapist character first and not of the murderer character first. A murderer is simply a murderer who would never rape another human – he is a murderer only.   

The word "bold" alludes to yet another animal. In the Talmud the rabbis teach: "Be as bold as a leopard." The commentaries explain that the difference between the boldness of a leopard and the courage of a lion is that whereas the lion senses his innate physical strength and rule over all creatures of the field, the leopard is audaciously brazen, above and beyond the measure of his physical strength. This is what is meant by boldness, and so in the domestic realm, the goat–more than any other domestic animal–exhibits the property of boldness. So is the rapist bold, while the murderer is strong. 

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written by Chance during the 21st century

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  2. Chance

    Yeah that is a way of purification and sanitation.

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