To Be Feared Or Loved

To be feared or loved

By Chance Kelsey,

Is it better to be feared or loved, if one is a political leader or a member of society? This is a serious question that demands an answer. We all want to be loved and admired by our friends, family, society, and co-workers — but reality is, that humans have no problems offending one whom they love but fear offending a person they fear. When people love it is they who have the option to show love towards other people. But when people fear you because you can make them suffer — then it is you who have the power to determine how you will be treated. Therefore, due to the imperfections of human nature it is better to be feared than loved — because a person who is feared can some day be loved. Now a person who is loved but not feared seldom reaches the level of being feared by the many he encounters. It would be nice to be loved and feared at the same time, but living among humans verifies that one or the other will always be more dominant. It is, therefore, better to be feared. Being feared you can always do good while still being feared.

  1. Elle

    I think it’s better to be feared than loved. I don’t think Hillary Clinton is a very likeable person, I’ve heard she is a witch to work with. But I respect her a great deal and therefore I’m voting for her. Meanwhile Barack Obama is so “we are the world” that it’s sickening. He’s too likeable.

    I personally would MUCH rather be feared than loved. It’s a dog eat dog world. People take kindness for weakness. They will disrespect you just to see if they can do it, especially our own kind. Even if they really love you they may hurt your feelings. But if you’re feared you’re respected. I think even God (if he exists) is more effective through the fear of hell than through the love of one another.

  2. Chance (@ Elle)

    @ Elle,

    The rod of correction carries a lot of weight, you got that right. And, fear hell is what is driving many of us, this fear of hell is needed to get us to the level of fear of losing a connection with the creator.

  3. Chef

    I prefer Love, but I enjoy being feared too;
    as long as I attribute that fear to God.

  4. Chance

    @ Chef,

    Chef said: I prefer Love, but I enjoy being feared too;
    as long as I attribute that fear to God.

    Yeah I see what you are saying and agree too. Like is well known some peopel only will behave if there are people in power who will punish them.

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