Genetics, AIDS, And Racial groups

Chance writes: All ethnic groups should study sexual genetics it would help them understand themselves and each other.

Genetics, AIDS, And Racial groups

By Chance Kelsey,

 Chance: Racial groups differ in sexual behaviors in real life. It is not by coincidence that some racial AIDS Ribbongroups have too many members who carry sexually transmitted diseases when compared to members of other racial groups. HIV and AIDS have spreaded all across the world – and the World Health Organization keeps records of sexual diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, Chlamydia, HIV, and AIDS. The World Health Organization currently reports low levels of sexually transmitted diseases in China and Japan and high levels in Africa. European countries are in the middle meaning not too high and not too low. The Sexually transmitted diseases in Mexico and South and Central America are intermediate (not too high and not too low) also. In the Black Caribbean countries sexual transmitted disease like HIV and AIDS etc are very high. In China many of the AIDS patients are Hemophiliacs who caught AIDS through blood transfusions. China is doing everything to make sure that people who get blood transfusions are given non contaminated blood.     

In America black Americans have the highest AIDS and HIV rates, currently blacks make up the majority of the new AIDS and HIV cases in America more than all other ethnic groups combined. Black females make up the majority of the AIDS and HIV cases when compared to women of other ethnic groups’ combined. This means that out of 100% black females would make up 51% or more of the AIDS cases, and the percentage that’s left over would represent females from other ethic groups combined. Africa has the highest rates of HIV and AIDS infection in the world, and the majority of the AIDS cases in Africa are black women. Blacks in America have the highest rate of syphilis more than any other ethnic group.

   The latest information from Centers for Disease Control report on the US epidemic shows that in 2005, 73% of people diagnosed with AIDS were men. Within the African American (black American) population, men represent 65% of AIDS cases.  Black women represented 67% of AIDS diagnoses among women in 2005, though they make up just 12-13% of the population in America. Women comprised 35% of all black Americans diagnosed with AIDS in 2005.  (Reference — HIV/AIDS Surveillance report, Vol. 17: Cases of HIV infection and AIDS in the United States, 2005. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2006)

It was reported of the black women living with AIDS at the end of 2005, 66% acquired their infection through heterosexual contact, 31% through injecting drug use, and 2% through other or undetermined routes. (Centers for disease control) 

Hormones  (testosterone)

 Chance: Blacks produce higher levels of sexual hormones (testosterone) than whites, and whites produce more hormones than Asians. Blacks also produce more sexual hormones (higher levels) than any other racial group in the world. All women produce Testosterone (male hormone) but Black women produce more Testosterone than any other women. This explains why black women and men have strong personalities and strong emotions.  Testosterone affects aggression, altruism, crime, physical strength, sexuality, muscle mass, deepening of the voice in teenage years. If Testosterone hormones are not controlled by the person through will power the person can become aggressive, criminal, sexually promiscuous, lacking altruism, and conceited. If Testosterone is controlled then it becomes an ally, and helps one become more intelligent, altruistic, masculine in a charming type way, admired, good at business, the opposite sex will become more attracted to you, deeper voice, physically good looking, more extroverted, ability to think clearly, personality that stands out in a unique way, ability to express your emotions, and assist in learning information and education.

The reason why HIV and AIDS are so high among black people is, because too many are under the influence of negative black sub culture (sub cultures are found among blacks all over the world). The black sub culture is heavily responsible for all of the sexual promiscuity; lack of self control, not using condoms, and sexual misconduct in general that plagues black people all over the world. Combining black sub culture with blacks producing more testosterone than any other racial group means — that blacks must learn how to control their strong sexual drives or suffer. Testosterone is very beneficial, but when combined with irresponsible sexual behavior that comes from a culture – the chances of catching HIV, AIDS, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, and other sexually transmitted diseases increases.
In Africa culture plays a major role also about why blacks have high levels of HIV and AIDS. Blacks in Africa need to be educated more about how to avoid HIV and AIDS by protective use of condoms, personal responsibility, stop being promiscuous, and monogamy. Blacks In the Caribbean islands, Europe, Canada, South and Central America simply suffer from higher rates of HIV and AIDS for the same reason that blacks in America suffer from it, and that is culture.                          

Blacks and all racial groups need to be taught about genetics and how genetic science relates to the human body and racial groups. This will help add clarity to some of the behaviors that various racial groups go through.

(Reference Ellis, L., & Nyborg, H. (1992). Racial/ethnic variations in male testosterone levels: A probable contributor to group differences in health. Steroids, 5 7, 72-75.
UNAIDS (1999). AIDS epidemic update: December 199 9. United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS. New York. )

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. Yo Chance sorry I havent been by lately but I have been been busy trying to learn how to work with my website, anyway I have finally figured out how to do upload audio to my server here is a bit of what I have managed to post it is the autobiography of Louis Armstrong. Just copy and paste the following link into a browser let me know what you think thanks for all of the support you have given me in the past. tsatch1.mp3

  2. tsatch1.mp3 You chance dont click on the highlighted portion of the address it will only take you to my home page which is not even ready for viewing copy and paste the whole link into a browser thanks my man.

  3. Mark

    I just listened to the Louis Armstrong narrative; it was great and gave a good account of old Sachmo’s life. I am glad you finally learned how to upload audio and video files to your website Mark. I went and looked at your front page and like you said it is not ready for the public but it will be soon. It was white and brown. Good for you Mark, and continue with your audio and video feeds. I often go by your old blog sites to see if you have posted. I will be looking forward to seeing your new website and your website also probably has a blog attached to it too, so you can write as well. New Orleans uptown, down town, front town, and Jamestown. Louis Armstrong came from a New Orleans culture that has offered a lot to America. Keep it going Mark.

    Take care,

  4. Mike Berger

    Dear Sir,
    You are hosting a blog for solutions to problems for your people. You are not afraid to confront Black behavior issues so I do believe you have as good a chance as any in making a good impact. After much thought I suggest the following, since you have taken on yourself the role of community leader:

    Create 1 school based on the following model:
    1/3 religious studies , focusing on the Bible, good character, basic Biblical commandments of morality and how they play out in real life situations, obtaining good character traits etc.
    1/3 vocational/professional studies
    1/3 reading/writing/math

    Teachers must be sincerely religous and of good moral character.

    Teachers must be undergoing continuous self improvement and see themselves as partners with parents who are raising the children. No union teachers. Teachers should not come from the university Ed. departments. The teachers must be idealists and know that this is a true revolution.

    Seperate schools/campus for boys and girls. No mixing the sexes. Ever. (I know this is expensive, perhaps mixing up to 3rd grade for money reasons.)

    No government money.

    The school should serve as a model and training ground for more teachers.

    This type of education, done correctly, can be the foundation of improving an entire society. I cannot think of anyother way that will have a lasting impact.

    “Fear of G-d is the beginning of Wisdom.” – Proverbs.

    Best Regards to you and yours.

  5. chance


    Thanks for the recommmendations, and I try to tell the truth like it is. your recommendations mean a lot too me, i am just a simple man telling why some things manifest among humans. Knowledge that is applied is power and the the sooner people study the genetic make up of rtheir own ethnic groups and others we will arrive at a moment of clarity And, no longer misunderstand why people are the way they are.

    Please come by again Mike.

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