Black People And Lack Of Trust


 Black People And Lack Of Trust

(Why Can’t Blacks Work together?) 


By Chance Kelsey,


 Chance: It is a know fact that Blacks have a difficult time working together. Blacks have a hard time working together in any type of environment or setting.

Blacks have a difficult time working together in the Work place, neighborhoods, community functions, organizations, and sometimes even politically why is this? The answer is a lack of trust; too many blacks can not be trusted by other blacks. Blacks see all of the crime, violence, unprovoked rudeness, self hate, Jealousy, gangs, mistreatment towards other blacks, sexual misconduct, constant lying, and other unkind behaviors emanating from many blacks towards other blacks.

This has caused a lot of blacks to not trust the average black person – unless it is family members or friends. When riots and natural disasters (earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods etc) happen among cities and towns that are predominantly black – the majority of blacks can’t cooperate with each other well enough to help themselves overcome the disaster.

A perfect example was during the Hurricane Katrina situation in New Orleans, Louisiana the year was 2005. Blacks made up the majority of the citizens in News Orleans and hurricane Katrina killed many blacks in the city. Many blacks took up shelter at the Superdome and while there the superdome turned into the terror dome — with people being beaten, raped, fights, arguing, and uncooperative. How come blacks could not get themselves organized to make their living situation better at the superdome?                    

A group of black men should have gotten themselves together and to charge of the situation. They should have asked the women to take the children over to a corner of the Superdome and keep them occupied by playing games. Then they should have gotten as many black men as possible and organized them into groups. One group of men are responsible for finding food, another group to help with security, another to watch the restrooms and make sure no one was sexually assaulted, and group responsible for water.
This would have made things easier for them while staying at the superdome for those three days that they were there.

 Chance: But the reason none of this happened was because — many blacks don’t trust other blacks unless they are family members or friends. The collective negative pathological behavioral patterns of many keep blacks from cooperating with each other. Force is often needed among blacks and other ethnic groups living in third world countries to make them cooperate with each other. People living in third world and second world countries often know what it is like to fear people you don’t know. There is so much political, corruption, violence, unkindness, and injustice in the third world that people natural don’t trust strangers. Even in Africa and other countries were blacks live there is this lack of trust among them. Black Africa countries are filled with political corruption and violence. 

This lack of trust that blacks have is justified also, because many blacks are not trustworthy – and blacks often have no problems harming blacks. So, blacks have to depend often on family members and friends for trust. So blacks would trust a member of another ethnicity before they trust another black person. We should not blame them for that because there are reasons for this. The Japanese in Japan and White Scandinavian Europeans, western Europeans, and central Europeans trust members of their racial groups more than any other racial groups in the world.

Blacks will develop trust possibly in future generations because trust is needed in order for any ethnic group to progress.        

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by chance

  1. marlon

    Truth be told!
    Watch out Steve Perry, author Man Up: Nobody is Coming to Save Us., and Bill Cosby.
    As a community activist, I witness this shit daily. I think it’s mental enslavement and the fault of the black patriarchal leadership of the black church keeping folks IGNORANT.

  2. Hey Marlon

    I agree Marlon also I have noticed that many of us blacks progress further in life when we are not surrounded by a lot of blacks. This is true, we often are held back too some degree because of our fellow blacks. It is sad but each and every black person must continue to make efforts to progress regardless of those in our race that try to hold us back. Like you say Marlon see this stuff everyday.

    Take care, Marlon

    By Chance

  3. Kahlil

    Chance says, “The white race lets their people speak freely and the black race does not allow their people to speak freely.”

    this is a MAJOR problem Chance.

  4. Chance

    @ Kahlil,

    Chance says, “The white race lets their people speak freely and the black race does not allow their people to speak freely.”

    this is a MAJOR problem Chance.

    My Response: A major problem that is frustrating at time too. In keeps intellectual innovation from developing to higher levels also.

  5. i think the problem is more intellectual than it is physical; black leadership tend to envision & direct a COLLECTIVE black progression [i.e, a segregation-era approach]; but integration killed that.

    i think that the black community was improperly transitioned into integrated legal equality;
    after 400 years of segregation, “POOF!” – COMPLETE legal civil liberty > the beginning of the end.

    thanx again for this platform-a saving grace.

  6. Elle

    Yes I have a hard time trusting other black people or being in large groups of black people because I have been disrespected COUNTLESS times. I’m glad to know this is a common belief.

  7. Chance (@ Elle)

    @ Elle,

    Elle said: Yes I have a hard time trusting other black people or being in large groups of black people because I have been disrespected COUNTLESS times. I’m glad to know this is a common belief.

    @ Elle,

    My Response
    I understand how you feel, there are many good black people, and I mean many, but it is those few who keep trying to make their fellow blacks miserable that makes black folks look bad. It forces many blacks and other people to try to make sure there is some distance between themselves, and certain types of negative blacks. If people want to be trusted, they have to first show themselves to be friendly and loyal.

  8. Keita

    There are some blacks and Latinos that have ripped me off in the past. So I am careful not too trust many of them. I don’t like it and there are blacks that don’t trust me either. I felt distrust of whites too but unfortunately some blacks I can’t trust.

  9. Chance

    @ Keita

    Sorry for your unpleasant expedience dealing certain people, and yes, we have to be a little careful about whom we associate with. But we learn form these unpleasant experiences too and I know it has made you a little wiser. Thank you for coming by.

  10. Martin UK

    I think the poster of this thread is white so be carefull folks!

  11. I am black man my corncen is that we established the organisation representing the pedlars at west rand region, so the organisation thus no grow, what is happening is to fight over two thins (1 position (2 money other one is even if I am not skilled enough I want to take a big position that I don’t have qaulificaton for so please help me. My name is Jan R Lethoko I want grow the organisation and help the pedlars. Thank yuo

  12. Please can u help me with more information about the list of things that makes blacks not work together with blacks cause the truth is we establish an organisation help pedlars at our area but it does not grow what is improving is fighting each other over issues that are not relevent to our dairly business please help
    Jan lethoko

  13. Fordham Samuels

    Blacks (& Hispanics) shit on their own communities, evidenced by high crime rate in predominantly black areas. They will use every excuse under the sun as to why their neighborhood is a hellhole while they keep committing crimes in it. As a group, they rarely accomplish anything good except destroy & contaminate what was once good (opportunities). look at every black neighborhood in America, they are shit & no one non black would want to live there. It starts with the individual, most blacks do not have it in them to be decent & honest individuals. There is a reason why we were told never to lend money to a black guy, because you will never see it again. Blacks in general are not a people of their word. They do love talking a lot though, & also tons of complaining. I don’t see other ethnic groups such as Asians or eastern Europeans for example, shitting on their own communities, bitch about how unfair everything is & allow their children to run around committing crimes with no fathers (if they know who the daddy is) to supervise them. There are so many factors why blacks in general are viewed negatively by non blacks & also by their own, those stereotypes (truth). I could go on & on but typing in my mobile is a pain.

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  15. Jessica Brooks

    You just want to secretly sale your drugs without having to answer any questions. But I am white therefore why should I care!

  16. Rotary Chicken

    Is anyone surprised that Africa, a continent where base savagery was always a survival advantage until the appearance of a white man, has not selected genetically for refinement? Blacks will never catch up. That’s life, life with it. The birds enjoy flight instead of complaining they can’t talk.

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