Bayard Rustin And Civil rights (Brother Outsider)


Chance writes: Bayard Rustin was a  Black civil rights leader and he was also gay —  Rustin taught Martin Luther king jr. Gandhi’s technique of non-violence. The doctrine of non-violence was used by King to win the civil rights movement. Rustin is often not given credit for the help that he gave to Blacks and non-whites by teaching King the doctrine of non-violence, which helped King win the civil rights movement.   

 Bayard Rustin And Civil rights (Brother Outsider)

By Chance Kelsey,


 CHANCE: Bayard Rustin was a Black American civil rights leader and he was also gay, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. knew Rustin was gay. Martin Luther King Jr. was criticized by other civil rights leaders, for allowing Bayard Bayard RustinRustin to be apart of his inner circle of advisors. Many Black civil rights leaders felt that how could King being a pastor of a church allow this gay (homosexual) man to give advise on how to fight against white racism in America. Now it was Bayard Rustin who introduced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Gandhi’s philosophy of non violence.

  Bayard Rustin had visited India and this was before he ever met Martin Luther King Jr. while visiting India Rustin studied Gandhi’s Philosophy of non violence. Years later Rustin joined King and the civil rights movement during this time period he taught King the doctrine of non-violence. King and Black-Americans could not have won the civil rights movement with-out Bayard Rustin’s help. Also, it was Bayard Rustin who organized the march on Washington D.C. for Martin Luther King Jr. and, it was during the march on Washington where King stood before the crowd and gave his famous I have a dream Bayard Rustin and Martin Luther King jrspeech. So certain Black Americans who criticize gays need to study history before they resort to criticism. I’m not trying to favor gays or Black Americans; I’m just saying that help sometimes come in all skin colors and life styles. Bayard Rustin is called brother outsider because he was not given the credit he deserved because other civil rights leaders knew he was gay. So he was some what forgotten when it came to admiration. Thus the label brother outsider.   


  By Chance (chancellor)


  1. marlon

    As always – provocative post by Chance. Also, I like the new blog makeover. Very Professional! 🙂

  2. Hi Marlon

    Good to hear from you again you know what I was over at your blog couple days ago reading some your post. I try to give credit to were credit is due and Bayard Rustin deserves credit. He was a gay man and was not ashamed to admit it during the 1950s and 1960s. I admire him for what he did and contributed to Martin Luther King jr and the civil rights movement. Rustin deserves more credit and blacks and non-whites and women have to protect gay people from injustices also. Let GOD deal with each human and their actions we humans should leave other peoples personal lives alone. Good to hear from you Marlon and glad you like the new blog style.

    Take care,

    Marlon as always a pleasure to hear from you.

    By Chance

  3. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Bayard Rustin And Civil rights (Brother Outsider), but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  4. @ Daniel

    Yes, Daniel it is very Rustin’s life iwas interesting you will enjoy finding out more about him. Rustin contributed alot to the civil right’s movement.

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